Father Christmas’ Grotto @ Greenwich Market

December 2015

This Christmas, we are pretty much stuck in London since Megan’s passport is still not done and E is very busy with his new job. Ryan has been asking me about Santa and meeting him. Initially, I planned to bring the kids to the Santa’s Grotto at Canary Wharf but for the two times when we were there, there was a long queue of children, along with their parents. I highly doubt the little ones would have the patience to wait.


In the end, Kimberly and I brought the kids to Father Christmas’ Grotto at the Greenwich Market. Each child’s ticket to see Santa is £4. It includes like probably 1-2 minutes of interaction with Santa, photo-taking as well as a small gift for the child.



It was a short wait before we could meet Santa. The kids were entertained with some paper and colour pencils at the corner of the room. Ryan and Gillian were busy drawing pictures of Santa.







Ryan and Gillian did have their first encounter with Santa. While Ryan warmed up to the man in red pretty quickly, Gillian was much more reserved. They liked the small gifts(1 ginger reindeer biscuit and two small novelty toy) that Santa gave them at the end of the session.



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