Till we meet again,

May 2017


Apparently, Project House Move #7 did come two years after #6. For those who do not already know, we are leaving London. And we bought a new place in Singapore just based on floor plan. Yes, it has been at a short notice. E was offered a position back home and we thought there is no better time than now to return. After all, Ryan is due to start formal education in Singapore next year. At this point in time, I feel much calmer about the news. It is a good thing that E planned a series of short trips/vacations before he broke the news to me. For the past one month, we spent alot of time together as a family and it helped in my anxiety.

When E first told me that we would be leaving London, I was heart-broken. This is a place where we called home for the past four years and where I started my whole stint as a stay-at-home mother. London has given us so much during this short time and I recall fondly of many memories of my children growing here and the wonderful relationships forged in this beautiful city.

Some people that London is too busy and Londoners come across disengaged. However, I am thankful that my experience here that speaks otherwise. I am not sure if it is because I am a SAHM in London and hence I have more time to get to know the local community- from fellow SAHMs, to Singaporean mummies living in London, to my local pharmacist and even the postman. Whenever I go grocery shopping, I always see a familiar face and we can have a quick catch-up. We managed to travel as much as we could as a family in the UK and Europe. I also managed to lead a semi tai-tai life in London, with the occasional afternoon tea sessions with Kimmie and my friends. My blog was also kept semi-alive because of the blogging opportunities I had. The children were blessed with entries to good schools. The best thing is that as a family, we got baptised together, and we got to know God more. Hopefully, we would be able to find a suitable church when we return Singapore.  My life here is good so it is truly a shame that I have to leave it. However, one thing I know about the life that E and I have- move is always to be expected. Home is not a physical place but where the heart is and wherever we are as a family.

So to my dearest friends in London, I hope that our paths may cross again. I am sorry if I am unable to catch up with you but the packing/decluttering is taking way too much of my time. I won’t say goodbye for now. See you later may be better. And yes, I can’t wait to enjoy my daily Singaporean breakfast! Teh-C please!


There is so much I want to share but you can imagine, it is just crazy. Next up, will be blog posts on our short trips and maybe updates on our renovation stuff in Singapore! Very, very exciting! Guess what? If all things go well, Megan and I will be celebrating our birthdays in our new place! Please keep me and my family in your prayers! x


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