Baby Megan- 2 Months

December 2015

Baby Megan has been with us for 2 months. She is such a joy to be with. In fact, she is the calming presence amidst the noisy two older siblings. At 2 months, she is able to lift her head up during tummy time. In fact, I think she likes her view better when she is on her tummy.


Sometimes, I wonder if she is overwhelmed by her siblings’ presence. For now, she has Mama’s undivided attention! My dad video calls my mother everyday to check on Megan’s progress. You can see the obvious longing in his eyes to carry his youngest granddaughter in his hands. Ohwell, soon, soon.



The littlest one is very loved by her older siblings. Sometimes, they will squabble over their turn to carry Baby Megan. Moments like these can be quite sweet. Heehee.



She is starting to have this gorgeous smile, especially when we take time to engage and talk to her. Sometimes, after her nappy change, she will reward my efforts with her beaming toothless smile. She loves it when we talk to her. Interestingly, she will reply in her baby coos. Heehee. Very very cute!


Grow well, my sweet baby girl.



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