Hackey Coffee Company

April 2016

After our fun-filled Sunday morning a Victoria Park, we decided to have a coffee break at Hackney Coffee Company. This quirky coffee shop is situated around the corner from Cambridge Heath Station on 499 Hackney Road, about 10 minutes walk from the park.

First Impressions:

When we first entered the shop, I was quite surprised by the small space. Turns out there was a second floor to the coffee shop. As it was relatively packed on the upper  floor and we had the double buggy, we settled for the seating on the on the lower ground. The decor of the place is just wow! Unlike the generic coffee chains, Hackney Coffee Company has alot of character and charm, with a number of cosy reading/laptop surfing corners. (It is unfortunate that I did not take any pictures of the second floor as it was a busy day! So you can imagine how popular this independent coffee shop is!) Everywhere is Instagram friendly!

Coffee and Treats:

Between us, E had a Flat White and I had the Hot Chocolate. E was telling me how smooth and aromatic the coffee was, just like a certain popular coffee shop near London Borough Market. He is the coffee-drinker in our family and I trust his taste in that since he drinks it like everyday! Hackey Coffee Company also serves a variety of treats to accompany your coffee. We had two toasties- Salt Beef and Honey Roasted Ham. Both toasties were uncomplicated, yet delicious. Ryan had the brownie and the sweetness was just right. Moist and chocolate-y!






Would I visit again?

Yes, but this time round, preferably without the little ones. I do feel Hackney Coffee Company would be more suited for me when I want to be alone or when I am meeting fellow grown-ups. Coffee is undeniably good, as from E’s confirmation and my observation of the constant line of people just ordering their coffee to-go. I would love to visit again. with my lap-top for some quiet time or maybe Kimberly on a weekday afternoon to do some hipster experience and crazy instagramming.


To find out more about Hackney Coffee Company

Hackney Coffee Company Website
Hackney Coffee Company on Facebook


Disclaimer: We were invited to Hackney Coffee Co for a review. Opinions are of my own and I have given honest feedback and review of our experience.



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