Pizza Making @ Kinderkookkafé

May 2016

When we were researching on kid-friendly places to go to fr our Amsterdam trip, Kinderkookkafé was one of the more commonly mentioned to-go. Besides, Kinderkookkafé is also situated in Vondelpark where they have real nice play areas for the little ones.

Kinderkookkafé is a family restaurant that is uniquely catered to the little ones. Children can cook and serve their food from the menu with little help from the grown-ups. Their menu includes main courses like pizzas, croissant rolls and sandwiches. They also have the option of decorating the cupcakes or baking cookies. The ingredients are fresh, food options are healthy the prices are kept low.


The best way for any child to enter any cafe is to slide in! 🙂



Picture menus are provided for the children to decide on what they were interested in making and eating.The ingredients, necessary cooking items, and instructions are shown on photos so that children are able to be independent in getting the required items. That afternoon, both Ryan and Gillian decided to create their pizzas for lunch.



Since it is a children’s cafe, they also have toilet facilities for the little ones as well. Very children-oriented.


And off they went on making their personal pan pizza! With a little help from yours truly. Ryan, being older, naturally was much more independent in the process. I liked how he designed his pizza though. Real cute of him to think of using the ingredients to make a face.





Here’s a picture of their final products before sending it to the oven!


While waiting for the pizzas to be cooked, Ryan and Gillian went outdoors to play on the swings, slides and sandpit that were within the compounds of the cafe.



Inside the cafe, there was a small play kitchen area for the little ones to continue pretending to be Master Chefs of some sort.



It was not long before their pizzas were out of the oven and ready to eat! Overall, it was a great experience for the family. It is rare for any cafe to be so child-centric, and allowing the little ones(even Gillian was just turned 3!) the ownership of food preparation and their personal hygiene. Entrance to the cafe is free(yay!) and the prices for the food is cheap(double yay!). Definitely one of the more interesting places in Amsterdam if you are travelling with kids.

While everything looks simple, I think much thought went into developing the entire concept of giving kids more responsibility in meal preparation. The cherry on top of the icing for Kinderkookkafé is that it is situated in Vondelpark which is where we went next after the pizza-making! Look out for our next blog post on the beautiful and fun Vondelpark!


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Pizza Making at Kinderkookkafé



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