Pannenkoeken anyone? Amsterdam Day 2

May 2016

Pannenkoeken means pancakes in Dutch and. We had our pancakes fix at Boerderij Meerzicht, which is one of the best place to have your pancakes in Amsterdam. According to a number of sites on Google, it is one of the nicer places which is family-oriented and serve up real nice pancakes. I suppose this is true because they have this huge playground just outside the restaurant. Playground and huge space to run around = Kid-friendly.


We drove to the Amsterdam forest, got farly lost before reaching the restaurant. Don’t get me started on the getting lost part. OMG. Just crazy to be lost in the middle of the forest with 3 kids, looking for a pancake restaurant. Long story. Anyways, we found Boerderij Meerzicht after 30 minutes wandering around. Yes. We were famished! Pancakes were fresh and yummy. I like my chocolate and banana pancake but I am not sure if it is really value for money. But the place was really nice and if I wanted to have pancakes with my children, Boerderij Meerzicht would be perfect for the ambience.



Lately I came to a conclusion of why I prefer to head out with the children and why E likes to stay at home. When we are out, E tends to do more work. He has to play with the children, bring them to the toilet(for poops and pees) and feed them. He does it while being occupied on his phone. No kidding. On the other hand, when we are home, I have to tend to the children a whole lot more. Reading, writing, settling arguments, cooking, cleaning, laundry…. the list is endless.

So yes, Amsterdam was a holiday for me. Less for E, I suppose. 😛 It also helped that Kimberly was with us. She is our official family photographer. If you noticed a distinct improved quality of shoots, all credits to her!










After our pancakes brunch, we drove to Amsterdam City for the Lovers river cruise. It was a hour and we were given ear phones to listen while the boat cruised around the river. Weather was awesome. Hmm… I would think this would be nicer for older children as the little ones were a wee bit bored. We did make up for their good behavior by treating them to chips, ice cream and yogurt thereafter. Junk food afternoon. Hmm…. Not ideal.

We only returned to the hotel around 7 and I cooked something simple and less salty for everyone. That’s the good part of staying in the apartment for the kids. A kitchen is always good and handy. 🙂








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