Baddies: the Musical- Unicorn Theatre

December 2016


Watching a pantomime is thing to do during the Christmas season in the UK. Last Sunday, we were invited to watch Baddies, the Musical and it was such a amazing experience for the children. The story-line was intriguing, the singing was spectacular and I love how the theatre was filled with parents, carers and children! Definitely a place that families can head to for a relaxed musical afternoon.

This is the second year that Baddies is showing. Last Christmas, Baddies had a successful sell-out and were nominated for Offie Best Production for Young People. You can expect that the producers would make effort to tweak and make it even bigger and better. The protagonist of the story is The Big Bad Wolf. He is ripped from his story in Little Red Riding Hood, thrown into jail with a couple of of baddies- Captain Hook, The Ugly Stepsisters and what-the-name-of-that-small-guy-again?… Rumpelstilskin. These villains were finally being punished for their wicked ways as apparently the Board of Fairytales was intending to change the rule book. Or is that really so?



When I brought 5.5 year old Ryan and 3.5 year old Gillian to the show, I had a few reservations:
– Were they able to sit through 2 hours?
– Will they be able to understand the storyline and appreciate a musical?
Thankfully, they were able to sit through, be kept riveted and enjoy the show! In fact, I was impressed that both of them could tell me who the true baddies of the show were and give me their reasoning. I liked how I could talk to Ryan, telling him that maybe people that we perceive to be ‘bad’ are not entirely ‘bad’ and vice versa.


There was a short interval in between and the little ones could go use the toilets, stretch a little and perhaps indulge them with some lovely ice cream that they were selling a £3 each. Ryan and Gillian positively loved their sweet cold treat since they rarely have these on normal days.


Post-Show/Informal event with Nigel Barrett

After the show, we went to the Baddies VIP Lounge where there was an informal event with The Big Bad Wolf, Nigel Barrett who shared on his experience playing the ultimate baddie on the show and his theatre/musical experience. The children were kept entertained with craft activities and yummy refreshment and drinks from the Unicorn Theatre.


Ryan drew some pictures of his favourite characters from the show and presented it to The Big Bad Wolf.




Planning for some light-hearted family theatre entertainment this Christmas? I would think Baddies would be a great show for adults and children alike. Here are more details of Baddies, the Musical. However, do click on this link should you need more information or would like to purchase the tickets.

Baddies: the Musical
Under 18s: £12 / £16 / £18
Adults: £ 18 / £22 / £24 (concessions £3 off)
Premier experience: £30 Under 18s / £36 Adults – book for the very best seats in the house, access to the Baddies VIP Lounge and the chance to purchase exclusive signed merchandise.


Disclaimer: We were given tickets to watch Baddies, the Musical at the Unicorn Theatre. Opinions are of my own and I have given honest feedback and review of our experience.



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