Megan’s 1st year birthday dinner!

October 2016

And so our youngest turned one on the 12th of October. We had a birthday dinner celebration on the weekend before her birthday as Kimberly was in London. No better place than to have our dinner at Duck & Waffle! Duck & Waffle restaurant is located on the 40th floor of 110 Bishopsgate in the city of London. The views of bustling London City from where we sat were just stunning!



I have heard so much about the restaurant but I did not expect the food to be so exceptional. The signature-Duck and Waffle was absolutely delish but everything else was comparably good! There was definitely nothing left on the plates! The service was nothing short of excellent!

(Rosemary and Garlic bread)

(Lamb Keema, Hara Bhara Sauce bread)

(The famous Duck and Waffle! We had two of this!)

(Angus Bone-in Rib-eye)


(Whole Roasted Chicken)

Here are some photos that we took while waiting for our food to come! Not too many photos of our girls- Gillian and Megan slept through almost the end of dinner and only woke up just before the cake came out from the kitchen.It was a lovely evening, watching the sun set while dining. As the younger ones were asleep, we managed dinner without much fuss.






 Our one year old Megan woke up for a taste of the chicken drumstick. According to old Chinese tradition, having a chicken drumstick on their first birthday symbolises good fortune of never worrying about food thereafter.


A strawberry cheese birthday cake to complete the celebration!










It was a fabulous evening and we are thankful to have the loving company of Mama, Gong Gong and Yiyi(who is now the children’s Godma). The past year has been nothing but beautiful- I feel blessed that I have been given this opportunity to care for Baby Megan since birth.

12 months whizzed past so quickly. Megan is becoming a young toddler- she has taken her first steps at 10 months, she is able to say a number of words, ‘Mama’, ‘Milk’, ‘Dada’, ‘Yiyi’, ‘Jie Jie’, ‘Gege’, ‘More’, she is able to understand a few of our instructions. She loves her siblings, music and dancing. I feel grateful for every moment that I am able to spend with her and thankful of how her hugs always make my worries melt away. 🙂

Happy first year, Megan. May you grow up safely, healthily and always want to seek for Christ.


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The Magical Number 3- Megan

October 2015

Hello Everyone! Today marks Megan’s 5th day into this beautiful world. Thank you for all your prayers, well wishes, good thoughts and all things wonderful. Baby M, who shall therefore be known as Baby Megan was delivered in University College of London Hospital(UCLH) on Monday, just a wee bit after 1 in the afternoon.

Just like for Ryan and Gillian, I am going to blog about Baby Megan’s birth story. As most of you have known, I was very worried about delivering in London, because the process of antenatal care, delivery and postnatal is very different from what I have experienced in Singapore. In the case of the elder two children, both of the deliveries have been induced, natural, with epidural. However, with Baby Megan, there was no option of inducing the baby unless there was some life-threatening condition or she is way past the 41st week. Also, I understood from the midwives, it appears that pregnant ladies who are in labour will only be admitted when they are 4cm dilated. On top of that, I heard from friends who have given birth in the UK that epidural is rarely given because natural birth is much preferred in this country.

With this mindset, I must admit that when October came, I was worried. I often had contractions, but it was irregular. In order to be properly prepared for a spontaneous birth, I constantly read up on signs of labour on the NHS website. On the weekend before 12 October, we went to Lotus for dimsum. The service staff commented that I did not look like I was going to give birth anytime as my bump was still pretty high. In my mind, I thought that should Baby Megan pops, I would like her to come on maybe 10/10, 12/10(her EDD), 14/10(my parents’ wedding anniversary or 18/10(my birthday!). Yes, I am a fan of even numbers. Heehee.


Wee hours of 12 October 2015

On the 11 of October, I slept really early at 7ish in the evening. After dinner, I felt a wave of exhaustion just swept past me. Somehow, I knew I needed the rest. Being really huge(72 kg), my nightly sleep was often interrupted and uncomfortable. At  around half past 12 midnight on 12 October, I woke up with semi-painful contractions, that were relatively regular ranging from 7-15 minutes. By then, I knew I needed to download some contraction timer app to track the intervals between the contractions. I timed the contractions till it was past 3ish am and noticed that the intervals between the contractions were getting shorter and shorter. Feeling knackered, I woke E up and told him that I might be giving birth later in the day. Apparently, I managed to will myself to sleep despite the contractions. I went to bed, trying to get rested for the possibility of a battle later in the day.

I woke up in the morning and E was really excited. He was going around the house, telling everyone that Baby Megan was going to pop today. Obviously, it got everyone really excited, especially Ryan and Gillian. E sent Ryan off for his school day while I quickly took a bath. While bathing, I also thought it was a good idea to take a tube to UCLH because I wanted to avoid the crazy morning traffic. After the bath, the mucus plug came out and my water bag broke. So, that makes 3 very obvious signs of being in labour- the regular contractions, the mucus plug coming off and the bursting of water bag. So yes, despite my insistence, the idea of taking public transport was immediately veto-ed by E, my mom and my mother-in-law. E called for a hired car from Carrot Cabs which came around 9.05am.

When we got into the cab, I was still feeling relatively okay. Manageable pain. But trust me, the contractions came harder and stronger on our way to the hospital. I called the hospital to inform them of my arrival and my contraction intervals as timed by the app that I downloaded. Towards the last leg of the cab journey, I was actually in tears. I think the cab driver was relatively traumatised while navigating the mad London traffic.

It took us an hour-ish before we reached the hospital and I was seen by a mid-wife almost immediately. After being checked. I was informed that I was already 4cm dilated and was in active labour. So, thank God that they did not turn me away. I always had this fear that they would reject my admission to the hospital as it seems to be the case for a few of my friends. Walking to the labour room seemed to be the longest distance at that moment. Totally insane.


Labour Room

(E and me. I look so exhausted even before trying to push the baby out. The smile was just for photo taking purposes. I was in a terrible state of pain then.)

(Here’s one with my mother. I would have never expected my mother to be there as one of my birthing partners. But I suppose there is a reason for everything. Having my mother(who is one of the most important person in my life) with me just made the whole birthing process more meaningful to me.)

It was already half past 10 when we got to the labour room and a midwife, Laura was assigned to me. At first, I was unnerved that there was only one midwife because back in Singapore, there was at least 3 in the room. The thing is that, Laura is one of the best midwives. She was super experienced and calm throughout 2.5 hours when I was in the room, screaming murder. By 11ish, I was 7-8 cm dilated and the anesthetist who was supposed to come for my epidural was absent. I cannot describe to you the pain that I went through during that few hours. The pain was all-encompassing and literally begged everyone to ‘save me’ and told E to ‘pay for epidural now’. I knew my behavior was extremely dramatic and embarrassing(it must be due to the laughing gas!) but I had no choice as the contractions were like on massive steroids. It was like someone took a serrated knife and stabbed me in the top of my stomach slowly, slowly sawed downwards, and then stopped for a few minutes. This process was repeated over and over again with real short intervals.

The anesthetist did arrive when I was 8 cm dilated. Epidural was administered. Unfortunately, epidural did not get rid of everything, like I had hoped. I felt the pressure of each contraction and the pain from the crowning. It was only 12ish when Laura informed me that I was 10 cm dilated and to ‘push according to how my body felt’. (When she told me that, I was like, ‘What is she talking about? My body only felt pain! PAIN!’) The pain continued to be unbearable and I begged her to let me go for a C-section. To which she replied,’Ling…You are talking rubbish! You are fully dilated!’ I think it came to a point when I realised that no matter how much begging I did and how much tears I shed, no one was going to help me with the excruciating pain and I needed to push the baby out. Which was still unimaginable to me then. Somehow, God knows why but somehow, I managed to concentrate towards to the end and focus on pushing Baby M out.

(This is how the look of true exhaustion. When Baby Megan was put on me, I could hardly open my eyes, let alone smile for a picture, like what I did for my previous births! Looking back, the first two births were a breeze.)

(This is one of the last few photos we took at the labour ward as we did not want to seem like we were very photo crazy. The midwife who took over Laura did mention that we really liked taking photos. For the record, we took like only 10 photos! This number is nothing compared to what we took for Ryan and Gillian! On hindsight, I wished we took more!)

(Yes, she weighed 3070g at birth. My lightest baby. This photo is taken with E’s phone camera which explains the lousier quality as compared to a proper camera. He was quite self-conscious of not appearing too photo-crazy.)

Minutes past 1, Baby Megan came out, crying loudly and I heard my mother’s cries. As for E, he was next to me, squeezing my hand. Despite Baby Megan being our 3rd child, it was the first time that E had the chance to cut the umbilical cord. Previously, we were too preoccupied with possibly photo-taking. 😛 It was only through Baby Megan’s birth, I realised that the term ‘labour pains’ is not given for nothing. Mothers definitely acknowledged how much work was involved. For the previous two births, the successful administration of epidural(conceivably copious amount was given to me) led me to believe that giving birth was not much work. As for this time round, having to experience labour pains as it is, made me appreciate so much about the entire process of delivery. (But, I would still advocate the use of epidural. Yes, I would not wish such pain upon anyone.)


Beautiful Baby Megan


So, hello hello, Baby Megan. Thank you for joining our family and completing us. To start off, we love your punctuality, making your presence on your expected due date. You must be listening to what our Daddy was telling you the Friday before. We are very thankful to God for his blessings throughout the pregnancy and delivery. Pregnancy was difficult and we had a few scares and resulted in so much self-doubt, anxiety and tears. The 9 months of wait was undeniably worth it upon seeing you, Baby Megan. Praise the Lord for his love and his faithfulness to our family.

To everyone(you know who you are!) who have kept us in your prayers, our family is also filled with immense gratitude of you keeping all of us in your prayers and good thoughts. Dearest Megan, welcome to this beautiful world. We pray that God will keep and bless you in every way. May you grow and love Christ! Daddy, Mummy, Gege and Jie Jie love you so much!


PicMonkey Collage

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Charlotte’s 5th!

May 2015

We were invited to Charlotte’s 5th birthday at Pizza Express some months ago and it was one of the most fun-filled birthday parties Ryan and Gillian has been to! They had those helium-filled balloons, pizza making activity, yummy food from Pizza Express. To end it all, the children has a lovely rainbow birthday cake as their dessert.

The party started early in the morning and we were one of the early few. To entertain the little ones, the staff provided some colouring materials for them. It was not long before we were joined by the other children as well as the birthday girl, Charlotte.





This is our ever thoughtful Peizhen with a lovely smile on her face.


This is our very excited and happy birthday girl, Miss Charlotte!


Charles and Gillian were the youngest at the party but very happy playing with the balloons.


When everyone has arrived, it was time for the pizza making session! The kids were looking forward to this activity! E was in charge of helping Ryan while I tried to get more pictures of the fabulous party! There was a staff member who taught the children(chefs) and their parents(sous chef) on how knead the dough, how to flatten it, spread the tomato sauce and so on. I think the young ones particularly liked the part when they could freely choose any toppings for their personal pizzas! In the case of Ryan, he only took cheese and ham and refused those yummy olives. Boohoo!






This is the snack provided for the kids
. The adults shared a number of different types pizzas though. When it was time for the birthday cake cutting, we were stuffed with so much dough!


I love Gillian’s smile on this picture! It captures her playful side very well.








Thanks to Yolanda and TL for inviting us to this amazing party! We can see that you took care to ensure that both the young and old were well fed and entertained throughout the morning! Hope your beautiful and intelligent Charlotte enjoyed her 5th!



After a sumptuous lunch at Pizza Express, we still went to try the famous Hampstead crepes that everyone told me to try. Between me and the children, we shared a ham and cheese crepe as well as a chocolate and banana one. I thought they were okay only. Nice but I will not be travelling one hour(from my place to the stall) just to get the crepes. However, many of my friends love it so do drop by and check it out if you are in Hampstead area during the weekend. Apparently, they operate only on Saturdays and Sundays.

Initially, we wanted to head for a funfair at Hamstead Heath but the weather took for the worse. In the end, we went home. Still, it was a lovely Sunday spent with our Singaporean friends in London.




2D1NKent- A Day At Dover

4-5 April 2015

In an attempt of an early celebration for our April babies(Mama, Ryan and Gillian), we decided to go Kent, South East of England. Although it was already April, Saturday was still a rather wet day for a trip to Dover Castle. The day started off just cold but when we reached our destination, it rained. Bummer.

Dover Castle/Great Tower of Dover


King Ryan and Princess Gillian got a warm welcome by the jester of Dover Castle. He jokingly(yet it was so honest) called us the servants of these two little creatures. (-_-)”’




For starters, we went to do some art and craft activity with the children. They were supposed to use the stickers to come up with some pattern on their paper. Stickers are such good time-sink for the kids. They just get so pre-occupied with choosing the colours and pasting away.



Soon after, we went to explore Great Tower Dover Castle. Actually, the castles pretty much look the same to me. But there is always some element of excitement for Ryan and Gillian when we tell them that we would be visiting a castle. Apparently, what is in their mind is very different from mine. Maybe I am really not as cultured as I would like to be. My senses are pretty much dulled by all these history/literature thing despite me spending 6 years studying all these. (My idea of a vacation is really just being in some beach resort, doing absolutely nothing. Oh dear me….I am such a lazy person.)

Every time I visit such places, I am really impressed how they are always quite crowded with both the young and old. It seems like they are enjoying their time learning more about the place and soaking in the environment. I am in admiration of this trait that they all seem to possess.This is probably why I try to expose them to this ‘museum-castle-english heritage’, in hopes that they will grow to be more cultured than me.







Over climbing countless flights of stairs with the kids, we did reached to the top of the castle which overlooks the city of Dover and the White Cliffs. Breath-taking scenery!


Lunch was at the Great Tower Cafe, which serves pretty similar stuff as every other cafes at the English heritage locations. You can imagine having lasagna, pies, sandwiches and a range of cakes and ice creams. We bought lunch for ourselves while the kids had their typical snacks brought from home.









White Cliffs of Dover

We left Dover Castle around 2ish as it was starting to rain quite heavily and we have our tour of the Great Tower. Initially, we intended to head to Premier Inn, where we were booked for a night of stay. However, somehow, we ended up at the White Cliffs of Dover, which is another tourist attraction of Dover. As you can see from the photo, both of the kids are slightly exhausted from the events in the morning at Dover Castle.

The White Cliffs are high chalk cliffs look out onto the English Channel, giving far-reaching views towards the French coast. Despite the cold and the wind, somehow we convinced ourselves to bring the kids and a stroller to walk along the muddy coastal path towards the South Foreland Lighthouse. (Note to self: Not to push a stroller along the coastal path. Like never do that.)

Being there with unsurpassed views of the English Channel and glimpses of the French coastline, it is the perfect place to pause, reflect and give thanks for the opportunity to be there to enjoy such beauty of nature.


Me an my beautiful mother. It breaks my heart to think that I will see her like more than a year later. Sighhh…. Counting down to the day when I get home. After all, isn’t there a saying home is where the mother is? My children’s home is with me. My home is with my mom. Heehee.













Premier Inn’s night stay!

This is actually one of the better hotel stays I had in UK. Hahahaha. I know it sounds really sad but like what I mentioned before, I am not much of those pretty things or along those lines. I like functional. And this is what the hotel provides for me and my family…. It is clean. No huge and cumbersome furniture. Flat screen television. Proper heating. Comfortable beds. Clean toilets and warm water. That is pretty much all I need. Of course, if it was just me and Eugene… I would love for the place to be sexier. But with two young children…. it is all right. Hahahha. I am really happy with functional.


City Center of Dover/Dover Beach

By the time we got to the city centre, it was already 5pm. Due to the day light savings, it looks really bright still. However, most of the shops were closed then. Anyways, Dover City Center feels like a sleepy town. The children enjoyed their time at the beach though… they loved picking up pebbles, throwing them and crawling all over the pebble beach.



















We had take away from some Italian restaurant for dinner. Allowed the kids to have water play in the bath time with the whole bag of toys they brought from home before we wind down for bed time. Everyone was so tired that we slept soundly till the next morning!




Ryan’s birthday celebration in school!

March 2015

As Ryan’s birthday falls during mid term, we decided to throw him an early birthday celebration in school. Thankfully Mama was around to help us with the preparation of the goodie bags before the party. We were semi going for a pirate theme as Ryan is very into the Swashbuckles on Cbeebies. He was dressed as a pirate on the day of the celebration. Heehee.

He and his friends were very excited on the week of the celebration! On that particular week, his friends kept asking me if it was Ryan’s birthday on every occasion they saw me in school. Not sure who let the cat out of the bag but all the little ones were very happy on the actual day of the party!


This is a picture of Ryan’s cosy classroom.


When his teachers and friends starting singing him the birthday song, Ryan looked so shy! It was such an adorable sight. In fact, we were allowed to join in the mini celebration. So, our little birthday girl, Gillian did managed to bask in some of the lime light as well. In fact, Gillian is no stranger to Ryan’s classmates as they see each other everyday. Before the party, she was running around with Ryan’s classmates in the garden. She loves the attention from the older children. Heehee.




After the blowing of candles, Ryan ran towards me so shyly, hugged me, told me that he was so happy and thanked me. That was quite a cute moment as he looked as though he was going to burst with joy, a reaction that I did not expect from him. I always thought he was quite ambivalent about such celebrations- like, ‘Fine, there is a nice cake.’ I never thought he could vocalise his feelings. So, that was a nice surprise!

Yes, there you go. This is Ryan’s first class birthday celebration in London. There is always a first for everything and I am glad this is a a good one for everyone.



October 2014






Went to steak heaven when I took my first bite. Oh so so so good.




Thank you, Lao Gong for the yearly steak meal!


Thirty. That is pretty old right? When I was in my twenties, I always thought that being thirty was old. Maturity, responsibilities, parenthood and maybe being relatively wiser and more awesome are just some keywords and phrases that I associate with being thirty. Now that I am 30, I suppose all these thoughts are ridiculous. I definitely have lesser expectations from me when I turn 40 in ten years time.

I recall having a list when I was in my mid twenties. The list, which was written on some random notebook consisted of the things that I would have achieve when I reached 30. It was probably written on one of those occasions when I felt incredibly inspired by god-knows-what. On the top of the list, I was going to be a published author of two books. Not one  but two! Like wow! What was I thinking? Guess what? I am 30 and I have not even started on a draft of anything. I was so deluded. Gosh. What was I thinking? Like seriously. There is an apparent huge gap of what I think I am versus what I am truly. Thankfully, I have a sense of humor.

And I am NOT going to write another list to achieve before 40.


For the past week, I kept thinking of my 30th birthday and reflecting the small little events in my life prior to me turning 30.

Me, and my family on Baby Gillian’s Man Yue! OMG! Why was I so fat after giving birth to Gillian!

Kimberly would usually prepare birthday cards for everyone and we would write very mushy and ridiculous stuff in everyone’s cards!

(Totally missed my mother this year. 😦 This photo was taken on my wedding day when E and I returned to my parents’ place for the tea ceremony. When this photo was taken, my Mummy was laughing really hard and telling me, “Don’t be so drama! Is MediaCorp here?” No kidding. She always tells me that I am overly dramatic.)

Life as kid was simple then but I could not wait to grow older. When I was in primary school, I usually got an allowance of $0.50-$1 per day, depending on whether I needed to stay in school for lunch. Having so little pocket money was frustrating. It would probably be enough for a meal but I could not splurge on having an ice-cold drink or get an occasional snack from the MaMa(provision) store. Money was tight at home. We usually had home cooked meals. Thankfully, Mummy is a great cook and I love everything that she prepared. Maybe minus the vegetables. Occasionally, we do go out to eat at the coffee shops for birthday celebrations, we were allowed to spend on only food and quench out thirst with the water from our bottles brought from home. What would I give to have a glass of ice cold Coke while eating the chi-char then! Even when we went on holidays, it was on a shoe string budget. My father worked with an airline company, so the air tickets were free for the family. Despite that, we tried to be as frugal as possible. We rented holiday apartments with kitchenettes. Instead of dining out at the fancy, cool restaurants like how everyone did in movies, we prepared all our meals at the apartments and a significant percentage of shopping was done at the dollar stores. (-_-)”’ I remembered telling myself that I must grow up quick so that I get to spend the money that I earn. I wanted to spend freely. On hindsight, those were one of the most carefree days. Despite me feeling like a “poor” person, I had everything that I needed. I had my afternoon siestas. I could watch an hour of television from 7pm to 8pm. My meals were delicious and hardly was asked to do household chores. My main worry should only be on my studies. My parents were great. They celebrated every single of our birthdays with a proper cake and a dinner. They stinged and saved on their personal expenditure for our tuition and piano fees. (Sadly, I turned out to be really bad at piano. What a waste of money!) I enjoyed playing Monopoly and Nintendo with my siblings and was hardly lonely. Occasionally, my older brother made me happy by “letting me win” games because I was/am a sore loser.

Hai Sing Oldies! They are the precious ones who have been with me throughout the many stages of my life and I am unimaginably blessed by friendship. Everyone of them is genuinely nice and non-judgmental. It is because of them, I learn to be a better person and friend.

Ham Hams and Bananagrams! #nerds

My Greenwich Mummies Kakis at Mandarin Kitchen.

Sg people at Gu Yuan, some private Chinese dining establishment at South Kensington.

Developing friendships was not easy as a teenager because I tend to over-think of the situation. Eventually, I did learn that friendships is one of the most natural thing to happen if you are being sincere and honest about the relationship. Many of my best friendships were made in secondary school, college and university days. The people you know from the old are gold. I am inconsistent, flighty and vain but friends just accept me for who I am. They are usually kind to my temperaments, my emotions and drama. When I was in Secondary 3, we used to go to Peiying’s house almost weekly for some “Flour Party” where we played with flour and water bombs. No kidding. I recall mugging my SATs with Ivan at Mac Donald’s only to end up at some arcade playing Photo Hunt and the many food adventures that I went with the V_gang. Suppers at Simpang were classic! Even now, I am so blessed to meet incredible people/mothers in London who are so willing to share on childcare tips, holiday ideas and plan playdates together. While not every relationship that I have is a hit(I can tell you, I met some really weird and disturbingly wicked people! Don’t get me started on such depressing stuff!), I am thankful that I am generally surrounded with good people.

I thought I found love at the age of 19/20. It took me sometime to realise that I am more in love with the notion of being in love than the person. It took me 24 years to finally meet the love of my life. I knew I was going to marry him the day I met him. (You can ask Weili!) 24 years was far too long. I always told E that he should have looked for me and dated me when we were younger. We would have more time together, traveled more, saved more and married younger. E thinks everything happens for a reason. (Strangely, both of us were hanging out at almost the same places when we were dating other people.) Bad relationships just made you realise better about what you want and need in your partner. Like both of us knew that we needed a partner who enjoyed a good steak. This point made it to the top ten in consideration of a husband/wife, along with the qualities of being kind, family-oriented and having a good sense of humor.

(Trying to look like a yummy mummy, 2 weeks after birth of Ryan. There is this trend of how mothers always looked so fabulous immediately after pregnancy and the onset of motherhood. Trust me, whatever you see on my blog is NOT real. I definitely look terrible on a normal day. I suck in my tummy and strategically pose for most of my photos. That is how tricky I am!)



My fabulous duo! Baby Ryan and Baby Gillian! My babies!

The fact that life is a miracle becomes undeniable when the babies came along. The phrase of “the days are long but years are short” is so apt in describing raising children. I hardly have enough sleep(partly due to watching drama late into the night after the kids sleep) but the feeling is so nice when you see their smiles, or when you realise they they have indeed grown heavier or taller or when they unexpectedly plant a kiss on your face. The affection that they have is so unconditional (sometimes, it can be conditional when they are asking for a packet of chocolate milkshake). I am not a very good and attentive mother but in the eyes of the children, I am the best (or maybe they are just very young and naive). I love it when they call me, “Mummy” in their child like way. But still, Ryan and Gillian are definitely God’s blessings. Ryan, at 3.5 year old is able to say nightly prayers with Gillian (who is 1.5 year old) who ends every prayer with a loud, “Amen!” There are frustrating moments when there is food spillage, bad behaviour, tears, vomit and poop but the good outweighs the bad.



This birthday, I am in London. Funny how life takes me but it is an interesting journey. The architecture, surroundings and weather are vastly different from what we have back home. Sometimes, when I stare at what I have in front of me, I find it really unbelievable that I am here, with my husband and children. It is almost like I somehow imagine that in another dimension, I could be living in Singapore, stuck in a mind numbing job. It could totally be possible!

Us, looking probably in the shapes of our lives! Each of us have put on at least 5-10kg since!

Babymoon, whilst being pregnant with Baby Gillian!

I am turning 30 in less than 12 hours’ time. My birthday present is a 4 day 3 night trip to Bangkok, Thailand. It would be another trip, without the kids. The last one was our babymoon to Paris, France. After almost a whole year of caring for the kids, without very little time to ourselves, I cannot wait for the short vacation where we get to enjoy shopping, good massages and also the oh-so yummy street food. Just like our Bali honeymoon, except this time round, it will be Bangkok style. 555!

One of the best thing that happened this year would be that E and I have accepted Christ a few weeks ago. I have wrote a separate blog post about it. Hopefully, I would be able to post it up soon. I used to think that it is very stressful to attend Church because everyone else seem to be so good and awesome. (I still feel like this!) But, I read something off someone’s Facebook and I think it is quite accurate. Church is not a museum of good people. It is a hospital for the broken. All of us have our skeletons in our closet. It is the same for me as well but I feel being uplifted by God’s grace during sermons. Ever since our course on understanding about Christianity and accepting of Jesus, I feel even more thankful for every day that I have. For me, it is a humbling experience to know that God have never given up on us despite all the mistakes or the terrible things we have done. This birthday, I hope that we grow stronger in our faith and be better followers of God’s words.

Happy Birthday to me!
The year has been good.
Thank God for the bountiful blessings.


Edward’s Second Birthday!

August 2014

Just a two weeks ago, it was Singapore’s 49th birthday. Coincidentally, it was Edward’s 2nd birthday as well. So, it was definitely a double celebration for the Singaporeans at the party.

Edward’s capable Mummy and Daddy prepared a huge feast for his birthday- sushi, fried finger food, curry, Cheng Tng, Ah Char, beehoon and whatnots. All homemade. It was definitely a party when you will be fed extremely well. On top of that, the children at the party were given goodie bags as well as an animal ballon each.


This is only part of what was being prepared. My favourite would be the curry chicken! I love curry!



Here’s Gillian with her animal balloon. It was a pity that it got blown away by the wind. 😦



Very delicious cake from Patisserie Valerie. I tell you.. it is my favourite cake in London. I am hoping that E gets it for my birthday. Please, Lao Gong! xxx (The good part about having a blog is almost like me having a public wishlist which E get positive pressure to fulfill it. Heehee.)



Wah wah wah! You can see that we are all in our super huat national colours! Happy Birthday Edward! Hope you will always be a good boy to your Mummy and Daddy! And Happy Birthday Singapore! You are loved and missed!


Yiling’s place is quite cool because they have this nice courtyard for such gatherings. Our family had quite some fun playing on the bouncy mat. Hmm… The children were being child-like while E and I were more of childish. 😛 After the party, we adjorned to TC’s place where a certain silver box beckoned certain members of the group. There was a second round of feasting while the children continued played. One of the more exciting Saturdays for us!




For the record, this picture was taken by Ryan. Not too bad. Hahahha. Pass.