Columbia Road Flower Market

March 2016

So here I am, back to blogging about our short outings in London and out of London. I think I started 2016, feeling more renewed than the year before. Last year, due to the difficult pregnancy, I was feeling so dampened most of the time. We stayed home most of the weekends. This year, I am determined to make up for the lack of travel time. Unless there is a birthday celebration or event going on, I feel that as  family, we should try to make the best of our time in the UK.

Just two weeks ago, we headed out for a short trip to Columbia Road Flower Market. Kimberly has been talking to much about the place but plans were always cancelled due to one thing or another. Finally, we managed to make out way there and it was a lovely(and nippy) morning spent at this visually appealing and sweet-smelling market.




Oddly enough, I used to be one of those girls who think that flowers are waste of money. Now, I feel otherwise. It is quite strange how my thoughts changes from time to time. It is quite pleasant to have flowers in the house, brightens up the atmosphere totally. Even my my house is full of toys and mess, there is always one corner of the house that I can count on looking happy. The vase of white lilies, red or champagne roses. For a small amount(£6-$12 per week), it brings me small amount of joy daily. Pretty worth it. I think.

Lavender season will come in June and I cannot wait to have a trip with the kids down the fields of purple. It will be so gorgeous for photography!


Columbia Road Flower Market opens every Sunday from 8 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. We got there fairly early as we wanted to avoid the crowd. I checked online on Trip Advisor that should you visit the flower market in the afternoon, 2ish, just before the stalls close for business, you might get a real good deal for the items that you want.



We had breakfast. It was fairly busy in the cafe as it the only one that was opened at 8ish in the morning. Not so much choices for breakfast. The usual of hot drinks, some pastries but no full breakfast. Not the type that I was looking forward to on a weekend morning.


After breakfast, E brought the two older ones to the park to skate on their scooters while Kimberly, Megan and myself went flower shopping. I suppose it was hard for the kids to be on their scooters in a crowded flower market. No scooters the next time! We bought some white roses, eucalyptus and lavenders.


It was a pretty cool trip at Columbia Road Market. Shame that we had to leave early as E had soccer later in the morning. If not, Spitafields Market and Poppies are just around the corner and they are real nice places to hang out at. Ohwells. Next time then!



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