Gillian, my budding ballerina.

December 2015

Gillian, our young daughter is now budding ballerina. Ask her what she is and she will reply,’I am a Princess Ballerina’. Hmm…whatever it means, it probably is along the lines of pink, rainbow, pretty skirts. We started her on her ballet classes in October. It is a way for her to be more active due to a health condition that she has at the moment. The medications that she has to be on had caused her to gained so much weight! 😦


As of now, she has attended 6 lessons. Her experience with the dance has been nothing but positive. She loves her pink! And being able to don on her pink ball ballet outfit is just the icing on top of the cake. After her first lesson, she was intrigued by everything about ballet. She looks forward to her weekly lessons, she tries to teach Ryan and me movements that she learnt from her classes and her favourite television programme is Angelina Ballerina.

With her strong enthusiasm in the dance, E and I are pretty sure of what we will be getting for her this Christmas!




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