thirty plus one.

October 2015



I turned 31 on the week of 12 October 2015. The Monday started with me delivering my third baby, precious Baby Megan. The week ended with me celebrating my birthday. There was no fancy dinner or yummy lobster yee-mien because I have only started my confinement month. E got me a delish chocolate cake from Pattisserie Valerie to make up for it though. We will probably head to Hawksmoor for a makeup steak dinner in November. If E’s schedule allows…


For my whole 31 years, I never thought so much about my mother when it came to my birthdays. When I was younger, I would consider myself to be quite self-centered. It seemed like I really like to just talk about myself, my feelings and mostly about me. (Surprise! Surprise!) Growing up, birthdays seems to be like a social validation of the person that I am. If there is a big celebration and cool presents, it means that people like me- my family members care for me, my friends appreciate our relationships and my boyfriend/husband loves me. On a side note, I don’t think I am like that anymore. #justsaying

(Us, at Gege’s wedding. December 2014)

Strangely, it was with the birth of Baby Megan, where I experienced real birthing pains(and possibly having my mother in the labour room with me), did I think of my mother’s pains while she was bearing me, giving birth to me and also guiding me through the years. My mother is one amazing woman. God-sent for my family! She is not just someone who is capable of holding down the household, but she always prioritize everyone else in the family above hers. She is a woman of simple taste(in fact, I can safely say she has no indulgences) and she rarely puts herself first. In many instances, she would rather her children have what they want and sacrifice what she needs. In her case, she could be spending my dad’s salary on luxury bags, pampering facial sessions and nice clothes. However, she chose to live as frugally as possible and ensuring that the family had adequate savings for rainy days. My dad finally managed to persuade her to buy a Prada bag years ago when they were in Italy, much to the chagrin of my mom. 😛

Looking back, I suppose she has her heart tested over and over again through the years. I can imagine those PSLE(Primary School Leaving Examination) years and teenage angst years are the toughest. Having 4 children meant that she had to go through these phases multiplied by 4. She did share with me the challenges of each of us are different at every stage. Sometimes, I do wonder how she(and my dad) are able face all these obstacles and yet go about doing the daily grind. It must be with God’s grace that they came out, relatively unflustered.

So, thank you, Mummy for believing in everyone of us, against the odds! You are the best!


As of now, my mother is in London helping me with the confinement month. Anyone who knows my mother will know that she does not like long haul flights and cold countries. It is unfortunate that she always ends up travelling to Europe/UK during the winter time because of the school holiday schedules, and now because of the birth of Baby Megan. She chose to come over despite her discomfort to ensure that my pregnancy goes through smoothly and that I have a health-boosting confinement period. After 2 years of being a Stay-at-home-mother, it is really nice to be taken care of like a child by my mother for now. Having my mom around meant that I am definitely well-fed and relaxed. Heehee.

I always feel that there is a special bond between my siblings, myself and my mother. In my case, I don’t really need to tell her how I feel and she rarely judges me. Whenever I go through a difficult time in life, my mother is someone who encourages me, reminds me of God in my life and prays for me. Growing up with a mother who knows my heart is God’s blessing and I pray that I will be as dedicated a mother and do the same for all my children.

In some way or another, I am really happy that Ryan and Gillian are able to share the same birthday as Mummy. This time round, to have my mother being in the room with me on Monday, witnessing the birth of Baby Megan just equally just as meaningful to me.

Happy birthday to me! For this year, I did get my best birthday present ever and it is the latest addition to our family, Baby Megan. On top of all these, a huge thank you to the most amazing, beautiful and selfless Mummy. I love you to the moon and back. May God always keep and bless you in every way.


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