Milestone Cards

February 2015


Baby Megan has been gifted with Milestone cards from 1 Two Kids and this box was cards are one of the sweetest presents that she has received thus far. Milestone cards are a collection of 30 photo cards that we can use to capture special moments of our babies’ first year in weeks, months and memorable moments such as when they first slept through the night(hurrah!) or when they first said,’Mama’…


The idea of Milestone cards is to fill in the date on the Milestone card, take a photo of your precious little one, along with the cheery-looking card. With that, that special moment or day is encapsulated in the photo. Even if the cards do get lost in the future and memory fails us, we have photos to remember those extraordinary space in time.

It was unfortunate that we did not have these milestone cards earlier. If not, we would be able to have photos of her with those beautifully illustrated photo cards at those little milestones of her life. Looking forward, I hope to use the rest of the cards soon. The one that I am most looking forward to would be the day when she calls me, ‘Mama’. That moment would be just oozing will so much sweetness and joy.

So if you have a friend who is expecting a baby and you are unsure on what do get, Milestone Cards would be a lovely and meaningful present for her. I will definitely be updating more of Baby Megan’s milestones with these cards. So if you have instagram, do check them by using the #babymegansmilestone or  #babymeganyap



 Disclaimer: Milestone Cards were given to me by 1 Two Kids for review purposes.



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