THIRTY-SIX By Nigel Mendham

April 2016

Once in a while, E and I will take time off to have a date afternoon. Date nights are impossible at this point of time with 3 kids. Last month, just before we went for our Amsterdam holiday, E and I lunched at Thirty Six by Nigel Mendham. E dined there previously with his colleagues and he thought it was a real nice place, great set menus and would be a lovely experience for me. Indeed, it was.


The ambience of the dining room was just beautiful. It was decorated in shades of burnt orange and white and the room was brightened up with the gorgeous natural light. It is a shame that I did not take any photos of the room but you can just google it and I am sure you will get a good idea of this elegant setting.

Lunch came with complimentary appetiser of celeriac and apple soup with home-made granary bread. The soup/puree had a lovely creamy and foamy texture and it sure got us looking forward to our mains.


Both E and I ordered the line caught Pollock with hazelnut, pancetta celeriac and mussel. Initially, I did thought that the portion looked small but it did fill me up by the end of the meal.


Here’s Megan looking all so cheery with her Daddy!



Lunch is never complete without desserts! I am someone who don’t mind skipping right to the end for these sweet treats! I had dark chocolate mousse, crème fraiche, pumpkin seed, chestnut squash. Props for plating!


E had this fantastic combination of Peanut crunch – caramelised banana, peanut parfait, banana sherbet. I totally would and could have eaten both desserts if E would allow me to do so. Ha!


We ended lunch with a round of tea before E rushed off to work while I went off shopping with Megan. Thank you, E for always keeping me in mind when you are out having great meals! ilu!





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