London Transport Museum

February 2017

Hello there everyone! Seems like I am finding some problem keeping up with my blog. It is still winter šŸ˜¦ in London and I cannot wait for spring to come! The thing about wintry cold days is that my natural inclination would be just to stay as warm and toasty at home. These days, it seemed more possible as the kids(mainly Ryan) has more work to do over the weekends and hence we just got to clock in the time to get work done.

Last Friday evening marked the start of half term holidays. We did not plan much. Initially we wanted to head down to Disneyland as there was a good deal going on but seeing how everyone is not a big fan of standing in the cold, we shelved it and decided to stay in London. We visited London Transport Museum as I have heard so much about it from my friends- of it being kids-friendly, a great place for families to past time during the cold season and it just being in town meant we are close to good dining options.

Just like most children-friendly places that we go to, they always seem to have this passport/stamper trail feature for kids make the exploration more orderly. My kids love going around to get theirs stamped!


We went on a Sunday and reached probably 11ish. The museum was crowded and there was actually a line of people queuing to get their tickets. Here’s my advice:

  1. Get your tickets online. It is cheaper and you can skip the nasty queue. Kids go free, which mean we just need tickets for the adults. Buy your tickets online and save Ā£1.50.
  2. Museum opens at 10am. Get their early with your little ones. 11ish means a bit too packed for my liking.

It is a nice place for families to explore the different types of transportation over the years. There are some nice corners for the younger ones to play pretend. Will be fascinating for children who are into vehicles and transportation.





(Hmm…which wheel uses less effort to move?)













Because it is still the half-term and they have some extra activities going on. This half-term, they have Underground Explorer programme going on. Children get to dig a sandpit, build a tunnel or investigate ancient artefacts. (Sounds boring to me but my kids spent like a proper 45 minutes just playing there.)



The thing is that when you are with children, sometimes to explore a museum, you need a more leisurely pace to explain to them certain things and to just idle. So when the place gets packed, we have to be mindful of the other children who always want a turn on the vehicle, or have a go certain activities. In the end, the outing would be more like ‘touch-and-go’ which I find less meaningful. So, I will be going to the museum again with the kiddos, but hopefully at a better timing the next round.

Okay, I am out! See you guys soon! x



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