Missing Keys…

February 2016

(Taken on the day when our home keys went missing.)

This half-term has been quite busy and possibly not as productive as I would like it to be. One of the worst things happened to me on Tuesday. Me, along with three kids were locked out of our home. I brought all 3 out for Baby Megan’s immunisation jab. After which, we headed home and that was when I realised that they were missing. To say that I was petrified was an understatement. It was cold and we were tired from the walk home. 😦

E had to come home from work early. We got a locksmith and it costed us a hefty Β£150. Even then, E was very kind about everything. He brought Ryan out to trace back our route, in hopes that he could find the keys. He bought drinks and even 2 Mother’s Day balloons for me, to cheer me up. *sigh* I just can’t even. 😦

The good thing that came out of it was that we got to know two of our neighbours better. We actually got their names and they were both lovely, lovely people. One of them helped to babysit Ryan and Gillian while I returned to the clinic to look for the keys. Ryan and I are planning to bake her some chocolate muffins on Sunday to thank her.

The thing is that our letterbox key is also missing… and the management told us that we needed to get a locksmith for that as well. Argh…. can you imagine my frustration and exasperation?




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