39 weeks + 2 days

October 2015


Come this Monday, on the 12th of October, it will mark my 40th week in pregnancy. For the past one week, it has been sleepless and uncomfortable nights. Honestly, I do not know what to expect since my previous two births has been induced, natural deliveries.

Baby M is going to be our first spontaneous birth. Despite reading up online, the information feels insufficient. It is hard since both of us like to control as many variables as much as possible. One thing for sure is that both the little ones are very excited to meet their new sibling. They have been asking Baby M,’ Are you ready to come out now, Baby M?’

It has been a busy September/October, with plenty of changes in our lives, which I may update possibly in December when everything settles. At this moment in life, I feel immensely grateful for these changes even though there are challenges in itself.


Ryan has started school in September. Initially, he was not used to the longer hours(as opposed to his daily 2.5 hours in nursery) but kids are really adaptable. He complains less about the long school days and shares more about his school life. Just yesterday(09/10), he brought home a very special sticker from his principal for helping out his music teacher. Okayyy… I know it is just a normal sticker to many of you. But for me, it is a proud Mummy moment!

PicMonkey Collage-1

Gillian is our fighter baby. There are times when I feel so bad because it seems like I pay lesser attention to her but I suppose it brought out a more independent streak in her. At 2.5 year old, I think that she expresses herself very clearly. In comparison to Ryan at the exact same age, she is better at fixing puzzles, eating herself and seems to have better hand-eye coordination. As of now, we pray that her health will improve and maybe she will get into a nursery soon. (There is a long waiting list for both of the nurseries that we signed her up for.)

 The clock starts ticking for me and Baby M. It is still the waiting game…hopefully, Baby M will pop after our Char Kway Teow lunch at Little Penang on Monday.


Mid Autumn Festival Weekend

27 September 2015


This Mid Autumn is really special because it marks our move-in into our new place. So, you can imagine that we were very busy that day with the movers as well as transporting some of our personal items ourselves. At the end of the day, E treated us to a sumptuous dinner at Lotus and yes, I got my favourite dish- Lobster Yee Mien! After the move, we went for a Mid Autumn steamboat dinner hosted by Tawei and Yeeyin and the kids had their fill of fun playing with the children while the adults just chilled around.


The first few days at our new place…


This is one of the first welcome gifts we got. The tool kit came in the most useful of course. 😛


Here are the kids with E, trying to fix up one of the first things in our house. Clothes hangers for the back of our doors from Ikea. Most of our furniture items are from Ikea or Wayfair. I suppose it is a much more different process than what we had back home in Singapore. Furnishing a home with kids in mind is a much less sexy notion. More often than not, we have to bear the kids in mind. It does not help that E and I are not aesthetically inclined… Maybe I will do a update of the house once everything settles.

E had to DIY many of our furniture that we bought. Fortunately, he is proving to be handier than what I imagined. It is a pity that Papa had to return to Singapore before the big move, lest he could be very helpful for this building and fixing process.


The kids looking real excited. It is nice feeling to have the Ryan and Gillian being enthusiastic about the new place. Once we got our keys and showed them the place, the little ones were constantly asking to go to ‘our new home’. They definitely like our new place much better despite it being smaller than the previous apartments in London. I definitely do not miss the staircases at both of of the old places… Man… I really hate staircases. Not cool at all with young children around.


E and the kids giving thanks for the first dinner at our place. We bought some frozen pizza from Asda and tested it out with the oven. Heehee.


Come this December, it will mark our second year in London. I think so far, the journey has been really unexpected and exciting for everyone in the family. We will definitely be looking forward to getting our first proper Christmas tree and get the kids to spend time decorating it with Kimberly, the two grannies and their new little sibling!

Major love!


Life in Cardboard Boxes

October 2014

Our lives are virtually always in boxes. Yet again, we will be moving. It is really interesting how in my 4(?) years of marriage, we have moved like 5 times? I am not sure about you, but it feels really frequent to me.

1. Original homes to love nest, Telok Kurau. (2010)
2. Telok Kurau to Bluwaters,Pasir Ris (2012)
3. Pasir Ris, Singapore to Farringdon, London (2013)
4. Farringdon to Cutty Sark (2013)
5. Cutty Sark to a new place, this Saturday (2014)

I was reading somewhere off the internet that moving houses is one of the most stressful things to happen next to a major death in the family and divorce. Is it true? Packing is hard work. But packing with two young children around takes it to a whole different level. We started packing a month ago when the paper work has been confirmed. We began the packing journey with less utilised kitchen items, clothes and whatnots. E, being the creative genius of the family, built a box fort for the children. They loved it and enjoyed playing castle for the next few days before the novelty wore off.


Two weeks ago, we had to start keeping the kids’ toys, books and craft. That was when the difficulty started and I had no choice but to resort to the television as a nanny while I continued this tedious job. Bah.

The truth is I will probably not be surprised if we got to move next year again. Maybe, depending on how things take place.


Project London- House Hunting

December 2013

In our 5 years of being together, we have bought two houses and sold one in Singapore. In the process of doing all these, we have viewed countless of properties especially in the east of Singapore. Once again, we will have to deal with getting a house for the family. Except this time round, we would be renting it and the location is in London.

E’s company engaged a relocation agent to assist us in our home search and I suppose it was quite helpful. The relocation consultant shortlisted some places that fitted our needs. There was also an adviser, Emma who drove us around the various potential homes. The first day of house hunting was quite fruitful as we went with my father and sister. The kids were left in the apartment with my mother again. My poor Mummy. 😦

The first three properties that we went to were at Limehouse. They were fairly modern apartments. All were acceptable with few minuses. If I did not recall wrongly, the first apartment was carpeted entirely and I am not a fan of carpeted flooring. The second apartment had a better layout but the tenant only could leave in mid January and we needed the apartment earlier. Our main gripe about the area was that it was not as children friendly as we wanted our environment to be. We took a break before continuing with the second leg of the house search.

DSC08525 DSC08526 DSC08527


Next, Emma drove us to another area with that suited us better with a huge park in the vicinity. The rental was slightly higher but we loved the place. The next obstacle was to find a home that we liked. We viewed a duplex(bedrooms were in the lower level and the kitchen and living area in the upper level). I appreciated the relatively larger living area but we all thought there was a moldy smell. 😦 There was also an option of a townhouse with 2+1 bedrooms which was within our budget. I always thought that it was quite enticing to live in a landed property, especially since it is quite costly to own on back in Singapore. However, when we got to the house and I saw the yard and the garage and everything, I got a reality check. It suddenly dawned upon me that perhaps I did like the IDEA of living in one but not actually living in one. That particular townhouse was lovely. I appreciated the space but I did not like how it looked rather lived-in and the very thought of cleaning the yard and garage is a huge turn off. We also viewed two absolutely modern flats with stunning views but it was quite a distance away from the city center.


The last apartment that we viewed was perfect in every way. E actually considered this apartment when we were back in Singapore. He showed me pictures of it but all I could think of was staying in houses. Turns out he did know me better than I knew. I do like renting a place that is new- with no reminisce of the previous owner. When we first viewed our current place, it turned out that I really liked the decor(new everything- down to the beds, the utensils, the furniture, the carpet) and the convenience that the place provided. The best part about the apartment was that there was a small playground right in front of our doorsteps. Literally!

When we left, I suppose all of us subconsciously knew it was the one.


We continued our house search the next day. The only difference was that this time round, we brought the kids along. My parents and Kimberly went shopping at Oxford instead. It was quite a disastrous day. The kids were really fussy on the car ride. In fact, none of the houses that we saw was to our liking. To add more drama to the day, Gillian vomited in the car followed by Ryan and then Gillian. I have to say Emma looked quite traumatised. *sigh*

In the end, we cut the house search and returned to the apartment. We discussed and decided that we liked the last apartment that we saw on the first day of the house search. Within a week, we made an offer to the owner and it was settled. Thankfully. Then, it marked the end of of house hunting and the start of enjoying our London holidays. 



January 2012

This is a long over due post on our new place.
Here are some photos of my new place.


On the 13th of January, E had to take time off to ensure the decking of our balcony and cleaning of the house was done properly. E hired the professional cleaners to clean every nook and cranny at $300 for a day. I suppose it was money well-paid because the house was really dusty after the decking…

Our decked up balcony with outdoor furniture from Barang Barang.
This area and “balcony lifestyle” thing is very much E’s pride and joy.
He is still trying to convince me to get a grill for the place…depiste me rejecting his idea for the 10000th time. 

For the living room, it looks pretty much the same as how we have bought it except for the wallpaper which is supposed to look 3 dimensional. Heehee. Not sure if you can see it from the photos.

Here’s our dining area and kitchen.

Our initial plan was to have our dining area in the balcony and that the dining area in the house was meant for Ryan’s play area. Hence,we had to ensure that the dining table and chairs were to be of outdoor material. In the end, after we moved it, they ended up being in the dining area of our house and Ryan’s play area is still non existent. We will have to figure something out eventually….

This is the entertainment room of our house. Basically, it has like everything that we left from Telok Kurau- the daybed, the book shelf, coffee table, sound system, tatami sofa and all. (I managed the sell off the rest of the furniture. Thankfully!) Heehee. It is quite a cosy place for either one of us to just chillax during the weekends, listening to music, reading the a good book and all.

This is the “plus one” of our house- E’s small but very adequate study.
Ironically, this is where he spends most of his time when he is at home.

Our common toilet. This is one of the cleanest place in our home because we hardly use the common toilet. Our cleaning lady told us to just use one toilet and not touch the other two so that she will not need to spend too much time cleaning the toilets when she comes over to clean.

This is Ryan’s bedroom, fitted with a queen sized bed so that I can sleep over with him occasionally. As you can see from the picture, we also pasted farm animals stickers on the wall so that it looks more baby-friendly.

This is the master bedroom and our master bathroom. The bedroom is much smaller than our Telok Kurau’s room but it is adequate. I love our new bathroom, it has the best rainshower ever and it is also fitted with a huge bath tub. Heehee. I know how some people think a bath tub is a waste of space and water. I was one of those people with such opinions too… but now, I think it is really nice to be able to pamper oneself with a nice, long bubble bath weekly.


We moved in on the 14th of January and according to Chinese tradition, we had to bring along the 柴米油鹽 (tea leaves, oranges, and what not) for good luck. Thankfully, we got the help of E’s parents in the moving and my parents to care for Baby Ryan while we were unpacking the things in the new place.

So, what you see on the above picture are disposables used for our first dinner at Bluwaters. Since then, we have received and bought really nice dishwares from Corelle and cutlery from WMF. Heehee. Cannot wait to use them and will update on the blog soon!