Ice Skating at Luminocity

December 2016

And so you will be reading on some back-dated posts these days. Sometimes, I wonder why do I still blog. I mean there are tonnes of information that can be found online- on blogs, on those information sites, review pages and whatnots. However, when I get emails from readers asking for more information or recommendation on stuff, I think in some minute way, I am making an impact on some random stranger’s life. Also, this blog continues to serve as a family diary for our adventures. (I really hope my children will not hate me for blogging about them. Hmm…) This blog also a place where I lament about my life and it’s challenges and also take some time to give thanks for what I have.

We spent our December 2016 in London and did a number of those typical winter stuff that families do during the Christmas season. Ice skating is one of London’s favourite winter pastimes. Ryan went for his first ice skating session with Kimberly at Ice Rink Canary Wharf. It opens from 4th November 2016 to 25th February 2017. So, it is still open! We went there during those in-between Christmas-New Year holiday period. So that is considered the peak season and ticket prices was £16.95 per adult and £10.95 per child. The skate aid that we rented for Ryan costed £5.00 on a first come first serve basis.




Thankfully, there was Kimberly(who is actually one of the best skaters in our family! So pro that she legit own her personal skates back in Singapore!) to help Ryan. They had fun going round the skating rink but because it was so crowded during that session, they had limited space to move about. We did encourage Gillian to try skating but she was not keen on it. Maybe 11 months from now, she will be braver then. 🙂

After our experience at Luminocity, here are some of my thoughts:

  1. Book tickets online and go for the earliest session. That will cost £9.95 and it is significant savings.
  2. During peak periods(ala Christmas season), it would be advisable for families with young children to go like 30 minutes before their session to book their skate aids. They have limited availability for the skate aids and honestly, I imagine it to be far easier for first timers to use them.
  3. If possible, just skip the peak period and enjoy skating during the non-peak period. One of my Mummy friends told me that the rink is so empty during non-peak period that they could actually skate for as long as the wanted, and not keep to the one our duration.

There are several permanent indoor ice skating rinks in London, but in winter there are usually more indoor and outdoor ice rinks popping up across the capital. Maybe the next Christmas, we should bring the little ones skating at iconic London locations such historic Hampton Court Palace, the beautiful Somerset House and the majestic Natural History Museum, just to have a comparison.

Till then, x



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