Harrods Christmas Grotto

November 2016


I have heard so much about the Christmas Grotto at Harrods that I thought we should give it a visit. At a small fee of £10 per child(babies can enter for free), they get to see Father Christmas and get a small present. The booking fee is refunded into our Harrods Rewards card on the day of our visit. We only managed to book for the Pre-Schooler Visit(weekdays, only in November) as the Classic Visits were sold out as quickly as they were released. So, it was a pity that Ryan had to miss it as he had to be in school.

That morning, we were slightly late for our appointment but were fortunate that they allowed us through the Christmas Grotto. Once we entered, we were sort of transported into this magical Ice Kingdom with friendly elves all around to cheer our little ones up.

Meeting up with Father Christmas was quite cool- he was able to call them by their names, share with them a few achievements they had in 2016(prior to the day, parents had to fill up these information online so as to make the experience more personal and special) and they even received some nice little gifts from Father Christmas. Father Christmas was so pleasant and friendly. Initially, Gillian was a tad overwhelmed by everything and refused to even meet Father Christmas. After so much encouragement from the affable elves, she went into the frozen grotto only to leave reluctantly, asking to return the year after again!



Making their wishes with Daddy!




Sometimes I wonder if the children remember such things that we do for them or even places that we bring them to. However, what really makes it worth it for me is to see their happiness, their anticipation, their excitement for that moment.  #makeeverymomentcount

After the Christmas Grotto experience, we went shopping at Harrods. Harrods on a Monday morning is just fabulous! No crazy crowds, lots of space for the children to run without us missing them. Gillian definitely got some VIP treatment- curling her hair, getting her hand tattoos done and all!





Someone’s loving the lift in Harrods!



We had lunch at Kanada-Ya Ramen Bar and Gillian was slurping up ever single strand of noodle and soup! Yums! Got to say I really liked the effect of the curls on her head but Gillian did not like it at all. Boohoo! There’s goes my chance of convincing her to curl her hair. Ha!




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