September 2016

Kiddylicious sent us a box of tasty snacks for Megan in May 2016. The team behind Kiddylicious are a group of professional specialists, many of whom are parents. They share similar concerns with us, on the importance of  introducing healthy tasty food to the young one Kiddylicious is one of the leading baby and toddler snack providers in the UK. It is also a firm favourite with parents and little ones in the UK and is now available in many countries around the world, including Singapore.

We only got about doing this blog post in September as we were busy trying out all these delicious baby food that are suitable for Megan at various milestones. Here are our throwback pictures of when we first received these yums! A special little one looks real chuffed!



Kiddylicious Wafers

Fast forward 4 months, here we have 10 months old Megan. One of our snacks from Kiddylicious would be the rice Wafers. It is of a good size for her tiny hands and is a must have in our diaper bag when we head out. As Baby Megan is still teething, having these nibbles help to comfort her sore gums. As tested by myself, I found that the wafer dissolves easily when combined with saliva.

There are three flavours available- carrot, banana and blueberry. Baby Megan do not have a preference for any. She seem to like all!




Kiddylicous Fruity Puffs

Once Baby Megan turned 7 months, she tried fruity puffs and she took to it quickly. Unlike the wafer which was easier to hold, the fruity puffs were smaller in size and would need a ‘pincer grip’.

Megan’s favourite is the blueberry puffs. Her elder sister, Gillian also is a fan of these puffs. A packet like this will only last one session as Gillian gobbles the rest of the puffs real quickly! Just like the rest of Kiddylicious products, the fruity puffs are gluten-free, they have no added sugar and contains no artificial additives. Absolutely safe for our young ones.

(The blue bag you see in the picture is where I usually put one packet of snack for Megan along with a few of her toys. That is our ‘busy bag ‘ to occupy for Megan when we head out.)


Gillian loves the fruity puffs too! Kiddylicious products are suitable for young children and adults as well!




Once yur baby turn 1 year, there will be a whole lot more of products that your baby can try. So far, as Megan is only 10 months, we have only tried two of the Kiddylicious products that are suitable for 12 months and above.

One of the products that I would like to highlight would be the fruit crisps. They are fruits(apples, bananas and pineapples) which are sliced into bite-sized pieces and then made into these melt-in-your-mouth snacks. Since Megan is still abit too young for this snack, I will just make the pieces smaller before feeding her some. So far, we have only tried the banana crips and they taste just fabulous. In fact, I am thinking of putting some of these in Ryan’s school lunchbox.


We have also tried the smoothie melts. Just like the fruit crisps, I will make it into smaller pieces before feeding Baby Megan. I think this will not be necessary when she turns 1 in October. The smoothie melts is a hit with Megan, she keeps asking for more. Usually, I will put a few small pieces in her baby bowl to let her self-feed. The bowl is always empty real quickly!



In fact, there are a few more snacks that I have received in the parcel but have not gone about trying it as they are suitable for babies who are 12 months and above! I will definitely be doing a second post on these Kiddylicious delights in a few months time!

In the meantime, do consider to check out these baby snacks for your little ones.

For those residing in Singapore, you can purchase these Kiddylicious products from Posh Baby. Here’s the link to their Facebook page so you can check out for more updates or upcoming deals.

For UK readers, you can find Kiddylicious products in most major supermarkets- Waitrose, Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Ocado and Sainsbury. You can also shop at their online store!




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