Mother of 3

February 2016


Lately, one of my friends asked me lately if I expected to be a mother of three at 32. Erhm…. no? I thought I would be a successful author by 30. That did not materialise. *awkward laughter* Anyways, I have been getting comments that I must be crazy to have 3 kids. And that I am brave…. or something along those lines.

Crazy? … yes.

Brave? … yes.

Happy? … yes.

Would I have given up one of them for an awesome career? Definitely no. Apparently, I do enjoy wiping snots of children’s faces. I love feeding them the food that I cook. Watching them sleep is my secret pleasure. Hearing their laughter makes my heart sing. Smelling them after their bath intoxicates me. Having them hug me after an exhausting day makes everything all right. Doing school work… not so much though. 😛


My alarm goes off at 6.20 every morning. I will have a lie in bed for 10 minutes or so, feelin so shattered after a night of nursing. Thereafter, it would be breakfast and Ryan’s lunchbox’s preparation while eating my breakfast. Breakfast will usually eggs, ham or cereal. Ryan’s lunchbox is slightly trickier as I would have to jazz things up a little- noodles, potatoes, maybe pasta, in hopes that something different everyday would encourage him to eat more.

After the meal preparation, it would be to get everyone to wake up and have their first meal of the day, before rushing the children to wash their faces and brush their teeth. In between that, Ryan and Gillian may have some squabbling going on over something very trivial and I would try to feed Baby Megan some milk. All these chaos would come to an end when school run begins.

Normally, I would feel more at peace when two of the older ones are in school. Mornings would be more of my administrative time- maybe do my online shopping, reply emails/whatsapp, Tango my folks who are in Singapore, bath the little baby, take some nice photos for Baby Megan for my Instagram #babymeganyap… I try my best to NOT do any household chores in the morning. Honestly, once I start, it would be hard to stop. Household chores is an activity which is endless and time-consuming. Really. I can’t even.

When afternoon starts, it would be time to get Gillian home. We would have some quiet playtime, a bath and then she will head off for her nap. While she gets her rest, I would have to start on dinner preparation. Just to prep the ingredients. Not actually cook. I have no idea how time passes so quickly for this segment of my day. Before I know it, we would have to get Ryan from school. When the weather permits, we will have some time in the park. The older ones really enjoys this time when they get to run around. Not sure if other mums agree, but I always feel better when I know that the little ones have their daily outdoor play. In some way, all these running and being on the merry go round(which they love!) would make their sleep even better at night.

Once we get home, it would be cooking, dinner, bath time, homework, television, play, household chores…All of these activities squeezed into 4 hours or less before the kids turn in for bed. Then it would be one hour of my sacred television time. Depending on the days, I would be watching different things. Every Thursdays, I will be catching up on Suits. On Saturdays, it would be The Voice. In between, I have my other television series such as Younger, Elementary, The Great Interior Design Challenge, Phone Shop Idol and whatnots. When I was younger like in my teens and 20s, I hated television. I felt that people who dedicate so much of their time watching television were wasting their precious time away. Just like many things that I thought I knew better then, I ended up eating my words now. I like television because it numbs my brain, it gives me an escape from real life which can be physically tiring… That being said, I cannot wait for Empire to start again in March! Woohoo!


Like what I mentioned above, being a SAHM is really mostly doing the same thing over and over again. My world is alot smaller. But, the opportunity to be one is not always given to all. As much as I gripe about the unpaid, mind numbing job, it is still so so so overwhelmingly awesome to be part of these 3 little ones’ lives. I highly doubt they will remember anything since I don’t remember any part of my life when I was 3 years old. Still, the privilege is mine to know them when they are so young, so innocent and so unconditionally loving.

Last night, I asked E if he could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be. He could not answer me as there are so many cool/fabulous/interesting personalities that we would love to have their time with. Earlier in the evening, I asked Ryan the exact same question and he told me in his baby-ish boy’s voice, ‘Mummy and Daddy. And Megan. Gillian. Yiyi. Mama. Gong Gong. Family! I want to have dinner with family. Family is the most important!’

Yea. Family is the most important. So nice to know that he feel this way at 5. I am hoping that he will feel the same in 10 years, 20 years time as well.


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