Here’s your Baby Sister, Megan.

October 2015

The thought of having a new sibling can be quite daunting for some children. When my mother brought home my younger brother, Leon from the hospital, I did not feel too kind towards him. I felt that he was going to steal all the attention from me. Sibling rivalry between me and Leon lasted more than just months. We fought till I turned 12/13. That is like almost 7 years of constant bickering and real street-fighter fighting. No kidding.

Of course, when we grew older, we start to appreciate the joys of having siblings around. Like someone to count on to talk rubbish and make faces at even though we are all adults. Like having someone to reminisce the past and vouch for parents’ cray-cray behavior in 1995. Like having someone to share life’s good and bad. Hence, E and I always wanted have more than one child so that each and everyone of them will be able to experience these beautiful aspects of life.


(Here’s our first night as a family of 5!)

Ryan and Gillian are at the age whereby they are able to understand the meaning of having a new sibling into the family. Months before Megan popped, we sort of prepped them for Megan’s coming. Both little ones were equally excited. They spent time helping with the stretch mark cream nightly, talked and sang to Megan.

The day when E and I brought Baby Megan back, Ryan was still in school and Gillian was having her afternoon nap. We woke Gillian up and she looked rather shocked to see a tiny little pink bundle next to her. Very quickly, like fish to water, she started behaving like an older sister,’ Hello Megan. I am your Jie Jie’, before planting her with many small kisses. She tried to talk more to Megan but being a baby, Megan responded exactly like how a 1 day old baby would. Before we knew it, Gillian started crying, hurt by how her baby sister refused to ‘play with her’. It took us some time to explain to her how it would probably take some time before Megan can play with her. After the explanation, she went back to the ‘Elder Sister’ mode, wanting care for her sister again. On Baby Megan’s first night at home, Gillian was the one who woke up(for at least twice) with us for the diaper duties. She was very excited to help us to get the wet wipes, Megan’s new diapers as well as the changing mat. The novelty of waking up in the middle night went off one week later and Gillian is able to sleep through any cries at night.




Ryan, on the hand, seemed to be rather nonchalant on Baby Megan’s first night home. He came home from school and we showed him our latest addition to the family. He acknowledged her happily before wanting to turn on the television for his favourite programme. It took him some time before warming up to Baby Megan and wanting to play more with her. These days, both kids find Baby Megan irresistible. E and I find it hard to stop from from touching and kissing Baby Megan’s face.




The siblings gift-exchange. 

Like what was done before for the birth of Gillian, we also had some sort of gift exchange for between the siblings as well. Guess what did Ryan and Gillian got from Megan?
Ryan got a Lego set and Gillian got a lovely musical box from Hamley’s.



As of now, Ryan and Gillian have not bought their presents for Megan yet. But it is likely that we will be getting the IKEA toy kitchen for her as a welcome gift! Will update about it soon! x



39 weeks + 2 days

October 2015


Come this Monday, on the 12th of October, it will mark my 40th week in pregnancy. For the past one week, it has been sleepless and uncomfortable nights. Honestly, I do not know what to expect since my previous two births has been induced, natural deliveries.

Baby M is going to be our first spontaneous birth. Despite reading up online, the information feels insufficient. It is hard since both of us like to control as many variables as much as possible. One thing for sure is that both the little ones are very excited to meet their new sibling. They have been asking Baby M,’ Are you ready to come out now, Baby M?’

It has been a busy September/October, with plenty of changes in our lives, which I may update possibly in December when everything settles. At this moment in life, I feel immensely grateful for these changes even though there are challenges in itself.


Ryan has started school in September. Initially, he was not used to the longer hours(as opposed to his daily 2.5 hours in nursery) but kids are really adaptable. He complains less about the long school days and shares more about his school life. Just yesterday(09/10), he brought home a very special sticker from his principal for helping out his music teacher. Okayyy… I know it is just a normal sticker to many of you. But for me, it is a proud Mummy moment!

PicMonkey Collage-1

Gillian is our fighter baby. There are times when I feel so bad because it seems like I pay lesser attention to her but I suppose it brought out a more independent streak in her. At 2.5 year old, I think that she expresses herself very clearly. In comparison to Ryan at the exact same age, she is better at fixing puzzles, eating herself and seems to have better hand-eye coordination. As of now, we pray that her health will improve and maybe she will get into a nursery soon. (There is a long waiting list for both of the nurseries that we signed her up for.)

 The clock starts ticking for me and Baby M. It is still the waiting game…hopefully, Baby M will pop after our Char Kway Teow lunch at Little Penang on Monday.


Edward’s Second Birthday!

August 2014

Just a two weeks ago, it was Singapore’s 49th birthday. Coincidentally, it was Edward’s 2nd birthday as well. So, it was definitely a double celebration for the Singaporeans at the party.

Edward’s capable Mummy and Daddy prepared a huge feast for his birthday- sushi, fried finger food, curry, Cheng Tng, Ah Char, beehoon and whatnots. All homemade. It was definitely a party when you will be fed extremely well. On top of that, the children at the party were given goodie bags as well as an animal ballon each.


This is only part of what was being prepared. My favourite would be the curry chicken! I love curry!



Here’s Gillian with her animal balloon. It was a pity that it got blown away by the wind. 😦



Very delicious cake from Patisserie Valerie. I tell you.. it is my favourite cake in London. I am hoping that E gets it for my birthday. Please, Lao Gong! xxx (The good part about having a blog is almost like me having a public wishlist which E get positive pressure to fulfill it. Heehee.)



Wah wah wah! You can see that we are all in our super huat national colours! Happy Birthday Edward! Hope you will always be a good boy to your Mummy and Daddy! And Happy Birthday Singapore! You are loved and missed!


Yiling’s place is quite cool because they have this nice courtyard for such gatherings. Our family had quite some fun playing on the bouncy mat. Hmm… The children were being child-like while E and I were more of childish. 😛 After the party, we adjorned to TC’s place where a certain silver box beckoned certain members of the group. There was a second round of feasting while the children continued played. One of the more exciting Saturdays for us!




For the record, this picture was taken by Ryan. Not too bad. Hahahha. Pass.



Oh…it is the Summer of 2014!

June 2014




We were invited to Casper’s house for some afternoon water play.
The children went wild in the garden while the adults just “chilled” under the sun.


Summer have arrived and everyone is having fun under the sun. Unlike Singaporeans, these people in London love basking in the sun. Well forget the SK2, I have no choice to be under the sun as well since I have to chase after the kids. Right now, I am like at least three shades darker than before and I am not exaggerating. Ryan has inherited the 白斬雞 (white chicken) genes from his father. Both boys are as fair as day. Alas, Baby Gillian gets as tanned as me. 😦

WHYYYYY??!!! (The saving grace would be being tanned is very fashionable here. Hmm…)


A day out at Milton Keynes

March 2014

Spent our Saturday with my favourite UK family- the Tans. We drove about two hours all the way to Milton Keynes for lunch with Jacqueline, Ben and Lil’ Aedan. All of us also had lunch at some eatery near Willen Lake.

DSC00774 DSC00776

Me with Jacqueline! xxx


The Tans. This special family has helped us so much in the move to our current place. On top of that, Jacqueline always gets nice chocolates for me! This time round, she got chocolates for me from her Brussels trip! How nice is she! :))))

DSC00781 DSC00783

Us, The Yaps.

DSC00786 DSC00788



After lunch, we went to feed the ducks, swans and geese. The children were very much entertained by this activity.

DSC00794 DSC00796 DSC00798 DSC00799 DSC00803 DSC00804 DSC00805 DSC00806 DSC00810 DSC00812 DSC00813 DSC00824 DSC00825 DSC00827 DSC00829 DSC00830 DSC00831 DSC00832 DSC00834 DSC00837 DSC00839


We also went to IKEA Milton Keynes to get more furniture for our house. Had our tea time at Ikea as well.



Dinner was at the Tans where Ben cooked up a storm! Chicken curry and Sambal kangkong! Woohoo! Singapore style!




Thanks Jacqueline and Ben for having us over! Next round at our place! And we will try to cook something Singaporean! 🙂


Her first tooth.

December 2013


DSC09262 DSC09263 DSC09265

Can you see Baby Gillian’s first tooth? Came out on 1 December 2013. In fact, as of 12 January, her second tooth is out as well. Breastfeeding is much more painful, I mean challenging now. (-_-)”’ Totally looking forward to weaning her when she turns 1 year old.


Firsts- Baby’s Gillian’s first swim

September 2013

Swimming is still a great activity for babies and kids. In fact, swimming has been proven to strengthen heart and lungs for babies. It is common knowledge that kids(babies included) who undertake physical exercise, sleep better. Swimming is a good form of exercise which in turn promotes better sleep. Studies also have indicated that starting babies on swimming is beneficial in developing their balance and movement.

Babies swimming with neck floats are a common sight in Singapore. Ryan was enrolled into baby swim sessions when he was two months old. All Ryan did at the swim centre was to wear a neck float and float around the pool. Swim sessions for babies are definitely pricey, costing at $25-$28 per session(which is almost 20 minutes at most). For Baby Gillian, we decided to do away with the swim sessions and get her a Swimava neck float to swim at our pool instead. This is much more economical and we also have the flexibility of time.


(Here’s our baby girl, looking rather pleased with her morning exercise.)

We got the Swimava neck float as reviews have indicated that it is one of the more popular and trusted brand of neck floats. In fact, according to Swimava website, they have over 500,000 Swimava babies globally. Although we had with us the float almost a month ago, we only brought her to use it at our pool this morning. Prior to her first swim session at the pool, Baby Gillian swam a few times with the neck float in our bath tub.


Our pink Swimava neck ring is from Spring Maternity. The swim ring comes along with a pump and a safety guide in wet bag.



(Baby Gillian looks gorgeous in her vintage-looking swimming costume.)


21 September 2013 marked the very first time she went to a swimming pool. Initially, she was quite uncomfortable with the cold temperature of the water. However, she warmed up to it very soon and was enjoying herself.

What I liked about Swimava ring:

  • It allows freedom of movement, because her arms and legs are free to move under the water. It also meant that Baby Gillian was much warmer as more of her was submerged in the pool.
  • The double tube of the neck float was reassuring as should one of the tubes burst or have a puncture, the other would hold baby long enough for you to notice and come to their aid.
  • There are also two white clasps on the float, very similar to the type you have on high chairs. This meant that baby cannot wriggle free from the ring easily.
  • The entire float is made of great quality and there are no sharp edges that might her Baby Gillian.


To ensure that she feels secure, I held her as we orientated around the pool.


(Kisses from Mummy and Ryan to encourage her.)



After 10 minutes or so, Baby Gillian was comfortable and confident to be swimming alone, but with us, really close, supervising her.


(Swimming on her back.)


(Swimming on her front.)

The Swimava ring is a great swim product that I will use for Baby Gillian for our future swimming days. However, in any case, an adult should always be around attending to a baby in water to ensure the baby is not at any undue risk.


Swimava Float for this post is kindly sponsored by Spring Maternity.