November 2015

When I was in Singapore, one of the things that a pregnant lady would be concerned about would be Jamu massage and the post-natal wrap. It is believed that Jamu massage and a proper post-natal wrap being done can help mothers regain their pre-pregnancy tummies sooner. The wrap is professed to expel and prevent wind from entering the body, reduce tummy size after delivery and tighten stomach muscles.

Because of social media, being a mother in this time and age can be quite stressful. It seems like most mothers on my Facebook feeds bounce back to their pre-pregnancy hot-bods really fast. So many look great with their babies on their babies’ Man Yue parties. If you speak to them, you will realise that significant number of them have attributed their quick success to Jamu massage and the wrap/binding. Due to my initial two post-natal experiences, I am a strong believer of the importance and benefits of a Jamu massage and wraps.

Having relocated to London, it means that it is much more difficult to source for someone who is trained in Jamu massage and wrapping. The wrapping itself is very complicated and I highly doubt I(or my mother) can replicate how the post-natal wrap is done. Hence started my research on alternatives and found it on All-Ten-Tic. So, the simplicity of the Belly Hipster Wrap and the Gingerly Yours is a very attractive option for myself.


(One month, post birth. Ryan and me on his Man Yue Party)

Let me share more about my jamu massage and wrap experience. For my first confinement, I was a young mother at the age of 25. I was so eager to have my jamu massage package booked early as I have heard how it helped in getting our flat tummy back. While the massage therapist that I hired was adequate, what I found most effective was the wrapping. It helped in alleviating my backaches and also flatten my tummy quite a bit.

(One month, post birth. Ryan and me on his Man Yue Party)

However, for my second confinement, I did away with the jamu massage and wrap because I discussed it with my then-gynecologist(Dr Henry Cheng! He is an awesome gynecologist though!) who insisted that it was all bluff. Good diet was all it takes to get my figure back. I suppose after my experience of missing out on the massage and wrap, I would have to disagree that point with him. I took longer to lose weight and my tummy was not as flat as before. I was quite upset and disappointed about it. I also suffered backaches. On hindsight, I do think that a wrap was good in helping mothers to take good care of their postures at the beginning. I noticed a difference when post-natal wrap is done ‘properly’ versus it being absent.

Belly Hipster Wrap and Gingerly Yours


Belly Hipster Wrap is the combination of an abdominal & hip binder that consist of 3 adjustable elastic velcro bands wore across the front of the body from the rib bone area all the way covering the hips. It is made with lightweight premium Batik material and this is great new for mothers intending to use it in hot and humid Singapore. Batik material allows the skin to breathe and provides great comfort and convenience. For ladies who went through caesarean delivery, it is advised to only wear the wrap after the incision is healed.

(After 3 weeks of wearing Belly Hipster Wrap. Of course, I know I do have a long way to go before hitting my pre-pregnancy weight. But for now, I am happy.)

My experience:
What I really liked was the design. Unlike some wraps that I have bought and tried on before, the Belly Hipster Wrap secures the body tightly preventing the binder from rolling upwards. This makes wearing the wrap much more comfortable. Another plus for me is that it is simple to wear and time saving. For anyone who have done the traditional Jamu wrapping before, they would have told you that the wrapping is quite tedious and most Jamu ladies would have taken at least 20 minutes to get it done. However, with Belly Hipster Wrap, it is convenient and the effect is similar as the traditional wrapping. Anyone is able to help me to put on the wrap easily. E would help me to put in on in the morning. When I needed to go my bath, I could take it off easily and my mother can help me to wrap it back again.

I used the wrap 2 days after I had give birth and continued usage for 3 more weeks. I do notice that my tummy is flatter but the best of all was that my back was very supported by the Belly Hipster Wrap. As most of you have know, I am afflicted by back problems and I liked how the wrap was useful in supporting my back, especially during times when I needed to breastfeed Megan. I would highly recommend any post-natal mother to get this as it is beneficial in my case.

Gingerly Yours

I used this ginger remedy along with the Belly Hipster Wrap. The cream has a nice, warming sensation upon application. Gingerly Yours Body Cream is an multi-purpose fast relief remedy that is naturally formulated to serve your daily needs. It is said that this remedy helps to slenderize waistline, reduce bloated tummy and tighten flabby thighs.


My experience:
In Singapore, the Jamu masseuse usually place some herbs on the tummy before wrapping it with the binder. Since, I had no idea where could I get the Jamu herbs such as Tapel, Pilis and make it into a paste. Gingerly Yours is a very good alternative for me.  I liked the warm sensation it has on my skin upon application. I did not just apply the cream on my tummy but used it on my lower back as well. A small amount as seen from the picture above is sufficient to spread over my lower back and it helps to alleviate aches post birth.


Mother’s Nature Hair Therapy Shampoo and Mother’s Nature Hair Recovery Conditioner 


While I am one of those blessed with thick and glossy hair during pregnancy, I happen to be one of those who experience hair fall post pregnancy is one of the symptoms that happens to me after pregnancy. Origins Jamu Massage sent me Mother’s Nature Hair Therapy Shampoo and Mother’s Nature Hair Recovery Conditioner to try out as well.

Mother’s Nature Hair Therapy Shampoo is a perfect blend of goodness from 100% natural ingredients such as lanolin, aloe vera, hibiscus leaf and ginger. It is also infused with premium ingredients like ginseng to stimulate growth, strengthen hair and prevent hair loss. In the same range, there is also Mother’s Nature Hair Recovery Conditioner which is enriched with a combination of fruits and plants extracts such as jojoba oil, avocado and carrot oil. The shampoo and conditioner are recommended to be used together for better results.

My experience:
I absolutely love the the smell of the shampoo and conditioner. My brain somehow associates this scent to my Bali honeymoon. So washing my hair with it just feels subconsciously relaxing and indulging. After wash, my hair feels light, soft and refreshed. The warm properties of ginger in the shampoo means that it is an fantastic choice for mothers to use during confinement as it helps to keep the scalp warm. I will definitely continue usage of it since my hair reacts well to it.


Disclaimer: The products is given to me by All-Ten-Tic(Singapore) for review purposes.



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