3 weeks with Gong Gong

September 2015

My parents arrived in September and the children were so happy after months of missing them. E and Ryan went to pick them up on a Friday evening. By the time they got home, it was already late at night. Gillian was so surprised to see her grandparents at home the next morning. The little ones were showered with so many gifts from home!


We went to Malaysian Deli at Lewisham the next day for lunch followed by Brompton bike shopping. Food at Malaysian Deli was pretty average(which means that I will not intentionally  head there for food). They have a buffet lunch for £8.99 on weekends but we settled for the ala-carte menu, ordering the usual suspects like Murtabak, Tahu Goreng, Chicken Satay and whatnots. And yes, Papa did buy his Brompton bike on his first weekend of being in London. He used it to cycle locally as well as to London Bridge. Garang much.




Greenwich Park

As it was the start of Autumn, the weather was just right. The children enjoyed their outings with the grandparents while Mummy hibernated at home.






Eltham Palace and Gardens

We packed a small picnic and headed off to Eltham Palace and Gardens. It is one of our favourite places to go to as the playground is quieter and the children always had fun when they were there! I wanted to bring Papa to Leeds Castle though but we never found time to go there.





Millwall Park and Playground




I did not take many photos over Papa’s 3 weeks of visit as I was heavily pregnant and mainly lying on my bed. Despite that, the children were properly entertained by their grandparents. Papa and Mummy were able to be there for Ryan’s first day of school which is a pretty important milestone for the little boy. We also managed to go apple picking at The Hop Shop which was a pretty enjoyable activity for everyone.


Gong Gong’s last day in London 😦


Here’s Ryan and his Gong Gong. Ryan received a number of work tools from my father as presents this visit. Ryan was majorly pleased about these gifts. Even till now, he enjoys playing with them. In fact, on multiple occasions, out little boy has told us that he wants to be a mechanic. Hmm… Somehow along the way, despite the distance, Ryan managed to pick up the same interest as his grandfather. Naturally, Papa is happy about Ryan’s passion in fixing and inventing things.




Papa’s 3 weeks of holiday ended real soon and he had to return to work in Singapore. We will definitely be looking forward visiting him in July!


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