Breastfeeding made easy with Udder Covers

November 2015


One of the most essential items for my breastfeeding journey would be the nursing covers from Udder Covers. If you guys don’t already know, I am prefer direct latching to pumping of the breast milk. ¬†Direct latching is fuss free- no bottles, no need to sterilise, no need to heat up the EMB(expressed breastmilk). Perfect for someone who is as lazy as me. ūüėõ

The thing about direct latching would be that I have to nurse it public at times when I head out with Baby Megan. Breastfeeding is a personal choice, so is using a nursing cover. I know there are advocates for mothers to breastfeed freely. However, for myself, I am much more comfortable using a cover when I am nursing in public. I feel that all my 3 babies are better able focus on their latching under a nursing cover. They can be distracted when we are in a public place and stop nursing when something catches their eyes. So, nursing covers is for me. Not just any, but the ones at Udder Covers are fantastic!

20151111_130019-1 (Easy to fold into a flat piece to put in the diaper bag.)

One of the main pull factors for me would be the beautiful prints they use for their nursing covers! The designs they have at Udder Covers are so gorgeous! No kidding. They are of wide range of designs- the romantic florals, classic black, white, grey, soothing marine blue hues and so much more. (Just click here to look at the lovely designs!) Mummies, we are spoiled for choices at Udder Covers.


The product itself is nothing short of excellent. Definitely designed and made with mothers in mind. The cover is big enough for me with my 2 month old Megan, as seen from the picture above. The measurements (not including the strap) are of the cover: 33.5″ wide x 24″ long, which hangs to my thighs and can wrap around my upper body.

Material wise, it is made of 100% breathable cotton. The material used for the nursing cover is thin. I suppose the material was intentionally chosen so that the baby hiding behind the cover would be able to breath and that there would be better air ventilation. I have also washed it(once) in my washing machine and so far, there is no shrinkage.


Udder covers uses stainless steel(no worries about rusting!) d-rings which allow a fully adjustable neckline. The most important thing for any nursing cover would be having the rigid neckline bows which allows me to have direct eye contact with Baby Megan. The nursing covers at Udder Covers are easy to store. They can easily fold into a small flat size(as seen from the second picture on this blog post!) that we can carry along in our diaper bag. The rigid neckline bows are very flexible, allowing you to fold it as well.


(Breastfeeding made easy while lunching at Ippudo!)

Click here to start shopping for your Udder Covers or get one as a Christmas gift for your loved ones. Don’t forget to use the promo code- Cloudee, which will grant you $35 off site-wide at Udder Covers! Hope fellow mummies will enjoy their Udder Covers as much as I did!


 Disclaimer: The nursing covers were given to me by Udder Covers for review purposes.



The Pretty Company: Labour Dress// Packing for my Hospital Bag

August 2015



I have just received this gorgeous looking grey number from The Pretty Company. The Pretty Company is an awesome online retailer that sells products that pregnant mothers need when they head off to the hospital for their labour. So, mothers who are in their last trimester, feeling really heavy and exhausted, you can visit their website and easily get everything you need for labour, labour accessories, breastfeeding and baby going home outfits. If you like Gownies labour dresses, you will be happy to know they stock them as well!

This Baby Be Mine labour dress not just any other grey dress! It will be the dress that I will be wearing when I head to the hospital for Baby M’s birth. I am sure some of you might be wondering why do I need a labour dress. This is because I found out from my friends that the hospital gowns that are usually provided are those bottom flashing type as seen in the picture below. So, it can be slightly embarrassing, especially for ladies.

So… having to wear something that could protect my modesty better is what I was looking for. What makes this Baby Be Mine labour dress even more special would be that it looks really feminine without compromising on the practical requirements.


Baby Be Mine labour dress from The Pretty Company




The Baby Be Mine labour dress in super soft 100% Grey jersey cotton. It is a flowing and versatile alternative to the traditional hospital gown. As it is a one size, the dress can be adjusted to my size as the fabric gently gathers on this wrap gown to ensure the perfect fit. Come the day when Baby M is really to see the world, I will be wearing this labour dress and the best thing would be that it is designed with IV access, epidural access, breastfeeding and use of the birth ball in mind. This just means it allows easy monitoring when in I am in labour. As for post delivery, this labour dress is also the perfect nursing nightdress that again adjusts as the body changes. I definitely see myself wearing this even after birth.


If you need some ideas on what to pack for your hospital bag, you can have a look at my list below. The socks and jackets will be quite important for me as I subscribe to the Chinese method of post-natal confinement care. One of the key aspects of Chinese post-natal confinement care would be to ensure that mothers keep their bodies as warm as possible after childbirth.

Here’s what I have packed in my hospital bag:

For Mummy:
1. Labour Dress from The Pretty Company
2. Nursing PJs
3. Jacket
4. Bedroom slippers
5. Socks
6. Maternity disposable underwear
7. Disposable nursing pads
8. Toiletries (shower gel, shampoo, facial wash, moisturiser, toothbrush, toothpaste)
10. Bath towel
11. Mobile + Charger
12. Glasses
13. Warmer- Logan and Red dates tea
14. Going home clothes
15. Tissue box

For Baby M:
1. Clothes for the baby
2. Going home clothes (include a jacket)
3. Swaddles
4. Disposable diapers
5. Baby wipes

For Mister E(the Dad Dad):
1. Change of clothes
2. Camera + Charger
3. Laptop
4. Snacks

Administrative stuff
1. Maternity booklet
2. Identification documents

It is quite a long list so we will be using a trolley bag to lug everything to the hospital on the big day.


I would expect my birth story for Baby M to be majorly¬†different from Ryan’s and Gillian’s. As most of you know, Ryan and Gillian are natural but induced births. Hence, for both of my birth experiences, I was mentally ready on the day of their delivery. However, in London, the style of delivery is highly recommended to be as natural as possible, without any sort of intervention(unless Baby M is 13 days past EDD). Apparently, I am only allowed to be admitted to hospital once I am confirmed to be 4cm dilated. Also, epidural can only be given by the mother is 4 cm dilated. ¬†Hmm…the thought of waiting out naturally till then sounds really painful to me.

So the plan for now would be for me to rest as much as possible. When the day of Baby M arrives, we would most likely be getting a hired cab(Uber, Carrot Cars, Addison Lee) to get to the hospital. Driving and having to find a parking lot would be too troublesome and costly. If I am 4 cm dilated by then, it would be good because I can be admitted to the hospital. Otherwise, we would consider checking into a nearby hotel than to wait it out at home(lest it would be too late to reach the hospital).

Ohwells, plans are just plans for now. I will definitely be updating Baby M’s birth story when that day arrives! Please keep Baby M and the family in your good thoughts and prayers. We need it. Thank you! xxx


Disclaimer: The Baby be Mine labour dress is given to me for review purposes.


Third Trimester Thoughts

July 2015

I am 12 kg heavier than what I was before pregnancy. Possibly the heaviest I have been for three of my pregnancies. For at least the past few days, my energy level is at a constant low. This is not looking too well considering how summer holidays have just only started and I have kind of promised the children that it is going to be fun. As of now, Day 5 of summer holidays, we have barely done anything.

On Monday, I had a mid-wife appointment. E and I left Ryan and Gillian in creche as we expected the check-up to be relatively long. I had my blood test taken as well as the whooping cough vaccine. Everything took about 2 over hours. Thankfully, the kids were not with us as they would not be able to take the long wait. The last time we went to the hospital with them for my second antenatal scan, the little ones were so restless. Well, that session took almost a painful 3ish hours. We totally felt for them. *sigh* To compensate them, we did head to Regent Park to have an hour of play before we went home.



So, after the appointment, E and I went for sort of a mini date in town since the hospital is in the vicinity. We had lunch at Bao London which serves mainly taiwanese delights on super small scale, yet pricey portions. At least, they tasted yummy and were pretty authentic. The crispy fried chicken with hot sauce was amazing in particular. The items that I would totally give a miss would be the drinks. For the exact same price, you could get a good sized and yummy bubble tea from Chatime or Sharetime.

The thing is, after this whole relatively leisurely meal and a short walk, we got a call from the creche. Ryan, apparently had a temperature and it was quite high. In the end, we had to cut short our date to pick the poor boy and his sister up. For the next two days, it was mental torture for me as Ryan’s fever did not go off and we had to cancel our plans for the week. From experience, I know that seeing the GP would not be very useful either. They would usually send us home, with no medication, diagnosing the illness as viral fever. So, all we could do was to just constantly monitor Ryan’s fever, feed him with paracetamol or ibuprofen, get him to take lots of water and take lots of rest.


After 3 entire days of fever, Ryan finally got better this morning but Gillian was down. *sigh sigh* As of now, both kids look relatively lively but I am still trying to observe to make sure the bug is really gone. It is really sad that for the past 3 days of cooping ourselves at home, the weather was really bright and sunny. I keep thinking that we could be doing this and that but of course, health is the most important. Fortunately for us, the kids had plenty of toys and books and most importantly, our television programmes to keep them occupied. Ideally, I would have wanted to do more productive home activities with Ryan and Gillian as well. But the night monitoring of the fever took it toll on me. I feel zombie-fied all the time. I am really praying that the kids stay healthy as much as possible.



At this point in time, we are at the third trimester. Baby M(we sort of have a name and will reveal when she pops!) is definitely one active baby. Even more so at night when I am trying to sleep. Heehee. Well, I am not complaining. Always good to be moving, right? The two older siblings are excited to welcome their baby sibling and both of them are so diligent in putting my Sebamed anti-stretch mark cream(I will do up a proper blog post for that later!) for me. I do enjoy our evenings together when Ryan and Gillian massage my tummy and start talking to Baby M about their future play plans. (Baby M, you are so loved by all of us!) It is really adorable and yes, because of that short 15-20 minutes, the whole day’s hard work is worth it. I am totally working for intangible benefits.


It will be a wee bit more(like about 2.5 months) before Baby M pops. Even though she is my third one, I am feeling just as nervous as the first time.

I am:

1. not looking forward to the labour pains. ¬†I totally have very low pain threshold and am¬†worried about the pushing. And when I can have my epidural. As it is my first delivery in London, I am really quite clueless on what would be happening. (-_-)”’
3. anxious and fearful of confinement month and breastfeeding!
4. apprehensive about managing three children, all under the age of 5 come January 2016.

Actually, there will be many changes happening in the later part of 2015, which I will update over time. Instead of constantly fretting, I just need to put all my worries into God and pray that everything will turn out according to His Will.

Do keep us in your prayers as well!


Breastfeeding- Nursing Bras

December 2013

Guess what? Baby Gillian is 8 months and I am still persevering in my breastfeeding journey. I have never imagined that I would be able to last this long. When I was working then, there were times when I did not even manage to squeeze in even one pump session in a day as the schedule was quite busy. The biggest turn-off happened when I saw a huge(like HUGE!) cockroach in the nursing room. I am really afraid of insects, roaches in particular. I suppose that was the day when I  subconsciously decided to just stop pumping at work and have Baby Gillian latch on when I get home. The milk supply decreased gradually. However, the body is smart in the way when the supply will just adjust over the weekends when Baby Gillian just latches on when she is hungry.

In the month of November, I nearly wanted to end breastfeeding journey entirely because I wanted to concentrate on slimming and dieting. It was possibly one of those days when I looked in the mirror and I saw a hippopotamus in front of me. Thankfully, my mother and Mister E managed to talk me out of it, telling me that I look fine the way I am and the usual. E told me if I put my mind into breastfeeding properly(and stop thinking of dieting), the weight will go off. I listened to him and nursed Baby Gillian diligently for two weeks. Strangely, I dropped 1 kilogram. It could be water weight but I was encouraged that I finally reached 51kg. (I was hovering between 52kg and 53kg for a terribly long time. *sigh*)

Here I am still nursing Baby Gillian. Not fully but 70% of the time. I love breastfeeding because I still can grab the double chocolate muffin, eat it and console myself by saying that the food will eventually get to Baby Gillian. Hahahha. Hmm… not sure if this flow of thought is actually healthy.


In the previous post on nursing bras, I shared on the cute and feminine bras that you can get at Spring Maternity. For this post, I want to share on some beautiful and super comfortable nursing bras at staple colors like nude and black and fun options like floral and lace, retailing at Spring Maternity! I got them earlier but only started wearing them a few weeks ago. I love them so much!






The scallop edges are complimented by lace trimmings for this nursing bra. In the light of how it looks (sexy!) and feels (extremely comfortable), it is not hard to see how this has been an all time favourite nursing bra for many mothers. This nursing bra has soft but firm under seams and elastics ensure that proper support and comfort is given without the presence of under wires. It comes in matching panties as well! It is my habit to pair my bras and panties.






With a bow in the middle, this is a adorable yet functional piece nursing bra. It also features soft but firm under seams and elastics ensure that proper support and comfort is given without the presence of under wires. Comes in matching panties as well! ūüôā¬†I also got the same set in another color as seen below because I love the floral prints! Heehee. I am a big fan of cute and feminine inner wear!









If you are feeling lacey, there are also full laced nursing bras to choose from. This set comes in peach and black. I got the one in peach because I thought it has a more girly and youthful feel to it.


Personally, I feel that with such options available, breastfeeding is not as boring and un-sexy as what many would have imagined. It is the time when most of us get the “omph” in the our cup sizes(without any plastic surgery) and it is just awesome if we get to wear functional, gorgeous looking(lace, floral, cute, girly) and comfortable inner wear.

Anyways, if you are a mother who is breastfeeding, lets¬†¬†Śä†ś≤Ļ and work towards giving our babies what we can. If you are a husband of a breastfeeding mother, please continue to be as encouraging and supportive(like Mister E) as you can in your wife’s breastfeeding journey. (It will be nice if you sponsor her some nice nursing wear this Christmas! Heehee!)


Nursing bras for this post are kindly sponsored by Spring Maternity.


Breastfeeding- Nursing Tops

August 2013

I love dresses- but usually for work and occasions only. On weekends and because of the type of activities that our family does(like going to Polliwogs or heading to the parks), I very much prefer to be in shorts and tops. I am the typical Singaporean who loves to be in just simple tops and shorts. This combination is just much more convenient and comfortable for me, a mother to a breastfed baby and an active two year old.

Breastfeeding works best when mothers are feeling relaxed. Hence, it is important that nursing mothers like me feel at ease nursing when we are out with the kids. Some mothers like me can feel self-conscious breastfeeding in public and this is  where well-designed breastfeeding clothing can really help. Nursing tops offer quick and easy access to the breast for nursing your little one, while keeping the chest, tummy and back covered. Today, I want to share on some of my favourite nursing tops from Spring Maternity. They are functional, fashionable and fabulous!


Cut-out Shoulders Nursing Top

Cut-out shoulder tops are a fun trend this season. They are perfect for showing some skin but not too much skin. I can see many of the ladies owning at least one piece of cut-out top in their wardrobe. Nursing mothers can also be just as stylish.

PicMonkey Collage4

 This cut-out top from Spring Maternity has a relaxed designed with draped hemline. The outer purple overlay serves as a nursing cover,so as to minimize accidental exposures. It is made from soft cotton fabric and available in both purple and black. You can easily pair this top with shorts or jeans for a casual weekend lunch outing with your baby and girlfriends.


Colour-Blocking Nursing Tops

I love colour blocking! Colour-blocking gives a dynamic and confident look!

The nursing tops at Spring Maternity is just as fashion-forward. The way to wear colour-blocked outfits is to usually match it with simple accessories- like a statement necklace or bangle.

PicMonkey Collage8

This top is thoughtfully designed in a long and relaxed silhouette perfect for immediate post-partum wear. Love the vertical pink-beige blocks as it gives a slimmer-me illusion.

PicMonkey Collage9

Nursing mothers can look immaculate in this colour blocked nursing tunic.  The hemline hits below the hip and you can match it with black leggings for a clean and sleek look.


Royal Blue Nursing Tops

Continuing on from the Fall 2012 trend, Royal Blue(or otherwise known as Colbalt Blue), whether paired with black or worn monochromatically, was a popular trend for Spring 2013. You can see many outfits that are also available in Royal Blue in Spring Maternity. Colbalt Blue is a great alternative to black and is flattering for most skin tones.

PicMonkey Collage7

This top is great for office or formal events with matched with a work skirt. It has a 3 button front. To nurse, you can unbutton the front and lift the inner layer.

PicMonkey Collage7

 This top is constructed with a front drape and the fluid gathers cascading from the neckline, sweeping down to one side of the body. This nursing top features vertical-front nursing access. The draped overlay covers centre nursing opening on inner layer for discreet breastfeeding.  This nursing top can be matched with a pair or Capri or shorts for the active weekend. Draped tops are especially flattering for me, who is trying to hide a few extra kilograms at my tummy. Heehee.


Simple, yet Stylish Nursing Tops

The three tops below will classify under my wardrobe staples because they are just so easy to match and you can wear them for both casual or work.

PicMonkey Collage3

This is a simple, chic top and the gold button hides the vertical-front nursing access. It also features a wide round neck that shows off the collarbones and neck. Accessorise this green top with a long necklace, match it with a pair of jeans or short and you are ready for a trip to the park or indoor playground with your kiddos!

PicMonkey Collage2

This is also another functional, yet versatile black nursing top. What I love about the top is that it is made from bamboo cotton. Bamboo cotton is an awesome material. Fabric of the nursing clothes matters a lot ¬†for mothers who are latching their babies. As babies’ skins are usually sensitive, it is best that we wear clothes that are soft and smooth, and without any sharp spurs that may irritate the babies. The black top that I am wearing may look really simple. However, it is possible to dress it up with a tulle skirt(also from Spring Maternity!) and a nice pair of heels and the look is both feminine and stylish.

PicMonkey Collage6

This black is constructed with hem-lift access. Lift outer layer at hem to breast-access openings on either side of bust on inner lining layer.  This is a basic that can be spruced up for work or dressed down for the weekends.


Okie dokes, that is all for Fashion Friday! I am out! Enjoy your weekend!


Nursing tops for this post are kindly sponsored by Spring Maternity.


Breastfeeding- Nursing Clothes

July 2013

Okay, post below will be me, in one of my favourite nursing clothes. After my first nursing experience with Ryan, I learnt that if I am serious about my breastfeeding journey(ala intending to nurse for at least one year), I should just get proper clothes and equipment to make the whole process more enjoyable. This is why I introduced My Brestfriend, Medela and nursing bras in my earlier entries.


One of the biggest push factors on why I have decided to get more nursing clothes will be the day when we attended Suk Ching’s wedding. Me, being vain, decided to not wear any of my old nursing dresses from Ryan’s time because they were out of fashion. I thought I would just feed Baby Gillian bottled milk if she went hungry. In the end, I wore some beige dress with no nursing access as seen from the pictures before.



Towards the end of the night, Baby Gillian was crying wildly because she did not want to be bottle fed. She wanted to be latched on and I could not do so because there were no nursing rooms available and the last place I want to feed her will be at the toilets. Not the cleanest environment for breastfeeding. Trust me.

So, E and I were really frazzled throughout the night. Baby Gillian could not be fed in the car as well as I was wearing something a dress with totally zero nursing access. It was totally inconvenient and unsuitable for breastfeeding. E was really upset to have to drive home with a screaming baby. He told me that I better get some clothes with nursing access as he does not want a repeat episode. *sigh*


A few weeks ago, we went to Spring Maternity and I saw so many dresses and tops with nursing access! Seriously! I wanted to get almost everything. They were fashionable, of great quality and had nursing access. There was a real sweet sales personnel who helped me in choosing the clothes and she was helpful in getting me different sizes and colours.



The pictures below are the best representation I can of the clothes. You know, I am not exactly model quality, weighing at 55kg. Heehee. Pictures are taken by Kimberly, my sister and I paid her $20 for it. (>.<) Totally out of point. But, basically, I am really trying my best.


This white dress with dove prints are one of my favourites. It is made of light cotton material and so it is very suitable for our hot and humid weather. This dress is fitting for work, church and shopping trips. It is of empire cut- very suitable for me, who is trying to hide my flabby tummy. If you ask me, I think pregnant ladies should get more dresses with nursing access because the clothes will have higher mileage. Looking at this dress, it looks like it is suitable for pregnant ladies as well because of the cutting.



This gorgeous black piece would be perfect if I wore it to the wedding. I accessorised it with some gold necklace that I bought from Far East Plaza and it looks really formal. If it is proper enough for weddings, it would be as well for work. This dress looks like something that I will be wearing pretty often when I return to work in about 1.5 months time.



This comfy pink top(major love!) and blue pants are perfect for weekend shopping trips. I have been wearing this pink top for so many occasions- to the park, to Polliwogs, to birthday parties. You can match the top with denim or linen shorts and the get-up is still as pleasing. The blue bottom is also from Spring Maternity. Pregnant mummies can purchase them and wear throughout pregnancy and also after the baby is out!



This fourth look is more retro and the nursing access is just below the colourful cloth. The cloth works almost like a nursing hood. This get-up is appropriate for so many occasions- work, weekends, afternoon tea with girlfriends and the list continues!



Spring Maternity is a great place to shop for mummies and mummies-to-be. There are many beautiful and fashionable pieces and at affordable pricing. Considering how pregnancy and breastfeeding will take up at least 1-2 years of our lives, I feel that it is really important that we enjoy these periods, wearing gorgeous clothes and looking awesome. Motherhood need not be the end of fashion and us wearing dull and baggy outfits. I am sure there is a part of us who wants to looks awesome for ourselves. This way, we can look back at our journey in photos and recall fondly our pregnancy and breastfeeding journeys. ūüôā


The clothes for this post are kindly sponsored by Spring Maternity.


Breastfeeding- Medela PISA

June 2013

When you are expecting a baby, most first-time parents will go crazy shopping for all the baby items- baby clothes, baby bottles, baby bath items and so on. One of the first few biggest baby purchases for us was on a breast pump. I did my research and asked around. Many of my colleagues who were breastfeeding mothers strongly recommended Medela. I was deciding between Medela Pump in Style Advanced(PISA) and Medela Freestyle. I decided on getting the Medela PISA because the features suits my requirements the most.

My ever-faithful Medela)

(Liquid gold from one of my exhausting pumping sessions in the first month.)

  1. Effectiveness: It is a double electric pump and it allows me to save time and I can pump both breasts at one go. Time-saving is an important feature especially for working mothers as lunch break is usually one hour and in that 60 minutes, we have to buy lunch, pump milk and wash the equipment after use. I feel that PISA is quite good as the breasts are emptied quite thoroughly.
  2. Portability: The Medela PISA is built in a bag. This allows me to carry it everywhere easily. In fact, the PISA comes in a backpack, tote and metro bag. I chose the backpack because it is much better for my back condition. The backpack also carries everything that I need to pump like the tubings, the breast shields, the bottles and cooler pack.
  3. Functionality: One of my breastfeeding guru at my workplace, Audrey advised me that the PISA has a stronger suction compared to Freestyle. The PISA has a 2-Phase Expression- stimulation and expression.
  4. Price: PISA is not exactly the cheapest¬†breast pump in the market. However, if utilised often enough, the benefits outweigh the costs. One of the push factors for me to continue breastfeeding to to make sure I stretch the mileage of my Medela. When I returned to work after my 4 months of maternity leave with Lil’ Ryan, my efficient Medela followed me for the next 8 months. And just when I thought my breastfeeding journey has ended for the time-being, I got pregnant with Baby Gillian. In fact, I have been using the Medela on-and-off while I am on maternity leave and it works just like before- Perfect!I don’t know about you but I hope you do find the perfect breast pump for your breastfeeding journey. For me, Medela works just right. :)****

    Before I end this post, here is a picture update of Baby Gillian! I don’t know why but we just keep falling in love over and over again with her smile.



Medela breast pumps can be purchased from our friendly Spring Maternity stores!