Hallo Amsterdam! (Day 1)

April 2016

Earlier in the year, we planned to head to Amsterdam with one of our close family friends in the UK, the Tans! Ben and Jacq are our first friends in the UK. In fact, they were the ones who helped us in moving from our temporary accommodation in Farringdon to our first place in Greenwich. They did this even though they did not even know us well then! Even till today, I feel so thankful towards them and their generous hearts. x

Oh… I suppose I did sidetrack a little. Our 4 day, 3 nights trip to Amsterdam was awesome. Wow! I loved everything- from their chocolate sprinkles, to the Keukenhof, to Miffy and the pancakes, the parks…., the bicycles….It is such a gorgeous city! Travelling overseas with 3 kids, aged 5 and below can be a real challenge and we definitely has some lessons learnt here and there.


Our trip started on Friday morning. It was chaos. Frantic. Just madness. We missed our train to Brussels. No kidding. We booked Eurostar train tickets to Brussels and thereafter, we had to transfer to Thayls to Amsterdam. It was a stressful morning trying to sort the ticket situation.

Lesson learnt: Always be at least 45 minutes at the train station before the departure timing. With three kids in tow, it is always better to over-estimate.


Thankfully, we managed to get to our apartment rather easily and the kids were rather well-behaved throughout the 4ish hour journey on public transport. The apartment that we booked was on the 4th floor, with only stairs access. Going up the stairs with the luggage, kids and pushchair was just painful. When we settled down, Ryan happily took out all the toys that he packed and started playing.

Lesson learnt: Never book any apartment that is situated on the 4th floor with no lift access. Never, even if it is cheap.



After unpacking and getting a wee bit of rest, we headed out for some grocery shopping at Albert Heijn as well as a walk to Westerpark. On our way there, we bought a packet of fries from a Turkish eatery and they were so delish. Apparently, home-made chips are a common thing in Amsterdam and the Dutch usually enjoy theirs with mayonnaise. Love those fries in Amsterdam. Thick and crispy!

Since Westerpark was just a short walk away from our apartment, we brought the kids there to have a skate around with their scooters and to run around in the playground. We did not play for long as the little ones looked really knackered. We ordered take-away from the same Turkish take-away place and had an early night.






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