Easter At Leeds Castle

April 2016

Leeds Castle always have been one of our favourite places to go and it was inevitable that we head off to Leeds Castle for some Easter holiday fun. As  we did not do any grocery shopping that week, we could not pack any picnic lunch. Fish and Chips at castle, it shall be then!

They had the similar Easter puzzle from last year. Last year, this time, Ryan needed more help from me in solving the puzzle. This year, he was much more pro-active in going around the place, trying to get the various letters and solve the puzzle. What a lot of difference a year makes.



We got the children to dress up in their medieval costumes that day as well. I wanted to get some photography done for both of them. It fell through as I was feeling under the weather. Boohoo. It was April then, and still so cold that Saturday when we were there. It did not help that Gillian was so grouchy after her morning nap.





As usual, we bought them each of them one of those bubble guns that the shops were selling. That is the ultimate highlight of the day. In some way, I do think Ryan and Gillian are easily satisfied.

You know how there is this cool app on Facebook callled, ‘On This Day’, which basically reminds you of what you were doing on that particular day, last year and the year before… I really like this app as it gives me abit of perspective. London has given us so much in this two years. Ryan started proper school here. Gillian almost grew up in this city, considering how she was barely one when we first got here. And Megan, she is born here! In some way or another, unconsciously, I do feel that I am falling in love with this country. I like how weekends are just about spending time with the family and there is no pressure to attend tuition or enrichment classes(yet!). The kids are able to run around freely in parks, castles, farms, given the huge amount of green space…. Of course, nothing and no where is absolutely perfect. But for now, I am just thankful for this opportunity for our family to be here.





E and his 3 amigoes. I am not sure if I have blogged about this before but I do prefer going out versus staying home as E tends to be a hundred folds more useful when we are out. He will be in charge of driving, bringing the kids to toilets, feeding them and also playing with them. If we were home, it would mainly be me doing almost everything else! So, yes to going out!


We went about doing the same things with the children, exploring the playgrounds and realised that the smaller playground was too kiddy for Ryan. We tried the playground for older kids and it was too adventurous for Gillian. (-_-)”’ In the end, it was just alot of assistance from us to help Gillian on the more difficult parts of the the playground for older kids.

Started making out way home around 4ish as it began to drizzle. Ryan did get his chocolate treat at the end since he completed his puzzle. Ohwells… It was a lovely day for the little ones. Slept oh-so well again!




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