So Pure Sophie la girafe Multi-textured Teether

March 2016


In a few more days time, Baby Megan will be 5 months. Omg….where did the days and the months ago? Just a while ago, she was this little, wrinkly newborn that I carried home from UCLH and bam! She is this gorgeous looking baby, so inquisitive and smiley. She is a joy to be with every morning…but…
At this point of her baby-hood, she is also going through her teething period which makes her cranky at times.


Thankfully, she received her So Pure Sophie la girafe Multi-textured Teether from 1 Two Kids to tide her through this stage. This teething toy is a colorful teething ring with numerous textures! The Multi-textured Teether is not just for Baby Megan to teeth on but also for her hands to explore the various types of textures. Just like all teething toys from Sophie, the Multi-textured Teether is made of  100% natural rubber, pulled from the Hevea tree latex, and food-grade paints. With numerous soft parts to chew and with various textures (Sophie’s spots, ridges, ears and horns), it offers different massages and relieves  Baby Megan’s sore gums efficiently. When Ryan and Gillian(my two older children) were teething as babies, their favourite teething toys were also from Sophie la girafe. I suppose there is something special about the material that Sophie is made from.


I like how the Multi-textured Teether is light and ergonomic. This teething toy  is easily manipulated by Baby Megan’s small hands as seen in the picture above.


As it is the latest addition to the range of teething toys that Sophie la girafe has, it also features  4 geometrical and colorful shapes which catch the attention of babies while they are playing around the main ring. As a mother of two older childen, I do have other teething toys but the Multi-textured Teether is Baby Megan’s favourite. She plays with it everyday, especially when her gums are feeling not that comfortable.

If you have a teething baby and need something to sooth them, So Pure Sophie la girafe Multi-textured Teether might be the answer for you and your baby!


Disclaimer: So Pure Sophie la girafe Multi-textured Teether is given to me by 1 Two Kids for review purposes.



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