Baby Megan- Week 1-6

November 2015


Despite having two experiences of handling newborns, being with Baby Megan just feels as new and as breath-taking as before. There are advantages of being third time parents. We are more chilled, less nervous and we sort of know what to expect week after week. That being said, every small milestone or laughter from Baby Megan still bring flutters to our hearts.




Week 1-2: She was mostly asleep. Her latching was good and we have very little problems breastfeeding but we decided to give her one bottle of formula milk at night so that we get more rest. Her siblings were very charmed by her appearance into our home.




Week 3-4: She is able to move her head from left to right without help. Megan seems to look around more when she is in a different room. She responds to our voices by looking in the speaker’s direction. She has a lovely smile. However, she started having dry skin and baby acne. 😦



Week 5-6: She is becoming much more alert and she started having the cradle cap condition. She is calmer during her bath sessions. This little sweetheart enjoys sleeping in our arms than alone on the cot. Strangely, she sleeps well on the bouncer as well. She definitely very cuddle-able. Heehee.


I am out for now. Hope you guys enjoyed looking her as photos as much as me! x



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