at Rave-A-Roo

July 2016

When we think about clubbing, kids is not one of the associated words with it. As a young person, I enjoyed the night-life. I liked clubbing for the music and people just felt inhibited in dancing in that environment. Ever since having Ryan, followed by Gillian and then Megan, clubbing is like a total foreign concept. I mean, clubbing is an activity that happens usually at night and how could it be possible with kids around?

So, when I heard about Rave-A-Roo, I was so intrigued by the entire concept- being able to party with my kids and it helps that everything happens in the afternoon! So our bedtime routine is not disrupted! Perfect for parents. 🙂


Rave-A-Roo, London was held at Ministry of Sound, which is London’s No.1 Dance and House Club. I was quite impressed that Rave-A-Roo was happening at such a cool location and was real excited to check out the venue. (The fact that I was able to Facebook check-in the place makes me feel so hip already. Hahahaha. #actyoungonly) When we got to our session of the Rave-A-Roo party, doors were not opened yet. However, the organizers had entertainers around to liven up their young audience. The crew were giving out glow-sticks to the children and they even had bubble machines which we, as parents all know that the little ones love!




Rave-A-Roo also have a buggy park for our strollers/prams/buggies outside the club.


The kids, happily getting their entrance stamps on their hands. Who would have imagine this day would come? Me, with my kids going for a good music/dance session at Ministry of Sound, London in the afternoon!



Glow Chill Room

The first room that we went to was the Glow Chill Room where children could do craft work with the neon clay or get a tattoo done at the UV tattoo station. It was a great place to start off the festive fun with, to  gradually ease the children into the environment before going into the Main Room where the party is at.

Ryan and Gillian tried the clay modelling which they liked. Ryan tried to make huge battleship out of the neon clay while Gillian just messed around with it. Gillian also got her first UV tatt done in the shape of a pink bow.

Other than that, we can also purchase drinks(tea, coffee, hot chocolate or even alcohol since there is a licensed bar), home-made cakes and snacks when we need the small burst of energy during the 2 hour session.







Photobooth anyone?!?



The Main Room

This is where the main part of the fun is at. Lots of dancing. Lots of awesome music. Superb performance put up by Go!Go!Go! When you are there, you will notice that it is not just the kids who are enjoying themselves, the grown-ups look like they are having a good time as well. I was talking to one other parent and she also reckoned that Race-A-Roo is a great concept. As parents, we are held by social expectations to behave a certain respectable way in public. But at Rave-A-Roo, parents can let loose a wee bit, to dance with our children, to groove with the music and no one one will judge you and your two left feet. Heehee.





We go these flashing rings that were being sold at Rave-A-Roo for £2. Both kids insisted on having the red rings only. (-_-)”’  They also sold other similar party merchandise that kids love.


Go!Go!Go! was also there with their catchy tunes and energetic dance moves. Kids were so enthralled by their showmanship!


Ryan had such a pleasant time at the Main Room. He was always near the stage, watching the performances and dancing along with the music.




Funky Softplay Room

I brought Baby Megan to this room to play and have a roll around and a little stretch at intervals. Unlike Ryan and Gillian who could be in the Main Room for a long time, I think Megan did like a little me-time with Mummy in the Softplay Room. Babies-in-arms like Megan enter Rave-A-Roo for free.  The Funky Softplay room was planned with them in mind despite them not having to pay for an entrance ticket. On the mats for babies, there were also plenty of toys for the babies to play with.

When I brought Baby Megan to the ladies for a diaper change, I was surprised to see how they have proper diaper changing station, complete with diapers and wet wipes. The organisers really took many small details into account when planning for this indoor festive party for kids.





We had an amazing experience at Rave-A-Roo, London. It is clubbing with kids, in a safe environment with carefully monitored sound levels that is suitable for the little ones. 2nd July marked the end of the Rave-A-Roo events for summer and we will be looking out for future event date. I am hoping that they will hold more of such events in the colder seasons to come. It, being indoor and well-heated will be a fabulous weekend activity for kids. I have also done a short video clip of our time at Rave-A-Roo that I uploaded on my instagram-

Do subscribe to their newsletter to get the latest information and offers for the event.

Post-event: Kids were properly tired out and slept the entire car journey home. 🙂 So do be prepared that kids will be needing some rest after their party.


Disclaimer: We were given complimentary tickets to Rave-A-Roo. Opinions are of my own and I have given honest feedback and review of our experience.



Old MacDonald’s Farm & Fun Park

June 2016

Living in London, one has to get used to soggy weather. Despite it being already summer, we are still experiencing rain and large amount of it. However, after being in this country for 2 years, we also learnt that English people are very resilient. Rain or shine, activities just go on as per normal. Grab a hoodie, put on your wellies and everyone is set to have fun!

Two Sundays ago, we went to Old MacDonald’s Farm, in Essex for a Meet and Greet session with Peppa Pig and George. As we live in East London, Essex is close by and was a short drive to this adventure land. What I like about Old MacDonald’s Farm is that they have special events planned throughout the year- for Mother’s Day, there is SuperHero Day, Teddy Bear’s Picnic in summer, Halloween Festival… So one can look out for events that your child is interested in and pop by for a visit.



Despite the rather poor weather, we went ahead with our plans and the kids were so excited to spend outdoor time with us. Going out always means we have to pay more attention to the little ones(versus multi-tasking with our phones) and it is very easy to tell that they like exclusive time with us.


While waiting to take our photos with Peppa and George, there was an entertainer who made sculptures out of balloons for the children. Ryan asked for a bow and arrow and he sure got one.


Hello Peppa and George! Ryan and Gillian looked really shy in the picture but they were thrilled to see one of their favourite characters real life! What a treat!


Next up was a ride on the Carousel. At Old MacDonald’s Farm and Fun Park, many of their rides are inclusive in their admission charges. The staff were patient with the children and took time to let them select their favourite rides before starting.




We also went on the Train Ride. Just an advice, it is always good to be one of the earliest as it wold be easier to get on the popular rides before the queues start forming.


Ryan and Gillian went on the Giant Worm Slide a number of times as well. My kids and slides are like fish to water. If I allowed them, we could be spending at least 30 minutes just being there.




Tractor Ride! Despite the overcast sky and drizzle, i think both boys had a good time bonding.


Before long, the rain started getting heavier and we retreated to the Indoor Softplay Area where the cafe and indoor lunch spots are. That morning, I managed to pack some pasta for the children’s lunch. The adults had lunch from the cafe though and surprisingly, food was decent and quite value for money. As we have been to a number of such kid’s places(castles, amusement parks and all), I think the prices of the food at this cafe is surprisingly not exorbitant.




While resting and lunching, Ryan and Gillian ran off to the softplay and entertained themselves with all the obstacles.


Before long, the rain became lighter and we were off to explore the farm and fun park again. Next stop was at Battle Barn where we fought among each other. Megan joined in too! E was the only casualty! Hahahaha.





Can there be too many free rides? No! Never, with children! We also went on Happy Horses, pony adventure ride.




There are so many nice spots for photography at Old MacDonald’s Farm. Look at Ryan, working his million-dollar smile.



Ryan’s favourite ride was on the latest addition to the farm- the Doggy Dog Roller Coaster! Kimberly and him actually went on the ride 4 times!




There was also the Super Scramble Challenge which is a huge adventure area for the kids to go on various outdoor obstacle course.




Bouncy Barn!!! Everyone loves to be on bouncy castles!


We headed back home around 4 as Ryan was getting feverish (-_-)”’. I can imagine so much more could be done if the weather was a wee bit more cooperative as we only managed to cover like 70 percent of the entire farm and fun park. There was the Nurturing Pens where we could feed the animals, the Farm Maze, the Play Fort, Crazy Barn Ride and so on. I would definitely want to return on a dryer day so that we can explore more of the fun park! Still, a great outdoor place for families to head too especially if you live in East London or Essex. Animals, amusement and rides, I can imagine how it would just be a wonderful experience for the kids! They will just love it!

  • To purchase tickets to visit Old MacDonald’s Farm, please click on this link . Do look out for special events that are being held throughout the year.
  • Do like Old MacDonald’s Farm and Fun Park Facebook for any updates or promotion. 


Disclaimer: We were given complimentary tickets to Old Mac Donald’s Farm. Opinions are of my own and I have given honest feedback and review of our experience.



Charlotte’s 5th!

May 2015

We were invited to Charlotte’s 5th birthday at Pizza Express some months ago and it was one of the most fun-filled birthday parties Ryan and Gillian has been to! They had those helium-filled balloons, pizza making activity, yummy food from Pizza Express. To end it all, the children has a lovely rainbow birthday cake as their dessert.

The party started early in the morning and we were one of the early few. To entertain the little ones, the staff provided some colouring materials for them. It was not long before we were joined by the other children as well as the birthday girl, Charlotte.





This is our ever thoughtful Peizhen with a lovely smile on her face.


This is our very excited and happy birthday girl, Miss Charlotte!


Charles and Gillian were the youngest at the party but very happy playing with the balloons.


When everyone has arrived, it was time for the pizza making session! The kids were looking forward to this activity! E was in charge of helping Ryan while I tried to get more pictures of the fabulous party! There was a staff member who taught the children(chefs) and their parents(sous chef) on how knead the dough, how to flatten it, spread the tomato sauce and so on. I think the young ones particularly liked the part when they could freely choose any toppings for their personal pizzas! In the case of Ryan, he only took cheese and ham and refused those yummy olives. Boohoo!






This is the snack provided for the kids
. The adults shared a number of different types pizzas though. When it was time for the birthday cake cutting, we were stuffed with so much dough!


I love Gillian’s smile on this picture! It captures her playful side very well.








Thanks to Yolanda and TL for inviting us to this amazing party! We can see that you took care to ensure that both the young and old were well fed and entertained throughout the morning! Hope your beautiful and intelligent Charlotte enjoyed her 5th!



After a sumptuous lunch at Pizza Express, we still went to try the famous Hampstead crepes that everyone told me to try. Between me and the children, we shared a ham and cheese crepe as well as a chocolate and banana one. I thought they were okay only. Nice but I will not be travelling one hour(from my place to the stall) just to get the crepes. However, many of my friends love it so do drop by and check it out if you are in Hampstead area during the weekend. Apparently, they operate only on Saturdays and Sundays.

Initially, we wanted to head for a funfair at Hamstead Heath but the weather took for the worse. In the end, we went home. Still, it was a lovely Sunday spent with our Singaporean friends in London.




April the Tenth

April 2015

We brought the April 10th babies(Mummy, Ryan and Gillian)and Kimberly for an Easter Egg Hunt at Leeds Castle on their birthday. It was not our first time to Leeds; in fact, we liked it so much, we bought the annual family pass for 2015! Thankfully, the weather was glorious that Sunday. It was sunny yet cool, the start of spring. Flowers were blooming everywhere at Leeds Castle. Just picturesque! Ryan and Gillian enjoyed their first Easter Hunt session at Mudchute Farm and were looking forward to the one held at Leeds Castle.

Just like any other egg hunts, the children needed to look around for eggs or clues to answer the question on the Easter Egg Hunt sheet they were given. At the end of it, those with the correct answers will be given their sinful treats! So, you can imagine they started the day with strong enthusiasm. They did get rewarded at the end of out trip and our dear Ryan gobbled up his chocolate egg within minutes. Gillian’s chocolate egg went into Kimberly’s tummy though…because the birthday girl fell asleep. Heehee.






The April 10th Babies! Baby M will not be an April 10th baby but she will be just as loved because I will share the same birthday month as her! Happy birthday to my three April Tenth loves! Three of you have brought so much joy and laughter to my life. God has blessed me so much with three of you.


Me and my growing family!


The Lee ladies!


At this point in time, my camera battery died. Boohoo! The rest of the photos were taken by my camera phone before it died as well. No photos of birthday dinner as well!


We had a picnic by the lake. The children definitely prefer having a picnic than to sit at some restaurant where we have to continually remind them of behaving well. (-_-)”’  Ryan and Gillian ran around at the playground with E. Mummy and I lazed under the sun. Kimberly tried the maze and got out in under 10 minutes. Before we knew it, it was getting late. We needed to rush to Smyth’s Toy Store to get the little ones their presents and grab a proper birthday dinner at Saikei.







We bought two bubble guns for the birthday stars at £10 each from some vendor at Leeds Castle. I thought it was quite expensive till we saw that Hamleys was selling something similar at £18 each and two for £30. The bubble guns were quite a good investment as we used it throughout Spring and parts of Summer till one of it spoilt. The kids loved their bubble guns and they were such fun toys to bring to bring to parks and playgrounds.





Ryan and Gillian were spoilt with presents from Mama, Gong Gong, Kimberly, Leon and Bob. E and I got a bicycle for Ryan and a toy keyboard for Gillian from Smyth’s. Both of the children were entranced with the toy keyboard that came along with a microphone. They were fighting over it to sing Frozen’s ‘Let it Go’. It was quite a hilarious sight, if you asked me.


Happy birthday to my April, the Tenth babies!
This blog post maybe a few months late but that does not mean you are lesser in any way.
May God bless all of you in ever way possible.
I love you babies so so so much!


Ahoy! National Maritime Museum

April- June 2015

I am not sure if I mentioned this before but the children’s galleries on the ground floor of National Maritime Museum has finished its renovations in April. Both of the kids enjoy exploring that space for kids and there are a number of corners for them to play-act and interactive!

When we first visited the gallery in April, it was relatively empty as no one knew it was opened yet. The last time we visited in June, the gallery was much more crowded. So if you are planning a trip to visit with your little bubs, the most ideal timing would be weekday mornings during term times. The best thing is that entry is free! So, there are very few reasons to not visiting the National Maritime Museum since we live so close to it.








Here’s Ryan stoking the boiler of the steamship!





There is also a small fish shop at the corner for the children to pretend to be shoppers and shop keepers. They get to select the seafood that they want and weigh time. Great for imagination!

20150424_123949 20150424_123938



So here are my kids trying to pretend to be Octonauts!






After the indoor play, we usually head off to the grounds of the Royal Naval College to let the kids run even more! They love to chase after those pigeons, feeding them bread crumbs. The running about is endless, I tell you. All these activities in the afternoon after Ryan’s nursery and Gillian’s playgroup usually means E and I would get some proper telly time after dinner! Heehee!






(Richmond Park)(New Malden)

April 2015

April came too soon and it was time for Mummy and Kimberly to return to Singapore. The trip to Heathrow was horrid, as usual, because of the morning work traffic. Thankfully, we managed to get to the airport on time. Parting is always hard, especially when my Mummy has always been a strong emotional support for me. Despite me being the younger adult, I need her much more than she needs me.   😦

I ended up crying buckets of tears after they entered the departure gates. E and my children had to comfort me for ages. It was hard to know that I would be without my parents in London for the birth of my third child. I supposed God heard my prayers and my parents will be visiting us again in August September! Yay! In fact, my mom would be able to stay with us for at least 3 months, so she will be able to be around when Baby M pops! That is really awesome news for me and the children! They simply love her cooking!



Kingston Gate Playground at Richmond Park

E decided that we should all head to Richmond Park for some fresh air to cheer me and the children up. Ryan and Gillian were so excited to see the deer grazing around freely.


Ryan and Gillian enjoyed playing with the timber structures in the playground. The two of them love exploring new playgrounds and play areas. When I do recall my childhood, my best memories are usually found at the playgrounds as well. For me, it would be Pasir Ris Big Playground(the one with the red spider web) as well as the two playgrounds at the back of my Ah Ma’s shop. Man… those were the days were so carefree and imaginative. As an adult now, I am obviously less enthusiastic about these playgrounds. The reasons why I do visit them so frequently is because I know these are the place where I see the kids’ wide smiles while they are on a simple swing or when they are going down a slide.








Making marks on the ground.





After the play, we went to Sula at New Malden for our lunch. Everything was really tasty! The children liked the fresh sashimi in particular. They gobbled the sashimi up within minutes! To be honest, Sula is the only Korean restaurant we have been to in New Malden but it has given us no reason to look for something else. It is as authentic as authentic gets.











After lunch, we just dropped into some random hair salon for my haircut. I suppose that is what you call a breakup haircut for me. Usually, after the parting of a relationship(romantic or not), I always have to visit a hair salon for a drastic haircut. I suppose it is a way for my subconscious self to relieve some form of stress. Thankfully, the Korean hairstylist did a pretty good job because over time, I did gradually liked my new bob! In fact, I am thinking of going to that particular hair salon for a trim when we visit New Malden again.



Here’s a picture of my new hairstyle! The shortest that I have spotted since maybe 20? E also thought it was a good change. Hmm.. he rarely complains anything about my appearance actually. In that aspect, I cannot complain much about him. Everyday, he tells me that I am beautiful. (Which of course, I know cannot be true in reality but it is nice to have someone who’s a fan. Heehee)



Right now, I am counting down to the day when my parents arrives in September! Yay!


Eltham Palace- Train the Troops!

August 2015

We decided to head to Eltham Palace to check out one of the summer activities that they held for kids. It was not our first time at Eltham Palace(click here to read about our first visit) but we liked the place very much because of the proximity to our home and it is usually not as crowded as the other English Heritage attractions.

We packed a picnic lunch of various sandwiches, fruits and snacks to Eltham Palace. There is something about my children, they are constantly hungry. So it is almost an essential to have a packed ham and cheese sandwich on any outing, no matter how short it is. Ryan and Gillian were happy to be back to playground. In fact, we were there earlier in the week for some play as well. It is safe to say that they are quite familiar with their surroundings.





This is the marble run that the kids love alot. For our first few visits, they had some sponge balls for the little ones to use on the marble run. Apparently, they have since gone missing. So, I would advise anyone to bring some small balls so that the little ones can use the marble run!




The summer activity that was happening that Sunday was Train the Troops. So basically, kids who wanted to be part of it will have to pay £1 per child. There was an obstacle course set up on the gardens and the children had a good time competing with each other.



Miss Gillian was slightly worn out by the playground activities. She decided to take a short rest under the tree while her brother played.


I suppose it was hard for her to sleep when her mother kept tickling her. Heehee.


Eventually, she decided to join her brother in the games.







Both of them played hide and seek in between the games.




Here’s everyone listening intently to the instructions.




After the activities, we went to Eltham Palace and did the stamping of the treasure map, something we had done before on our first trip. Ryan and Gillian always found that it was fascinating to be looking around the rooms for the stamps. Hard for for the adults because they were more enthusiastic than us and we had to chase after them.


After two days of being out, we were all knackered. We got home, had a quick pasta dinner prepared by E and everyone concussed in bed very soon after.