Mustela Bébé

January 2016

(Styling and Photo Credits: Kimberly)

Hello everyone! This Mustela Bébé post took a longer time than expected. December has not been kind to us as we were taking turns to fall ill. 😦 That aside, I would like to take some time to share about Baby Megan’s awesome experience with Mustela Bebe.


About a week after Baby Megan’s birth, Mustela sent us some products for Megan to try out. We have faithfully done so for the past two months and Baby Megan is smelling exactly like how a Mustela Baby should be smelling! So so so lovely!

All of Mustela Bébé products are enriched with a new formula- Avocado Perseose®, a patented ingredient of natural origin. Avocado Perseose® helps reinforce the skin barrier and preserve the cellular resource.And for new mummies out there, you can safely purchase Mustela Bébé products as they are specially formulated to be suitable for babies, from Day One.


Bath Time with Dermo Cleansing and 2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash


Dermo-cleansing is a soap-free cleansing gel which we can use for both the hair and body. It is specially formulated for use right from day one. Dermo-Cleansing gel is ideal for your baby’s daily hygiene as it gently cleanses your baby’s skin and hair thoroughly yet delicately.

Baby Megan’s experience: It is very gentle on her skin and hair. Easy to rinse and leaves a delicate Mustela fragrance. With Dermo-cleansing, it compensates for the harsh, drying effects of hard water with its emollient agents. The skin is left looking plumped even after the bath. I used Dermo-cleansing on her hair as well. As I wash her hair, her eyes not not seem to be irritated at all. No red eyes or whatsoever.In London, the water that comes from the taps is hard water which can be very drying for the delicate skin of little ones. With Dermo-cleansing, it compensates for the harsh, drying effects of hard water with its emollient agents.


Massage Time with Hydra Bébé


Hydra Bébé is a cream that is designed for the daily care of your baby’s face. It helps to hydrate and strengthen baby’s skin. Hydra Bébé is specially formulated for use from birth on. It includes vegetal oil and vitamins E and F which instantly hydrate the skin with lasting effects. The shea butter as part of the ingredients leaves the skin feeling supple, silky and soft.

Baby Megan’s experience: I massage Baby Megan with Hydra Bébé every morning and evening after cleaning. If you ask me, I would encourage baby massage for babies. (There is nothing difficult about baby massage. You can watch Youtube videos on baby massage to get an idea on how to go about doing it.) During the short 10 minutes of massage, I realise that it is precious bonding time with the little one and Baby Megan always gives me good eye contact. The texture of Hydra Bébé is light and the cream is easily absorbed by the skin.


Nappy Change with 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream


123 Vitamin Barrier Cream is my essential for every nappy change for Baby Megan. It helps to prevent skin discomfort at each nappy change, soothe from the 1st application and helps the skin recover continually. 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream is formulated using 98% ingredients of natural origin that are fragrance-free and do not contain preservatives. It guarantees maximum tolerance right from birth so babies can safely use it everyday.

Baby Megan’s experience: I use 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream after every nappy change. So far, Baby Megan had not had a single episode of nappy rash. So, I must say that 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream have a huge part to play in it.


My essential when heading out: PhysiObébé


Physiobébé No Rinse Cleansing Water is a no-rinse cleansing water for the face and nappy area. It thoroughly cleanses baby’s face and nappy area of impurities with the help of gentle surfactants and saponaria extract. The skin is left soft and the Physiobébé does not irritate the eyes. Just like most of Mustela Bébé  products, the formulation is suitable from day one of birth.

Baby Megan’s experience: I bring it along in my diaper bag for Baby Megan when we head out. It is especially useful when we are out for long periods of time. With a practical pump dispenser, the right amount can be dispensed every time. I will apply it to the skin of her face or nappy area with a cotton ball. No rinsing is required. PhysiObébé  is fresh and soothing. It leaves the skin clean, soft and delicately scented for an immediate sensation of well-being. Ryan and Gillian uses it to clean their hands after meals when we are outside as well. This is one of my favourite Mustela products!



Overall, Baby Megan and I are loving our Mustela experience. two thumbs up from us! To try out or stock up on Mustela products, you can head to these stores!


Disclaimer: The Mustela products were given to be for review purposes.



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