Family Photography with The Snap Shot Cafe

March 2016

We had a family photo shoot with The Snap Shot Cafe in March and we were pleased with the results of the photos, considering how grouchy our little ones were that day. The thing about having family photos done with young children who can be uncooperative and fidgety, you need to have a photographer who is patient, fast as well as having a big love for these little ones.

In the case of our recent photography session, we found Tina, our photographer, to possess all 3 of these above qualities. That day, Baby Megan was a slightly under the weather and so, was rather teary during the shoot. However, Tina was still very encouraging during the process and was definitely fast in catching photos with her smiles.

Tina also helped me to do my make-up that day. So other than having her as our photographer, she is also able to help Mummies to spruce up a wee bit. You are definitely in her safe hands and she has previous experience of doing make-up(you can request for Koren brows!) and hair for brides as well. After months of looking like some haggard-looking housewife, I was so happy that I could be looking somewhat decent for our family photo! Even the dresses that I wore for the shoot was kindly provided by Tina! She is such so generous in sharing to ensure the success of the photoshoot!

Let me share some of my favorites!


The White Series

Prior to our photoshoot, Tina and I did communicated with each other via emails and she was the one who initiated using a Pinterest board to share our ideas and expectations which is something new to me.  I thought it was a good idea to have some schema before the shoot even started. So as you can probably see, I was trying to go for some white/romantic feel.

Personally, I felt that Tina was pro-active in her suggestions during the shoot. Like what I mentioned earlier, Baby Megan was unwell(she has a vaccination done a few days ago and it developed into a fever). So Tina did asked me if I wanted to have photos done of me nursing Megan. I am glad it is done because I have never had a breastfeeding portrait done with any of my children before. Looking at this photo now, there is a certain emotional value to me, especially so since Megan is very likely to be my last child and this means this is my final lap of my breastfeeding journey.

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

May Family Photo shoot in studio.

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot


The Grey Series

Here’s another series of photos by Tina. This time round, our family were dressed in grey. Despite having much time to plan for the shoot(along with the Pinterest board communication), I started only packing our clothes on the day of the shoot. That’s how disorganized I am as a mother of 3.

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot

]Family Photo shoot

Family Photo shoot


In all, I would recommend The Snap Shot Cafe’s photography services. I liked the mini-makeover provided by Tina. I felt so pretty that day! Tina was patient with Megan, my newborn. She was caring to Gillian, who was very reserved during the shoot. She tried to bring Gillian out of her shell by putting on lip gloss for her as well as showering her with loads of praises. I also thought the Daddy/Ryan photos were captured very nicely. Definitely reflected the playful nature of the boys’ relationship. The post-production was fast. Tina returned me all the photos just under two weeks! We were so happy reviewing all the photos!

My only gripe about the photo shoot is the lack of background. However, this can be easily rectified by communication or even good weather. It was so unfortunate that it was so rainy that day and we were limited to indoors. 😦


Disclaimer: The photo shoot was done complimentary of The Snap Shot Cafe.  



Follow me on Instagram!

February 2016

Hello everyone! Okay, it seems like I have been on a hiatus from blogging. Erhmm…. it is semi-right. I seem to go through phases like that all the time, especially since I am a mother now. Somehow I feel that I have been spending too much time on the Internet, surfing social-media sites and all. I do not want to be a SAHM and end up allowing myself to be consumed by blogging and Facebook. I want to make the time that I have with the little ones as meaningful as possible. Hence, I took time off from the world wide web, in hopes that I have a more productive schedule with the children before blogging, writing and whatnots.

It has been 3 weeks since my mother returned to Singapore and I am starting to have a hang of how my daily life is like with 3 little ones. It has been really tough. Household chores. School runs. Meals preparation. Bath time. School work. Repeat. There are days when I feel utterly broken into pieces by the daily grind. Ohwells. Anyways, I am trying to slowly get back to blogging again. Mainly for me to document the happenings of my family life and to share it with my loved ones in Singapore Blogging also allows me/Eugene/maybe the children to look back on our past and understand my thought process at that moment in time.

Baby Megan. My third born. I feel so much guilt towards her. With Ryan and Gillian, I was able to spend much more time, playing and interacting with them. However, with Baby Megan, she tends have less time and attention from Eugene and myself. As a way to spend a wee bit more time with her, I have come up with this Instagram idea… I take a photo of her everyday and post it up on Instagram. This allows me to spend more time with her, dressing her up for my mini home shoots, talking to her, coaxing her into getting into a pleasant mood for her pictures. So, please follow me (or Baby Megan) on Instagram!

Here are some of the photos that I took for her!

Megan 1

Megan 4

Megan 3

Megan 2

Honestly, I do not know how long will this last. I mean, I always have these half-baked projects that usually don’t make it to fruition. If you have been a long-time reader of my blog, you will know what I mean. I have this tendency to be very passionate in the beginning., e.g. the novel that I am meant to write eons ago. Being a SAHM, it pretty much means I only have pockets of time of free time. It is really hard to focus on writing or even blogging when I know that I only have 20 minutes of free time. I would totally rather numb my brain my watching some meaningless stuff on BBC. That is me. But I am always trying to be better. For everyone around me. For the fact that I know I am good at some things. I just need the grit to go through with it. I need to understand delayed gratification is always better.

Ohwells. I am out for now. This is a short post but I hope it is a start of my blog posts for 2016. I have this drafted 2016 resolution blog post sitting on wordpress since December 2015. It just never felt right. It might be uploaded, one day…



StudioPlay, Again

December 2014

I always wanted to have a family photography done especially with our latest addition, Gillian. This time round, during our trip back, I was quite sure I wanted to get a family photography done. StudioPlay was engaged again because we had a good first experience with the studio. I liked how my first photographer worked. It was unfortunate that I forgot his name as I would have requested for him again.


E and I went for a short Bangkok trip before the StudioPlay session where we purchased the clothes that were needed for the shoot. For the actual day of the shoot, we had the help of E’s parents to assist with the shoot. It would be a lot easier to have some extra help during the family photography with kids. Trust me.


The one with the white background

This was the first concept that we started with. If I could have done it again, I would have preferred if we were dressed in white and denim. We also made the mistake of standing behind the photographer. If you looked through the entire album, you would have noticed that her eyes were not at the camera.




The one with the huge bear

Gillian was still quite unsure during the second concept. Out of the 13 photos for this background, I thought only three were not too bad.




The one with the colourful clothes

By the third concept, Gillian was better adjusted in front of the camera. She was interacting with the photographer much better. We wanted two family photos – one would be with our formal clothes and the other was with the casual shoot. E and I thought for a long while about what we wanted. We eliminated the ideas of being colour coordinated (done before for the first family shoot with Ryan) and wearing those family T-shirts, only to end up with us wearing clothes of different colours of varying degrees of warmth (red, pink, orange and yellow). I particularly like the photo of just her and Ryan, with Gillian being in the foreground and Ryan, seated on the red sofa.











The one with us spiffy clothes

We returned to Singapore, mainly because of the three weddings that we had to attend. We wanted to use the opportunity to take photos of ourselves in nice formal wear, especially since the clothes were an investment. (-_-)”’ This time round, photos were not too bad. Kids were smiley. On the other hand, I looked like a mess. I wished that I spent more time on my makeup and have done my hair properly. My hair was terrible! Argh!











The one with just the mother and daughter

We spent quite a long time at Platinum Mall in Bangkok just to look for matchy matchy clothes for me and Gillian. I like this concept the best. Even though I would be sending back a few copies to StudioPlay to photoshop my fat thighs. Editing is $3 per piece! That is quite reasonable right? I need some time to study all the photos though. There is a lot of work to be done for the parents. I will update on their editing skills soon. I hope!









The one with my Manchester United boys

I love this series of photos! The boys look so swell!







The one with the trike!

Gillian looks so good in this entire series. By then, she was very comfortable in front of the camera! This dress `(which is in mint condition) is from Baby K and I got it for £3 from a baby sale in London! Woots! Love good buys!








The one when Gillian is an angel and ballerina

Gillian is too sexy in these two series and hence we will not share on the blog. Pictures were very nice though. I liked the ballerina one very much!


The one that looked retro

IMTV7454 IMTV7503


The one with the polka dot background

This is the last series of the entire shoot. Gillian was so exhausted by that time. I like how natural she looked in this collection.









After the shoot, we ended up at Tim Ho Wan for afternoon tea while the model concussed in my arms! We got back the photos two weeks later and I think the results were quite pleasant. It could be better if we were more well prepared. But that is just me being picky! Anyways, I will definitely send some photos for editing and update on the final results!

I am out~!



Ryan’s 1st Birthday Videography

7th April 2012

C.reateS Studio did a fantastic job in capturing Ryan’s first birthday. We got C.reateS Studio(the person I liaised with is Colin Huang) to do photography and videography for Ryan’s birthday party. If you ask me, I feel that it is money well spent because I do not need to go around the party with a camera and getting someone to help me shoot the photos. Instead, E and I could go around the party, mingling with our guests, ensuring that the party activities are going on smoothly according to the plan and that Ryan is in the best mood.

The good people at C.reateS Studio might be young but they are very professional. Their youth is an added advantage because they were very enthusiastic on job and were very responsive to ideas.  On that day, they came in a team of 3(Colin, Serene and Hardi)- they arrived at 5ish in the evening and only finished up their work around 10. The completion of the photos took about 1 week while the video took about 2 weeks. My family, E and I are extremely pleased with the video that you can see above. Please click on the “Like” button on Youtube if you think the video deserves it!

If you are interested, below are the quotations that Colin gave me:
Photography – $140 for 1st 2 hour, $50 for every hour thereafter
Videography express cut – $200 for for 1st 2 hour, $50 for every hour thereafter
Concept MV/short film – $600 to $1000 depending on length and visual effects
Design services:
Caricature: Simple sketch – $20, colored sketch – $50, full colored – $100
Design posters (depends on project)