Easter at Battlesea Park Children’s Zoo

March 2016

As forecasted on BBC weather, Good Friday was going to be sunny. Hence, we planned to have an outdoor activity with the children. We were deciding between London Zoo and Battlesea Park Children’s Zoo. In the end, we went for the latter as we felt that the place would be more children-friendly and there was some Easter activities happening.

It was a good 45 minutes of car ride before we reached the zoo. It was around 11 when we finally got to the zoo. Kids had a short morning nap and they were raring to go!



The children putting in animal snacks into the Easter eggs for the meerkats’ feeding time.




It was not long before the children spotted the huge playground and ran towards it excitedly. We also decided to settle on one pf the picnic tables for lunch. Lunch was food items that we grabbed from Waitrose before we got to the zoo. I did not have time to prepare sandwiches and all that morning. (-_-)”’ Waitrose sandwiches were not too bad anyways.

What impressed me would be the play area at Battlesea Park Children’s Zoo and not so much of the animals. The playground was filled with so many fun stuff that most of the children were there instead of checking out the animals.















We lasted a good 4 hours at the zoo before we decided to head back home. Parking for anything above 4 hours is £23. We decided that we are good for 4 hours which cost us £9.20. It was a pretty nice experience at Battlesea Park Children’s Zoo but I don’t think we will be returning. Not many animals types in the zoo and not as interactive as Africa Alive, the one that we went last year in Norfolk. The playground at Battlesea Park Children’s Zoo is fantastic though. Both Ryan and Gillian loved every inch of the huge playground.


A picture at the Peace Pagoda, one of the major landmarks at the Battlesea Park.




V&A Museum of Childhood

March 2016

Last Saturday morning, we headed off to the V&A Museum of Childhood after we dropped Ryan off for his school. Surprisingly, it exceeded out expectations as the place was pretty decent. Our stay at the museum started with a Children’s reading/singing session and Gillian enjoyed it so much.


V&A Museum of Childhood is home to one of the world’s finest collections of children’s toys, doll’s houses, games and costumes. It has the largest collection of childhood objects in the United Kingdom. The museum has been amassing childhood-related objects since 1872 and continues to do so with ‘Incredibles’ figures complimenting bonkers 1970s puppets, Barbie Dolls and Victorian praxinoscopes. In fact, E found some toys(He-Man!?!, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…) from his era in the museum and he looked really pleased about his find.

I particularly like the iron structure cage looking thing in the building. Upon research, I found out that the iron structure reused a prefabricated building from Albertopolis which was replaced with some early sections of the modern V&A complex. (Read here to find out more about the interesting story behind the architecture of the museum.)


The museum has lots of hand-on stuff for kids dotted about the many cases of historic artefacts. I think Ryan would have so much fun at the museum should we bring him there for our next visit.







If you were to ask me, I would suggest skipping the cafe as I found that it pricey(you might not since money is relative). There are plenty of cafes in Bethnal Green(go check out the restaurants and ratings at Trip Advisor) to check out anyways. We went to Macs for a quick nip before picking Ryan up from his class. 2 hours at this museum is far too short. V&A Museum of Childhood is definitely worth a second visit for us. 🙂


So Pure Sophie la girafe Multi-textured Teether

March 2016


In a few more days time, Baby Megan will be 5 months. Omg….where did the days and the months ago? Just a while ago, she was this little, wrinkly newborn that I carried home from UCLH and bam! She is this gorgeous looking baby, so inquisitive and smiley. She is a joy to be with every morning…but…
At this point of her baby-hood, she is also going through her teething period which makes her cranky at times.


Thankfully, she received her So Pure Sophie la girafe Multi-textured Teether from 1 Two Kids to tide her through this stage. This teething toy is a colorful teething ring with numerous textures! The Multi-textured Teether is not just for Baby Megan to teeth on but also for her hands to explore the various types of textures. Just like all teething toys from Sophie, the Multi-textured Teether is made of  100% natural rubber, pulled from the Hevea tree latex, and food-grade paints. With numerous soft parts to chew and with various textures (Sophie’s spots, ridges, ears and horns), it offers different massages and relieves  Baby Megan’s sore gums efficiently. When Ryan and Gillian(my two older children) were teething as babies, their favourite teething toys were also from Sophie la girafe. I suppose there is something special about the material that Sophie is made from.


I like how the Multi-textured Teether is light and ergonomic. This teething toy  is easily manipulated by Baby Megan’s small hands as seen in the picture above.


As it is the latest addition to the range of teething toys that Sophie la girafe has, it also features  4 geometrical and colorful shapes which catch the attention of babies while they are playing around the main ring. As a mother of two older childen, I do have other teething toys but the Multi-textured Teether is Baby Megan’s favourite. She plays with it everyday, especially when her gums are feeling not that comfortable.

If you have a teething baby and need something to sooth them, So Pure Sophie la girafe Multi-textured Teether might be the answer for you and your baby!


Disclaimer: So Pure Sophie la girafe Multi-textured Teether is given to me by 1 Two Kids for review purposes.


Milestone Cards

February 2015


Baby Megan has been gifted with Milestone cards from 1 Two Kids and this box was cards are one of the sweetest presents that she has received thus far. Milestone cards are a collection of 30 photo cards that we can use to capture special moments of our babies’ first year in weeks, months and memorable moments such as when they first slept through the night(hurrah!) or when they first said,’Mama’…


The idea of Milestone cards is to fill in the date on the Milestone card, take a photo of your precious little one, along with the cheery-looking card. With that, that special moment or day is encapsulated in the photo. Even if the cards do get lost in the future and memory fails us, we have photos to remember those extraordinary space in time.

It was unfortunate that we did not have these milestone cards earlier. If not, we would be able to have photos of her with those beautifully illustrated photo cards at those little milestones of her life. Looking forward, I hope to use the rest of the cards soon. The one that I am most looking forward to would be the day when she calls me, ‘Mama’. That moment would be just oozing will so much sweetness and joy.

So if you have a friend who is expecting a baby and you are unsure on what do get, Milestone Cards would be a lovely and meaningful present for her. I will definitely be updating more of Baby Megan’s milestones with these cards. So if you have instagram, do check them by using the #babymegansmilestone or  #babymeganyap



 Disclaimer: Milestone Cards were given to me by 1 Two Kids for review purposes.


Follow me on Instagram!

February 2016

Hello everyone! Okay, it seems like I have been on a hiatus from blogging. Erhmm…. it is semi-right. I seem to go through phases like that all the time, especially since I am a mother now. Somehow I feel that I have been spending too much time on the Internet, surfing social-media sites and all. I do not want to be a SAHM and end up allowing myself to be consumed by blogging and Facebook. I want to make the time that I have with the little ones as meaningful as possible. Hence, I took time off from the world wide web, in hopes that I have a more productive schedule with the children before blogging, writing and whatnots.

It has been 3 weeks since my mother returned to Singapore and I am starting to have a hang of how my daily life is like with 3 little ones. It has been really tough. Household chores. School runs. Meals preparation. Bath time. School work. Repeat. There are days when I feel utterly broken into pieces by the daily grind. Ohwells. Anyways, I am trying to slowly get back to blogging again. Mainly for me to document the happenings of my family life and to share it with my loved ones in Singapore Blogging also allows me/Eugene/maybe the children to look back on our past and understand my thought process at that moment in time.

Baby Megan. My third born. I feel so much guilt towards her. With Ryan and Gillian, I was able to spend much more time, playing and interacting with them. However, with Baby Megan, she tends have less time and attention from Eugene and myself. As a way to spend a wee bit more time with her, I have come up with this Instagram idea… I take a photo of her everyday and post it up on Instagram. This allows me to spend more time with her, dressing her up for my mini home shoots, talking to her, coaxing her into getting into a pleasant mood for her pictures. So, please follow me (or Baby Megan) on Instagram!

Here are some of the photos that I took for her!

Megan 1

Megan 4

Megan 3

Megan 2

Honestly, I do not know how long will this last. I mean, I always have these half-baked projects that usually don’t make it to fruition. If you have been a long-time reader of my blog, you will know what I mean. I have this tendency to be very passionate in the beginning., e.g. the novel that I am meant to write eons ago. Being a SAHM, it pretty much means I only have pockets of time of free time. It is really hard to focus on writing or even blogging when I know that I only have 20 minutes of free time. I would totally rather numb my brain my watching some meaningless stuff on BBC. That is me. But I am always trying to be better. For everyone around me. For the fact that I know I am good at some things. I just need the grit to go through with it. I need to understand delayed gratification is always better.

Ohwells. I am out for now. This is a short post but I hope it is a start of my blog posts for 2016. I have this drafted 2016 resolution blog post sitting on wordpress since December 2015. It just never felt right. It might be uploaded, one day…



Baby Megan- 2 Months

December 2015

Baby Megan has been with us for 2 months. She is such a joy to be with. In fact, she is the calming presence amidst the noisy two older siblings. At 2 months, she is able to lift her head up during tummy time. In fact, I think she likes her view better when she is on her tummy.


Sometimes, I wonder if she is overwhelmed by her siblings’ presence. For now, she has Mama’s undivided attention! My dad video calls my mother everyday to check on Megan’s progress. You can see the obvious longing in his eyes to carry his youngest granddaughter in his hands. Ohwell, soon, soon.



The littlest one is very loved by her older siblings. Sometimes, they will squabble over their turn to carry Baby Megan. Moments like these can be quite sweet. Heehee.



She is starting to have this gorgeous smile, especially when we take time to engage and talk to her. Sometimes, after her nappy change, she will reward my efforts with her beaming toothless smile. She loves it when we talk to her. Interestingly, she will reply in her baby coos. Heehee. Very very cute!


Grow well, my sweet baby girl.


Mustela Bébé

January 2016

(Styling and Photo Credits: Kimberly)

Hello everyone! This Mustela Bébé post took a longer time than expected. December has not been kind to us as we were taking turns to fall ill. 😦 That aside, I would like to take some time to share about Baby Megan’s awesome experience with Mustela Bebe.


About a week after Baby Megan’s birth, Mustela sent us some products for Megan to try out. We have faithfully done so for the past two months and Baby Megan is smelling exactly like how a Mustela Baby should be smelling! So so so lovely!

All of Mustela Bébé products are enriched with a new formula- Avocado Perseose®, a patented ingredient of natural origin. Avocado Perseose® helps reinforce the skin barrier and preserve the cellular resource.And for new mummies out there, you can safely purchase Mustela Bébé products as they are specially formulated to be suitable for babies, from Day One.


Bath Time with Dermo Cleansing and 2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash


Dermo-cleansing is a soap-free cleansing gel which we can use for both the hair and body. It is specially formulated for use right from day one. Dermo-Cleansing gel is ideal for your baby’s daily hygiene as it gently cleanses your baby’s skin and hair thoroughly yet delicately.

Baby Megan’s experience: It is very gentle on her skin and hair. Easy to rinse and leaves a delicate Mustela fragrance. With Dermo-cleansing, it compensates for the harsh, drying effects of hard water with its emollient agents. The skin is left looking plumped even after the bath. I used Dermo-cleansing on her hair as well. As I wash her hair, her eyes not not seem to be irritated at all. No red eyes or whatsoever.In London, the water that comes from the taps is hard water which can be very drying for the delicate skin of little ones. With Dermo-cleansing, it compensates for the harsh, drying effects of hard water with its emollient agents.


Massage Time with Hydra Bébé


Hydra Bébé is a cream that is designed for the daily care of your baby’s face. It helps to hydrate and strengthen baby’s skin. Hydra Bébé is specially formulated for use from birth on. It includes vegetal oil and vitamins E and F which instantly hydrate the skin with lasting effects. The shea butter as part of the ingredients leaves the skin feeling supple, silky and soft.

Baby Megan’s experience: I massage Baby Megan with Hydra Bébé every morning and evening after cleaning. If you ask me, I would encourage baby massage for babies. (There is nothing difficult about baby massage. You can watch Youtube videos on baby massage to get an idea on how to go about doing it.) During the short 10 minutes of massage, I realise that it is precious bonding time with the little one and Baby Megan always gives me good eye contact. The texture of Hydra Bébé is light and the cream is easily absorbed by the skin.


Nappy Change with 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream


123 Vitamin Barrier Cream is my essential for every nappy change for Baby Megan. It helps to prevent skin discomfort at each nappy change, soothe from the 1st application and helps the skin recover continually. 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream is formulated using 98% ingredients of natural origin that are fragrance-free and do not contain preservatives. It guarantees maximum tolerance right from birth so babies can safely use it everyday.

Baby Megan’s experience: I use 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream after every nappy change. So far, Baby Megan had not had a single episode of nappy rash. So, I must say that 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream have a huge part to play in it.


My essential when heading out: PhysiObébé


Physiobébé No Rinse Cleansing Water is a no-rinse cleansing water for the face and nappy area. It thoroughly cleanses baby’s face and nappy area of impurities with the help of gentle surfactants and saponaria extract. The skin is left soft and the Physiobébé does not irritate the eyes. Just like most of Mustela Bébé  products, the formulation is suitable from day one of birth.

Baby Megan’s experience: I bring it along in my diaper bag for Baby Megan when we head out. It is especially useful when we are out for long periods of time. With a practical pump dispenser, the right amount can be dispensed every time. I will apply it to the skin of her face or nappy area with a cotton ball. No rinsing is required. PhysiObébé  is fresh and soothing. It leaves the skin clean, soft and delicately scented for an immediate sensation of well-being. Ryan and Gillian uses it to clean their hands after meals when we are outside as well. This is one of my favourite Mustela products!



Overall, Baby Megan and I are loving our Mustela experience. two thumbs up from us! To try out or stock up on Mustela products, you can head to these stores!


Disclaimer: The Mustela products were given to be for review purposes.