Birthday at Keukenhof

April 2016

The trip to Amsterdam was meant to be a birthday trip for our April babies, Ryan and Gillian. Instead of throwing a birthday party, we decided to spend it on a family trip, to perhaps expand our horizons a little.

That morning, I thought I should make a heavier breakfast for them. Since their favourite food is pasta, pasta it was for thir breakfast. The little ones had tomato pasta and they loved it. If they could, they would love to have pasta every meal! Hmm…actually, maybe I meant Ryan. Gillian is still very much a Chinese girl who prefers rice and steamed eggs. 😛

As a stay-at-home-mother, I feel really fortunate that I have the time to cook for my family. Growing up, my mother always made an effort to provide us with home-made nourishment despite how cheap and easily available eating out can be. Now that I have taken up a similar role, I hope that I would be able to do the same for my children.





After their breakfast and cake, we headed off to Keukenhof, the most beautiful spring garden in the world! I am not a huge fan of flowers but one can definitely be taken away by the beauty of the place. The place is just breath-taking and Instagram-worthy. I wished we could have spent more time exploring the grounds.





We brought along a birthday cake to celebrate with our friends at Keukenhof as well. Cake was bought from Hema the day before when we were checking out the city of Amsterdam. Surprisingly, the cake was well-received by everyone!

We did not take many photos of Gillian there after as she fell asleep on the stroller. Booohoo…






After the mini birthday celebration, it is photo-vaganza! Thankfully, Kimberly came along with us and she took so many nice photos of the children and family (ilu, Kimmie!)! It was a wonderful, sunny day at Keukenhof with the little ones. I love taking photos because when I look back, somehow I can bring myself back to that moment and that allows me to taste that bit of happiness again.





PicMonkey Collage1


It is a shame that our birthday girl, Gillian did not have much photos taken that afternoon as she was having her afternoon nap in the double stroller. Boohoo! At 3, she still takes her naps religiously.













While Kimberly was taking the couple shots for E and myself, Ryan was sitting down by a tree, caring for Megan all by himself. Awww….bless him.




There was even a section of the Keukenhof Gardens that was specially for Miffy fans! I love Miffy! Even much much more than Hello Kitty!






Dinner was at BAR-becue Castell, as recommended by one of our friends, Chong Yang. No regrets man! The steaks, the ribs were the bomb. The steak is one of the best I have eaten, other than the ones at Mortons. Our bellies were very satisfied after the awesome dinner. 🙂

I would highly recommend steak lovers to visit BAR-becue Castell if they were to visit Amsterdam.





Dear Ryan,

At 5, you have half-way through your reception year. You are starting to have homework. You are learning to read through sounding and blending phonics. We are still trying to speak more Mandarin at home. In some way, I can sense that getting work done is not your favorite thing to do but you do it because you think that ‘it makes Mummy happy’. You probably feel that Mummy is less fun and stricter. You are right. But what I am doing is always in hopes that it will make you a better person. 

You are kind. You are inquisitive. You are creative. There are moments when you choose to be ‘naughty’ or ‘cheeky’ but I know you have a good heart. You like to put smiles on people’s faces and you always try to make Megan laugh by making strange high-pitched sounds. You always asks the whys and hows. When I do not have the answer, you will ask me to find out the answer on Facebook(!?!).  You enjoy building model vehicles out of recycled materials as well as create adventures out of Legos. You love Gong Gong because we tell you that he is a mechanic and you say that you want to be just like him, to fix and invent things. I did try to convince you that being a doctor or lawyer might be a better option but you are adamant on your choice.

The best thing is that you always remember God. You always remind me to pray to God. I pray that you have have the same or even stronger faith in Him when you are 15 or 50.

I love you, Ryan.


Dear Gillian,

You will be attending nursery in September. I cannot imagine how much you have grown since we first came to London. You were barely 1 then and now, you are a girl, with your pink dresses, pink bags and lipsticks.

It is funny how you are just 3 and yet the stuff that comes out from your mouth is hilarious. You like to call me and Daddy, ‘The grown-ups’ and how you and your siblings(and Yiyi) are ‘The best friends’. You don’t seem to care much for toys but you enjoy running around in parks and playing bubble guns with Ryan. Your favourite food is rice with steamed eggs or pasta. You love food and your ‘milk in the bottle’. 

I love your sassiness, quick-thinking and your vivacious personality. More often than not, you are the one who will make us laugh at your silly, cheeky jokes and princess stories. Thank you for always being the first one to hug me or ask me if there’s anything wrong when I look sad. You may be 3 but you are definitely wise beyond your age.

I love you, Gillian.


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Zaanse Schans



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