Weaning with Beaba Babycook

May 2016


Weaning is one of the more interesting phases of babyhood. The baby starts trying out new taste and textures. The expression when they have their first solid is always so adorable. Curious. Surprised. Probably wanting a second mouthful to affirm their likes/dislikes.

Being a mother of three young children, I definitely got my hands full everyday. I choose to make decisions based on least effort and most gain. To minimize the amount of food preparation for Baby Megan’s puree, I choose to make a small portion that will last 3 days instead of preparing the puree everyday. Puree preparation is straightforward with Beaba Babycook.


  1. Chop up a the needed amount of vegetable/fruit.
  2. Place it in the cooking basket and pour appropriate amount of water into the steam compartment. (In my case, I used water level 3 to steam the carrots and potatoes.)
  3. Steaming will take approximately 15-20 minutes and when it is done, the orange light on the machine will turn off.


  4. After which, you can pour the steamed vegetable/fruit into the blending bowl and cooking water. The steaming basket might be hot so there is a handle that Beaba have provided with the machine.


  5. Turn the switch to blend and puree to the consistency that is suitable for your baby. Remember to put on the lid before starting to blend the steamed food.


  6. Voila! Megan’s lunch’s ready!


I started introducing to her solids a few weeks ago but she only took to it in her 26th week.  So far, I have tried butternut squash puree with her and she absolutely loved it. Today, we tried  potato and carrot puree and she finished everything as well. Currently, Megan only have one solid meal a day, in the afternoon. I do think that I will increase to twice a day in probably a few weeks time.




So far, I am loving my Beaba Babycook experience. Simple and fuss-free. As of now, I am intending to try out food items like sweet potato, broccoli, spinach, banana and whatnots.  I will definitely be updating my blog again in a few more months on more adventurous recipes with my Beaba Babycook! If you are in need of some recipes for your little one, do check out this Beaba recipe page!


Disclaimer: Beaba Babycook was given to me by Beaba Uk for review purposes.



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