39 weeks + 2 days

October 2015


Come this Monday, on the 12th of October, it will mark my 40th week in pregnancy. For the past one week, it has been sleepless and uncomfortable nights. Honestly, I do not know what to expect since my previous two births has been induced, natural deliveries.

Baby M is going to be our first spontaneous birth. Despite reading up online, the information feels insufficient. It is hard since both of us like to control as many variables as much as possible. One thing for sure is that both the little ones are very excited to meet their new sibling. They have been asking Baby M,’ Are you ready to come out now, Baby M?’

It has been a busy September/October, with plenty of changes in our lives, which I may update possibly in December when everything settles. At this moment in life, I feel immensely grateful for these changes even though there are challenges in itself.


Ryan has started school in September. Initially, he was not used to the longer hours(as opposed to his daily 2.5 hours in nursery) but kids are really adaptable. He complains less about the long school days and shares more about his school life. Just yesterday(09/10), he brought home a very special sticker from his principal for helping out his music teacher. Okayyy… I know it is just a normal sticker to many of you. But for me, it is a proud Mummy moment!

PicMonkey Collage-1

Gillian is our fighter baby. There are times when I feel so bad because it seems like I pay lesser attention to her but I suppose it brought out a more independent streak in her. At 2.5 year old, I think that she expresses herself very clearly. In comparison to Ryan at the exact same age, she is better at fixing puzzles, eating herself and seems to have better hand-eye coordination. As of now, we pray that her health will improve and maybe she will get into a nursery soon. (There is a long waiting list for both of the nurseries that we signed her up for.)

 The clock starts ticking for me and Baby M. It is still the waiting game…hopefully, Baby M will pop after our Char Kway Teow lunch at Little Penang on Monday.



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