Sleeping with Babysafe

February 2016


Babysafe has kindly sent our little munchkin, Megan the newborn pillow and the Tencel waterproof mattress protector all the way from Singapore! Woohoo! Baby Megan is feeling the love from home despite being 6,736 miles away.

(Baby Megan, Week 1)

Babysafe newborn pillow is meant for babies from the age of 0-6 months. Needless to say, Baby Megan used it ever since the day she got home from the hospital. The pillow is specially molded with an optimum cavity to prevent the flat-head syndrome. So far, after 4 months of using the newborn pillow, Baby Megan’s head is nice and rounded. Baby Megan is actually one of the 50 babies who were involved in this project of testing if Babysafe newborn pillow helps in flat-head prevention. I have to send in photo updates of Baby Megan’s heads at certain points in time during the 2 months of trial. Being in this project makes me feel that the good people at Babysafe are passionate about their product and are willing to make the effort to test and review it. If you ask me, I would think that it is a must-buy for young infants.

Oh yes! Another good use of this awesome newborn pillow is that it helps us to take passport photo for our little ones. You know how the wriggly the heads of babies can be. With this newborn pillow, you can just spread a white cloth over the pillow, lie the baby on a white background and take as many suitable passport photos as possible. Voila!


Tencel waterproof mattress protector is a something that I used to line on top of Baby Megan’s cot sheets. The material is really soft to touch and it is made of breathable material. I can imagine how it would be super comfortable for babies who are living in hot and humid Singapore. Baby Megan, who is a newborn with sensitive skin sleeps very well on it. The tencel mattress protector washes and dries easily and there is no shrinkage after multiple washes.


Disclaimer: The Babysafe products were given to be for review purposes.



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