Have you heard of Kaloo?

April 2016

When Kaloo Doudou was sent to me for a blog review, I was initially quite doubtful about the product. I mean, ‘Hmm… another soft toy?

What’s so special about this Kaloo Doudou?’


Kaloo Doudou


Kaloo Doudou flew all the way from My Miracle Baby,Singapore to London with the help of our friend. When Kaloo Doudou(Doudou means baby comforter in French) finally reached our hands, I must say, I was and still am very impressed with the make of this toy. The material used for Kaloo Doudou is so fantastic, very soft-to-touch and of great quality. Because of this impression it made on me, I went to research about Kaloo Doudou and found out more about the brand. The very first Kaloo toy was made in 1998 by a father for his little boy… it has been 18 years since and Kaloo has found its way to the hearts of many children in 40 different countries.


Kaloo Doudou is from France and just like many french products that are catered for babies or children, they are usually stylish and yet high in standards in quality and safety. I think we should really be very concerned about the make and origin of toys that we give newborns and babies. One cannot be too careful with such matters. For all my 3 children, they are afflicted with eczema. Baby Megan’s condition appears to be the worst among the three of them and she has to see a specialist for her skin condition. It is unfortunate that when Baby Megan is in contact with synthetic fabric, her skin will break out into those red, angry rash. With Kaloo Doudou, I feel confident allowing her to play and bite on it. The material used is of top quality and it complies with EU and American safety standards.

Baby Megan is at her teething and drooling stage now. Having a Kaloo Doudou is really comforting to her. I hand wash her Kaloo Doudou once a week to preserve the colour and quality of the product. In fact, Baby Megan loves her Kaloo Doudou so much that it is an essential when we head out even. Her Kaloo Doudou’s latest trip was to Amsterdam with all of us. Heehee.


Kaloo Plume Medium




This is the Kaloo that My Miracle Baby sent to Gillian. She is so lucky! I wish they have like a extra large version for this Kaloo. For me! Soft. Beautiful. Oh-so huggable! Gillian loves her Kaloo so much that she names it Gigi-Cat. Gillian definitely sleeps very well at night with her Gigi-Cat, her constant companion at night.


Kaloo Set Scented Water


Kaloo Set Scented Water is both Gillian and my favourite! Both of us love to smell good but like what I mentioned before, the children are plagued with eczema. They can’t just use any random perfume as it may irritate their skin. As their main caregiver, I also have to be careful with scents as well. The scented water is clinically tested alcohol-free scented water. So far, so good whenever I use on the little ones. In fact, Gillian, being the older girl, loves looking pretty a(she has a huge collection of nail polish for little girls!) and smelling good. You know…girls. She insist that I spray the Kaloo lilirose scented water before she heads for nursery. She wants to ‘smell like an angel’. Hmm… She is only 3 but she behaves like 13. No kidding. On my part, I am just happy that there is no skin-breakouts. United in an utterly charming box, the scented water and its Fluffy companion are the perfect gift to welcome babies into a world of love and tenderness.


Kaloo toys are very popular newborn gifts in France for very good reasons. So, if you are intending to get something special for a little one, do consider getting one of Kaloo products. These high quality French products are accessible at My Miracle Baby who has a great collection of awesome products as well. Just go and check them out now!


Disclaimer: The Kaloo products were given to me by My Miracle Baby for review purposes.



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