Old MacDonald’s Farm & Fun Park

June 2016

Living in London, one has to get used to soggy weather. Despite it being already summer, we are still experiencing rain and large amount of it. However, after being in this country for 2 years, we also learnt that English people are very resilient. Rain or shine, activities just go on as per normal. Grab a hoodie, put on your wellies and everyone is set to have fun!

Two Sundays ago, we went to Old MacDonald’s Farm, in Essex for a Meet and Greet session with Peppa Pig and George. As we live in East London, Essex is close by and was a short drive to this adventure land. What I like about Old MacDonald’s Farm is that they have special events planned throughout the year- for Mother’s Day, there is SuperHero Day, Teddy Bear’s Picnic in summer, Halloween Festival… So one can look out for events that your child is interested in and pop by for a visit.



Despite the rather poor weather, we went ahead with our plans and the kids were so excited to spend outdoor time with us. Going out always means we have to pay more attention to the little ones(versus multi-tasking with our phones) and it is very easy to tell that they like exclusive time with us.


While waiting to take our photos with Peppa and George, there was an entertainer who made sculptures out of balloons for the children. Ryan asked for a bow and arrow and he sure got one.


Hello Peppa and George! Ryan and Gillian looked really shy in the picture but they were thrilled to see one of their favourite characters real life! What a treat!


Next up was a ride on the Carousel. At Old MacDonald’s Farm and Fun Park, many of their rides are inclusive in their admission charges. The staff were patient with the children and took time to let them select their favourite rides before starting.




We also went on the Train Ride. Just an advice, it is always good to be one of the earliest as it wold be easier to get on the popular rides before the queues start forming.


Ryan and Gillian went on the Giant Worm Slide a number of times as well. My kids and slides are like fish to water. If I allowed them, we could be spending at least 30 minutes just being there.




Tractor Ride! Despite the overcast sky and drizzle, i think both boys had a good time bonding.


Before long, the rain started getting heavier and we retreated to the Indoor Softplay Area where the cafe and indoor lunch spots are. That morning, I managed to pack some pasta for the children’s lunch. The adults had lunch from the cafe though and surprisingly, food was decent and quite value for money. As we have been to a number of such kid’s places(castles, amusement parks and all), I think the prices of the food at this cafe is surprisingly not exorbitant.




While resting and lunching, Ryan and Gillian ran off to the softplay and entertained themselves with all the obstacles.


Before long, the rain became lighter and we were off to explore the farm and fun park again. Next stop was at Battle Barn where we fought among each other. Megan joined in too! E was the only casualty! Hahahaha.





Can there be too many free rides? No! Never, with children! We also went on Happy Horses, pony adventure ride.




There are so many nice spots for photography at Old MacDonald’s Farm. Look at Ryan, working his million-dollar smile.



Ryan’s favourite ride was on the latest addition to the farm- the Doggy Dog Roller Coaster! Kimberly and him actually went on the ride 4 times!




There was also the Super Scramble Challenge which is a huge adventure area for the kids to go on various outdoor obstacle course.




Bouncy Barn!!! Everyone loves to be on bouncy castles!


We headed back home around 4 as Ryan was getting feverish (-_-)”’. I can imagine so much more could be done if the weather was a wee bit more cooperative as we only managed to cover like 70 percent of the entire farm and fun park. There was the Nurturing Pens where we could feed the animals, the Farm Maze, the Play Fort, Crazy Barn Ride and so on. I would definitely want to return on a dryer day so that we can explore more of the fun park! Still, a great outdoor place for families to head too especially if you live in East London or Essex. Animals, amusement and rides, I can imagine how it would just be a wonderful experience for the kids! They will just love it!

  • To purchase tickets to visit Old MacDonald’s Farm, please click on this link . Do look out for special events that are being held throughout the year.
  • Do like Old MacDonald’s Farm and Fun Park Facebook for any updates or promotion. 


Disclaimer: We were given complimentary tickets to Old Mac Donald’s Farm. Opinions are of my own and I have given honest feedback and review of our experience.




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