Ryan’s Nativity Performance

November 2015

The Autumn term has finally come to an end. Last week, Ryan and his fellow schoolmates had a Nativity Performance in school. Prior to the actual day, Ryan practised the songs in school as well as at home. He asked me some Christian-related questions like, ‘Who is Mary?‘ and ‘Who are the three Kings?‘ In this light, I feel very blessed that my son have an opportunity to be in a faith-based school so that he have a chance to learn about Jesus and the gospel.

E took time off work that day to attend the concert. Everyone at home was excited to see Ryan on stage. We were not disappointed as everything from the costumes, to the songs performed were marvelous. There was moment while watching Ryan and his friends sang to the song, ‘Little Donkey’, I felt so moved. ‘My Baby Ryan is no longer a baby!‘, I thought.

It is a strange feeling, sort of bittersweet, maybe. Is that what people mean why they say the days are long but the years are short. There are so many times when I wonder why did I jump into motherhood so quickly and wished that I could be doing more carefree activities, thinking more for myself instead of the family. On the other hand, when witnessing small milestones of my little ones, I cannot help but wonder where did all these time go and why are they growing up so fast?



Ryan is our first born. With the first child, there will be many firsts and experiences of trials and errors. He can be mischievous at times, whiny during meals, often negotiating for more television time. Still, very small actions of his can make me very happy and proud. Like when he comes home with a Principal Award sticker(We have Principal Award 4 stickers this term!). Like when he asks me questions about God and the world. It was just last month when he told me that everything is made up of atoms. Quite impressive for a 4.5 year old. Like when he tells me that he loves me even after a scolding from me. Like when he is very loyal to his sister even though they fight over toys everyday. Just really small stuff.

Ryan, maybe there will be a day when you will be reading my blog. No matter what happens in the future, our love for you is unconditional, just like God’s love for all of us. This Christmas, I pray that our family will slowly move towards more Christ-centered lives.


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