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  1. Snowdaze says:

    Hi I’m a new mum looking for effective ways to get rid of tummy fat. Saw Ur blog on fat freeze at only aesthetic, may I check if it is useful and do they hard sell after Ur third session?

    • eugenemay says:

      Hey Snowdaze…

      I think you were just as worried as me before as I gained a significant amount of weight after child birth. Unfortunately, I did not manage to lose much weight(not even 2kg) even after 3 months. It could be due to my diet as I ate alot due to breastfeeding. Also, I did not sign up for more fat freeze course as advised by the therapist. I used only the 3 treatments that I bought from Groupon. So, if you were to ask me again, would I have done it again, I don’t think it. It would be more like a placebo effect even if I did lose some weight(between 1-1.5kg).

      Good luck in your weight loss journey as well. It is definitely a tough route for me as I am not one of those lucky ones who have skinny genes. Neither do I have self control. 😦

  2. elizabeth temi says:

    Hello, your article on the cerelac yogurt range of cereals really sparked my interest.

    Pls can you refer me to a site I can buy from online?
    Anxiously awaiting your reply.

    Many thanks.

  3. Maybelline says:

    Just to check If you asked your first child Ryan stay with you in hospital when u gave birth? Cus I am wondering if I should let my first stay with me as I will definitely miss him and I am afraid that he will think that mummy doesn’t love him anymore after meimei is born. Please advise.. And I will be going through c section … 😦 thank you:)

    • eugenemay says:

      Hello Maybelline

      I would advise you to just get as much rest as possible after your C-section. Your firstborn will not blame you for it. He can visit you during the visiting hours but after the birth of mei-mei, you need to recover. (I did buy him a present, stating that the present was from his new sister. That probably eased the tension slightly.) The guilt of having to split your time between two kids will always be there…but I suppose this is how children learn to share. Don’t worry eh! And JIA YOU!

  4. Mengo says:

    Saw your blog accidentally and I really enjoy reading it. I am from Malaysia and been living here for more than 10 years, will be having my 3rd Bob v v soon and your blog cheer me up! Thanks.

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