November 2015

For the longest time, I have been saying that I want to write something. Maybe a story. The thing is that all these are mere thoughts in my head and I have not put it down to paper. Sometimes I do wonder if the thought of me en-route to being a writer is a deflection of my lack of objectives/ambitions in life…

I have finally said it. At least on my blog. I do intend to start writing on something. In fact, I have signed up with some website where budding writers share their works. Seems like having a relationship with a billionaire is a popular theme for many books, possibly due to the influence of 50 Shades of Grey. I wonder if it is unfortunate the there isn’t any Christian Grey character in my plot…


I have been preoccupied with watching television series(Madam Secretary, Empire, Elementary, etc) for the past few weeks. Distraction has been a good friend lately as I haven’t been really great. And no, I am not going through any sort of Post Natal Distraction. It is just one of those days… Anyway, Christmas is around the corner and I just need to focus. On the children and the family. On E and the many people who love me. On God. Maybe I need to cut watching too much shows.


Okay. I am out for now. Hopefully, when I blog next. It will be a happier post. x



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