The Narrow, Limehouse

January 2016

We had lunch at The Narrow as a farewell and thank you meal as my mother was returning to Singapore after nearly 5 months of taking care of me and Megan. It was our second visit to The Narrow and I really liked the place because of the fabulous view of the Thames if you managed to get seating at the conservatory part of the restaurant.


To the most awesome woman in the world, my Mummy! Thank you for helping so much for my family- in our house move(packing, unpacking), the confinement period and caring for all 3 kiddos. 我爱你, Mummy! x




Starters were a-okay. Mains were underwhelming as more were expected since it bore the name of Gordon Ramsay. The wonderful desserts of nougat parfait, did make up the dining experience though.





The kids had some tomato pasta from the kids’ menu. What I like about some restaurants, The Narrow included would be how they have colouring materials and kids menu. Excellent to keep little ones occupied while we wait for food to be served.

Highlight for the children was the vanilla ice-cream!


We took some photos outside The Narrow before heading home for a lazy Saturday afternoon.





Looking at these photos now, I am quite happy with Gillian’s weight loss over the past few months. As she was on steroids then, she gained weight so quickly as increased appetite was a side effect. *sigh* Please pray for us that our 3 bubs continue to be kept safe and healthy.





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