PYO Pumpkin!

October 2016

Visiting farms with the children is one of our favourite seasonal activities to do. The farms always allows a vast space for children to run around, the trip is usually educational as we could show where our food/fruits come from and the best thing of all, entrance is free! So far, we have gone for strawberry picking at Hewitts Farm(Post 1, Post 2) and Stanhill Farm, picked potatoes at Marsh Farm Animal Adventure Park as well as visited the lavender farms and went apple picking at The Hop Shop.

It was our last week with Gong Gong and Mama before they returned to Singapore. Thankfully, it coincided with the half-term and this meant that we were able to spend more family time. WE spent some time checking out the pumpkin patches at Foxes Farm Produce. It was about an hour drive from our place and the kids had a good time running around the glorious field full of orange gourds, jumping on haystacks and getting lost in the maize maze.

It was a lovely day out and definitely gonna be one of those things to do again the next year!














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