Wearing Moony Diapers from Japanese Nappies

March 2016


When I first found out that Japanese brands of diapers were available in the UK, I was actually quite surprised. Like most consumers, I just bought whatever that was available in those brick and mortar supermarkets. E and I are in agreement of spending a wee bit more on diapers as we would really want to avoid diaper rash.

The one time that we experienced diaper rash was with Ryan. That happened when he was just one or two months old. Young babies always tend to go through more diapers. We wanted to save diaper money and bought a cheaper brand. Somehow, the cheaper brand of diaper was incompatible with Ryan’s skin. Ryan’s skin broke, became red and angry. We had to see a pediatrician for treatment. Being first time parents then, we were horrified by that episode. Lesson learnt in this experience: It is okay to spend a bit more for the comfort of the baby’s bum. Definitely worth it.

Ever since then, we used Goo.n when we were back in Singapore. There is always this association of comfort and quality with Japanese brand diapers. Hence, when Japanese Nappies sent some Moony diapers for a review, it was definitely hard to resist. I heard so much from my fellow Singaporean parents about Moony diapers being of superior quality.


(Moony’s diapers had to be just as cute! Awww….love those adorable prints.)

When I first saw Moony diapers, I was surprised by it’s slim fit. The brand that Baby Megan was using, Pampers looked bulky in comparison. The pad lining felt much softer-to-touch, making it suitable for delicate and sensitive skin of babies. Moony diapers are made of natural, organic, breathable like material. In fact, Moony is one of the top-selling diapers in Japan and is made from the same company that produces Mamy Poko.

Usually, I would have to do a diaper change in the middle of the night for Baby Megan. However, when Baby Megan wears Moony diapers, it apparently is able to withhold all the pee from night to morning. Very convenient for for a sleep-deprived mother like me me! You know how sometimes,babies will do a mega poop and the diaper will explode. That never happened with Baby Megan when she is on trial with Moony diapers.

The only issue for me with Moony would be the cost. It is pricey when compared to Pampers. At £22.50 per pack, one diaper would cost 26.7p. Pampers is only costing us 10.4p per use and Baby Megan seemed to be looking well enough with it. Still, if your baby is having some serious diaper rash and you are in need of a change of brands to improve the condition, I reckon that you should give Moony a try. In fact, if you are interested in trying out these Japanese nappies(Moony, Merries and Goo.n), you can check out their website. Japanese Nappies offer a refund if you are not happy with the product.


Disclaimer: A pack of Moony diapers was given to me by Japanese Nappies for review purposes.



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