at Rave-A-Roo

July 2016

When we think about clubbing, kids is not one of the associated words with it. As a young person, I enjoyed the night-life. I liked clubbing for the music and people just felt inhibited in dancing in that environment. Ever since having Ryan, followed by Gillian and then Megan, clubbing is like a total foreign concept. I mean, clubbing is an activity that happens usually at night and how could it be possible with kids around?

So, when I heard about Rave-A-Roo, I was so intrigued by the entire concept- being able to party with my kids and it helps that everything happens in the afternoon! So our bedtime routine is not disrupted! Perfect for parents. 🙂


Rave-A-Roo, London was held at Ministry of Sound, which is London’s No.1 Dance and House Club. I was quite impressed that Rave-A-Roo was happening at such a cool location and was real excited to check out the venue. (The fact that I was able to Facebook check-in the place makes me feel so hip already. Hahahaha. #actyoungonly) When we got to our session of the Rave-A-Roo party, doors were not opened yet. However, the organizers had entertainers around to liven up their young audience. The crew were giving out glow-sticks to the children and they even had bubble machines which we, as parents all know that the little ones love!




Rave-A-Roo also have a buggy park for our strollers/prams/buggies outside the club.


The kids, happily getting their entrance stamps on their hands. Who would have imagine this day would come? Me, with my kids going for a good music/dance session at Ministry of Sound, London in the afternoon!



Glow Chill Room

The first room that we went to was the Glow Chill Room where children could do craft work with the neon clay or get a tattoo done at the UV tattoo station. It was a great place to start off the festive fun with, to  gradually ease the children into the environment before going into the Main Room where the party is at.

Ryan and Gillian tried the clay modelling which they liked. Ryan tried to make huge battleship out of the neon clay while Gillian just messed around with it. Gillian also got her first UV tatt done in the shape of a pink bow.

Other than that, we can also purchase drinks(tea, coffee, hot chocolate or even alcohol since there is a licensed bar), home-made cakes and snacks when we need the small burst of energy during the 2 hour session.







Photobooth anyone?!?



The Main Room

This is where the main part of the fun is at. Lots of dancing. Lots of awesome music. Superb performance put up by Go!Go!Go! When you are there, you will notice that it is not just the kids who are enjoying themselves, the grown-ups look like they are having a good time as well. I was talking to one other parent and she also reckoned that Race-A-Roo is a great concept. As parents, we are held by social expectations to behave a certain respectable way in public. But at Rave-A-Roo, parents can let loose a wee bit, to dance with our children, to groove with the music and no one one will judge you and your two left feet. Heehee.





We go these flashing rings that were being sold at Rave-A-Roo for £2. Both kids insisted on having the red rings only. (-_-)”’  They also sold other similar party merchandise that kids love.


Go!Go!Go! was also there with their catchy tunes and energetic dance moves. Kids were so enthralled by their showmanship!


Ryan had such a pleasant time at the Main Room. He was always near the stage, watching the performances and dancing along with the music.




Funky Softplay Room

I brought Baby Megan to this room to play and have a roll around and a little stretch at intervals. Unlike Ryan and Gillian who could be in the Main Room for a long time, I think Megan did like a little me-time with Mummy in the Softplay Room. Babies-in-arms like Megan enter Rave-A-Roo for free.  The Funky Softplay room was planned with them in mind despite them not having to pay for an entrance ticket. On the mats for babies, there were also plenty of toys for the babies to play with.

When I brought Baby Megan to the ladies for a diaper change, I was surprised to see how they have proper diaper changing station, complete with diapers and wet wipes. The organisers really took many small details into account when planning for this indoor festive party for kids.





We had an amazing experience at Rave-A-Roo, London. It is clubbing with kids, in a safe environment with carefully monitored sound levels that is suitable for the little ones. 2nd July marked the end of the Rave-A-Roo events for summer and we will be looking out for future event date. I am hoping that they will hold more of such events in the colder seasons to come. It, being indoor and well-heated will be a fabulous weekend activity for kids. I have also done a short video clip of our time at Rave-A-Roo that I uploaded on my instagram-

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Post-event: Kids were properly tired out and slept the entire car journey home. 🙂 So do be prepared that kids will be needing some rest after their party.


Disclaimer: We were given complimentary tickets to Rave-A-Roo. Opinions are of my own and I have given honest feedback and review of our experience.




June 2016

RAR logo

Have you heard of Rave-A-Roo? It is a brand new day time mash-up of festival fun for the whole family. Following a hugely successful inaugural event in February, Rave-A- Roo is back at London’s Ministry of Sound(map) with a host of new dates to entertain the family this summer. With the final summer date taking place on Saturday July 2, with two sessions each day to pick from, Rave-A- Roo promises an indoor festival vibe with a focus on the whole family partying and playing together.

rave_a_roo_sj_154 large

© Licensed to 19.02.16 London, UK. Rave a Roo at The Ministry of Sound, London. FREE PRESS, EDITORIAL AND PR USAGE. Photo credit : Simon Jacobs

When I first found out about Rave-A-Roo, I was very intrigued by the concept. E and I met through music and dance. However, now that we are parents to 3 cute little bubs, such activities have to take a backseat. Rave-A-Roo is something unique because it is combining all 3 awesome aspects of my life- music, dance my my kids! There will be DJs, dancing, live Shows, soft play, crafts & party games. In a safe environment, family-friendly and all! Woohoo!


rave_a_roo_sj_059 large

© Licensed to 19.02.16 London, UK. Rave a Roo at The Ministry of Sound, London. FREE PRESS, EDITORIAL AND PR USAGE. Photo credit : Simon Jacobs

rave_a_roo_sj_086 large

© Licensed to 19.02.16 London, UK. Rave a Roo at The Ministry of Sound, London. FREE PRESS, EDITORIAL AND PR USAGE. Photo credit : Simon Jacobs

Rave-A-Roo is broken into three zones to cater for families with children up to the age of 12. In the Main Room, energy levels are set to high! Rave-A- Rooers can expect live DJs, incredible stage shows, spectacular lights, The Disco Ball Games, madcap hosts and an impressive confetti mayhem finale! Plus kids TV stars Go!Go!Go! (as seen daily on Nick Jr.) perform an all new electro show, following their sell out family shows at the Shepherds Bush Empire. Other artists announced include, MC McMIC (children’s TV star, Steven Kynman), DJ Cuddles (as seen in the family areas at Camp Bestival, Latitude Festival and Festival Number 6) and Shoreditch Radios Disco Freaks.

rave_a_roo_sj_063 large

© Licensed to 19.02.16 London, UK. Rave a Roo at The Ministry of Sound, London. FREE PRESS, EDITORIAL AND PR USAGE. Photo credit : Simon Jacobs

For mini guests who need time out from the partying, the Glow Chill Room is the perfect place to be! With numerous craft activities featuring UV tattoo stations and clay modeling, as well as live DJs playing chilled out house music, the Glow Chill Room creates the ultimate relaxed atmosphere perfect for unwinding. This is also the place for Rave-A- Rooers to freshen up, as the Glow Chill Room features a barista coffee stall, homemade cakes and snacks, plus a bar serving kids drinks and bottles of Prossecco at £15.00 for the grownups

The Funky Softplay Room is ideal for children under three, featuring soft play, a mini ball pool, air jugglers and café del mar style music. The room also has its own baby area with quality children’s toys to keep little ones entertained.


rave_a_roo_sj_148 large

© Licensed to 19.02.16 London, UK. Rave a Roo at The Ministry of Sound, London. FREE PRESS, EDITORIAL AND PR USAGE. Photo credit : Simon Jacobs

Event co-founder, Jenny Kane said: “We understand the importance of a fun, well organised day out for families and have created an event which includes an onsite buggy park, ample baby changing facilities and carefully monitored sound levels. At Rave-A- Roo kids can be themselves, dance, let loose, create, watch or just chill. From babes in arms to grandparents, everyone is invited to join in the fun.”

With a fully licensed bar (and tea, coffee and cakes), spotless surroundings, professional security and beautifully lit rooms, Rave-A- Roo offers a unique and safe environment for families.

Tickets are priced £10.00 (earlybird), £12.50 (advanced) and £15.00 (on the door). Babes-in-arms go free (but must have a ticket). Sessions are 12pm to 2pm and 3pm to 5pm.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit www.rave-a-



Truly in Love is one of the official bloggers for Rave-A-Roo. Rave-A-Roo has kindly sponsored 2 sets of family passes(family pass is for up to four people and ‘babies in arms’ can go for free) for a give-away competition. The tickets are for for Rave-A-Roo event on Saturday 2nd July. 

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(I will be ending the give away on the 29 of June,23:59 and 2 separate winners will be notified via Facebook on the 30 of June.)

We are so looking forward to 2nd of July! Hope to see you and your bubs there!


Family Photography with The Snap Shot Cafe

March 2016

We had a family photo shoot with The Snap Shot Cafe in March and we were pleased with the results of the photos, considering how grouchy our little ones were that day. The thing about having family photos done with young children who can be uncooperative and fidgety, you need to have a photographer who is patient, fast as well as having a big love for these little ones.

In the case of our recent photography session, we found Tina, our photographer, to possess all 3 of these above qualities. That day, Baby Megan was a slightly under the weather and so, was rather teary during the shoot. However, Tina was still very encouraging during the process and was definitely fast in catching photos with her smiles.

Tina also helped me to do my make-up that day. So other than having her as our photographer, she is also able to help Mummies to spruce up a wee bit. You are definitely in her safe hands and she has previous experience of doing make-up(you can request for Koren brows!) and hair for brides as well. After months of looking like some haggard-looking housewife, I was so happy that I could be looking somewhat decent for our family photo! Even the dresses that I wore for the shoot was kindly provided by Tina! She is such so generous in sharing to ensure the success of the photoshoot!

Let me share some of my favorites!


The White Series

Prior to our photoshoot, Tina and I did communicated with each other via emails and she was the one who initiated using a Pinterest board to share our ideas and expectations which is something new to me.  I thought it was a good idea to have some schema before the shoot even started. So as you can probably see, I was trying to go for some white/romantic feel.

Personally, I felt that Tina was pro-active in her suggestions during the shoot. Like what I mentioned earlier, Baby Megan was unwell(she has a vaccination done a few days ago and it developed into a fever). So Tina did asked me if I wanted to have photos done of me nursing Megan. I am glad it is done because I have never had a breastfeeding portrait done with any of my children before. Looking at this photo now, there is a certain emotional value to me, especially so since Megan is very likely to be my last child and this means this is my final lap of my breastfeeding journey.

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

May Family Photo shoot in studio.

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot


The Grey Series

Here’s another series of photos by Tina. This time round, our family were dressed in grey. Despite having much time to plan for the shoot(along with the Pinterest board communication), I started only packing our clothes on the day of the shoot. That’s how disorganized I am as a mother of 3.

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

]Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot


In all, I would recommend The Snap Shot Cafe’s photography services. I liked the mini-makeover provided by Tina. I felt so pretty that day! Tina was patient with Megan, my newborn. She was caring to Gillian, who was very reserved during the shoot. She tried to bring Gillian out of her shell by putting on lip gloss for her as well as showering her with loads of praises. I also thought the Daddy/Ryan photos were captured very nicely. Definitely reflected the playful nature of the boys’ relationship. The post-production was fast. Tina returned me all the photos just under two weeks! We were so happy reviewing all the photos!

My only gripe about the photo shoot is the lack of background. However, this can be easily rectified by communication or even good weather. It was so unfortunate that it was so rainy that day and we were limited to indoors. 😦


Disclaimer: The photo shoot was done complimentary of The Snap Shot Cafe.  


Science Museum!

March 2016

Visiting museums is one of our favourite wet/cold weather activity. We went to Science Museum last Saturday and I thought the activities at the place were pretty child-centric. Both Ryan and Gillian loved it so much that they asked to return!

We got to Science Museum around 11-ish in the morning via public transport. The children love to be on buses and tubes. Ryan always get motion-sickness in the car but never on public transport. *sigh* We started the  day by browsing through some exhibitions. The children enjoyed playing on those interactive touch-screens. That Saturday, the museum also had some hands-on activities going on. Ryan and Gillian spent a good half hour with E making their paper telescopes.





It wasn’t long before the kids got hungry. We left the museum to grab lunch at Comptoir Libanais. It was one of those recommended places to eat near the Science Museum and I am glad that we went there. Food was fantastic. It was my first time trying out Lebanese cuisine and yes, I am a fan now. Very interesting and refreshing flavours. My favourite would be the baklava dessert. In fact, I have stocked up my kitchen with boxes of baklava from Waitrose. So decadent!









After lunch, we returned to the Science Museum for the second part of play. We went to the basement, which is also known as The Garden. The entire basement is a  dedicated floor just for children, aged 3-6. As you can see from the pictures, Ryan and Gillian were very occupied with water-play. In that same space, there are also a few others interactive areas that explore the concept of light, sound and construction. The children were all so engaged in their play.

They also went for a 30 minutes bubble show with E. I have to admit that when we head out, E is a much more dedicated and involved father than when we stay indoors. He is the one who takes them to toilets, sits with them during activities. I would usually be sitting somewhere, breastfeeding Baby Megan. So, 10 points for Lao Gong!







We went for a coffee break at Pret before we headed home. Children were so worn out on the way home. Thankfully, not much fuss. That night, everyone slept really well.



So Pure Sophie la girafe Multi-textured Teether

March 2016


In a few more days time, Baby Megan will be 5 months. Omg….where did the days and the months ago? Just a while ago, she was this little, wrinkly newborn that I carried home from UCLH and bam! She is this gorgeous looking baby, so inquisitive and smiley. She is a joy to be with every morning…but…
At this point of her baby-hood, she is also going through her teething period which makes her cranky at times.


Thankfully, she received her So Pure Sophie la girafe Multi-textured Teether from 1 Two Kids to tide her through this stage. This teething toy is a colorful teething ring with numerous textures! The Multi-textured Teether is not just for Baby Megan to teeth on but also for her hands to explore the various types of textures. Just like all teething toys from Sophie, the Multi-textured Teether is made of  100% natural rubber, pulled from the Hevea tree latex, and food-grade paints. With numerous soft parts to chew and with various textures (Sophie’s spots, ridges, ears and horns), it offers different massages and relieves  Baby Megan’s sore gums efficiently. When Ryan and Gillian(my two older children) were teething as babies, their favourite teething toys were also from Sophie la girafe. I suppose there is something special about the material that Sophie is made from.


I like how the Multi-textured Teether is light and ergonomic. This teething toy  is easily manipulated by Baby Megan’s small hands as seen in the picture above.


As it is the latest addition to the range of teething toys that Sophie la girafe has, it also features  4 geometrical and colorful shapes which catch the attention of babies while they are playing around the main ring. As a mother of two older childen, I do have other teething toys but the Multi-textured Teether is Baby Megan’s favourite. She plays with it everyday, especially when her gums are feeling not that comfortable.

If you have a teething baby and need something to sooth them, So Pure Sophie la girafe Multi-textured Teether might be the answer for you and your baby!


Disclaimer: So Pure Sophie la girafe Multi-textured Teether is given to me by 1 Two Kids for review purposes.


Charlotte’s 5th!

May 2015

We were invited to Charlotte’s 5th birthday at Pizza Express some months ago and it was one of the most fun-filled birthday parties Ryan and Gillian has been to! They had those helium-filled balloons, pizza making activity, yummy food from Pizza Express. To end it all, the children has a lovely rainbow birthday cake as their dessert.

The party started early in the morning and we were one of the early few. To entertain the little ones, the staff provided some colouring materials for them. It was not long before we were joined by the other children as well as the birthday girl, Charlotte.





This is our ever thoughtful Peizhen with a lovely smile on her face.


This is our very excited and happy birthday girl, Miss Charlotte!


Charles and Gillian were the youngest at the party but very happy playing with the balloons.


When everyone has arrived, it was time for the pizza making session! The kids were looking forward to this activity! E was in charge of helping Ryan while I tried to get more pictures of the fabulous party! There was a staff member who taught the children(chefs) and their parents(sous chef) on how knead the dough, how to flatten it, spread the tomato sauce and so on. I think the young ones particularly liked the part when they could freely choose any toppings for their personal pizzas! In the case of Ryan, he only took cheese and ham and refused those yummy olives. Boohoo!






This is the snack provided for the kids
. The adults shared a number of different types pizzas though. When it was time for the birthday cake cutting, we were stuffed with so much dough!


I love Gillian’s smile on this picture! It captures her playful side very well.








Thanks to Yolanda and TL for inviting us to this amazing party! We can see that you took care to ensure that both the young and old were well fed and entertained throughout the morning! Hope your beautiful and intelligent Charlotte enjoyed her 5th!



After a sumptuous lunch at Pizza Express, we still went to try the famous Hampstead crepes that everyone told me to try. Between me and the children, we shared a ham and cheese crepe as well as a chocolate and banana one. I thought they were okay only. Nice but I will not be travelling one hour(from my place to the stall) just to get the crepes. However, many of my friends love it so do drop by and check it out if you are in Hampstead area during the weekend. Apparently, they operate only on Saturdays and Sundays.

Initially, we wanted to head for a funfair at Hamstead Heath but the weather took for the worse. In the end, we went home. Still, it was a lovely Sunday spent with our Singaporean friends in London.




Ahoy! National Maritime Museum

April- June 2015

I am not sure if I mentioned this before but the children’s galleries on the ground floor of National Maritime Museum has finished its renovations in April. Both of the kids enjoy exploring that space for kids and there are a number of corners for them to play-act and interactive!

When we first visited the gallery in April, it was relatively empty as no one knew it was opened yet. The last time we visited in June, the gallery was much more crowded. So if you are planning a trip to visit with your little bubs, the most ideal timing would be weekday mornings during term times. The best thing is that entry is free! So, there are very few reasons to not visiting the National Maritime Museum since we live so close to it.








Here’s Ryan stoking the boiler of the steamship!





There is also a small fish shop at the corner for the children to pretend to be shoppers and shop keepers. They get to select the seafood that they want and weigh time. Great for imagination!

20150424_123949 20150424_123938



So here are my kids trying to pretend to be Octonauts!






After the indoor play, we usually head off to the grounds of the Royal Naval College to let the kids run even more! They love to chase after those pigeons, feeding them bread crumbs. The running about is endless, I tell you. All these activities in the afternoon after Ryan’s nursery and Gillian’s playgroup usually means E and I would get some proper telly time after dinner! Heehee!