Victoria Park, the People’s Park

April 2016

Taking the children to play in the parks is one of our favourite things to do over the weekends. The parks in the UK is just fabulous. As a born and bred Singaporean, I know how fortunate the little ones are to be able to have this expanse of green to run around and to be able to enjoy the wonderful playground facilities. There are playgrounds and parks in Singapore but more often than not, they are just so crowded. 😦 The humid and hot weather does not really help the situation. In the end, a good number of families would opt to visit air-conditioned indoor playgrounds in the shopping malls instead. It is not a matter of which is better. Just different, I suppose.

Victoria Park, otherwise known as the People’s Park is the largest park in Tower Hamlets. In fact, the history behind Victoria Park is quite interesting, especially on how it started off as  Royal Park but became a municipal in 1887. (Click here to read more about it.)

The grounds of Victoria Park is so huge that other than the usual greens and playgrounds, there are also canals, ponds, a pavilion, a deer enclosure, tennis courts and a sports ground. That day, we only managed to explore one part of entire park, we  would definitely want to check out the rest of it.


Ryan and Gillian brought along their bubble guns and went all wild shooting bubbles around.



Here’s Megan looking grumpy. Ha!




We brought along our newly bought frisbee but could not figure out how to play it. (-_-)”’




After all this running and climbing about, we then went for a coffee break at Hackney Coffee Company. Do have a read of our review of that lovely coffee joint.



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