Before I met the love of my life(otherwise known as E on my blog), I was just an ordinary 23 year old working adult. I think I am quite blessed with supportive family and friends. I am very close to my family and I also have fabulous mates who are there for me for many stages of my life. I am someone who loves photos(but not that professional to own an slr), who loves blogging(because I like to remember bits and pieces of my life), who loves people and life and God.


I am not sure what you think- but I feel that my life has been really exciting(in a positive way) ever since I got to know E. I am not sure what took me 23 years before I found E in July 2008, but ever since I did, life has been awesome. I met E through my Ham Ham friend- Weili. At that point in time, we were all learning salsa and E was Weili’s salsa classmate. I love E because even with my imperfections, he still loves me a lot. Even with my hair all over everywhere in the morning, he still says I look  beautiful. With him, I know the best is still ahead.


In July 2009, E proposed to me on a yacht with my salsa friends around. I was definitely caught off-guard because I never thought he would propose so soon! Here is the proposal story– on my first blog.

After the proposal, there was a whole series of events to happen- like our house hunting(and so miraculously, we bought our first love nest on my 25th birthday in October 2009!), wedding banquet research, planning of wedding, Taipei wedding photography and so on.


Preparing our first house was an interesting process. With a very tight budget(because we did not have much savings after the purchase of house), we had to do up the place to make it look relatively decent and livable before we got married. But with the help of family, the house was made ready before the big day.

We took our wedding photography shoot in Taipei with Romantic Life. It was our official first overseas trip together and it was really fun. The weather was cool, the food was yummy and everything was just purrfect!

Like what I mentioned before, I am really blessed with great friends who happen to be talented as well… we got a free Singapore wedding photography done by my Ham Ham friend- Tk.


We got married on 19th June 2010. It was one of the happiest day of my life. (I am sure many brides will say the same!) I finally married the love of my life and it was a huge celebration with people I love and care for. These are the people who walked with me through life before I met E and they were also present for that special date. It was a memorable day for me because the events were full of songs and dances and I suppose it encapsulates how I feel about life and our relationship.

One day after our wedding, we flew off to Bali for our mini moon. Well, we called it our mini moon because we expected to fly off to a further destination in December…

Bali was great- our villa was fantastic, we spent most of our time, lounging around, chillaxing and eating.

One month later, after our mini moon…

I found out that I was pregnant. And we were excited! There, I started off blogging about minute details of my pregnancy with Baby Ryan.

And it also means the start of plenty of shopping to be done! One of the things we had to change was our car- no more sports car, it was time for a functional Jetta. Of course, E was devastated to lose his darling black beauty. But, I am pleased that the family will be driving in a much safer car!

So, in December, in view of my pregnant condition and the possible escalating baby costs, we settled for an inexpensive Babymoon at Tempat Senang.

In March 2011, we also had my cousin, Shawn(who happens to be a dedicated and committed swimming coach) to help us with my maternity photography… and I love it!

Of course, after 9 months of growing in my womb, in April, our first bundle of joy, Baby Ryan popped out. Here’s his birth story… 🙂

Life just feels awesome and I know it is going to be like that for you, me and everyone!




4 thoughts on “About

  1. Michelle Hon says:

    Hi there,
    I stumbled upon your blog by chance and been enjoying some of your posts so far.
    I am definitely your new follower 🙂

    By the way, you looked really good in your pregnant photos. You glowed!

    • eugenemay says:

      Hi Michelle!

      Thanks thanks. Hahahah. I went to click on your blog too! You are Chill Mom. I am Kanchiong Spider Mom. I am forever worrying about the kids.

      You are also a beautiful mother!


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