Charlotte’s 5th!

May 2015

We were invited to Charlotte’s 5th birthday at Pizza Express some months ago and it was one of the most fun-filled birthday parties Ryan and Gillian has been to! They had those helium-filled balloons, pizza making activity, yummy food from Pizza Express. To end it all, the children has a lovely rainbow birthday cake as their dessert.

The party started early in the morning and we were one of the early few. To entertain the little ones, the staff provided some colouring materials for them. It was not long before we were joined by the other children as well as the birthday girl, Charlotte.





This is our ever thoughtful Peizhen with a lovely smile on her face.


This is our very excited and happy birthday girl, Miss Charlotte!


Charles and Gillian were the youngest at the party but very happy playing with the balloons.


When everyone has arrived, it was time for the pizza making session! The kids were looking forward to this activity! E was in charge of helping Ryan while I tried to get more pictures of the fabulous party! There was a staff member who taught the children(chefs) and their parents(sous chef) on how knead the dough, how to flatten it, spread the tomato sauce and so on. I think the young ones particularly liked the part when they could freely choose any toppings for their personal pizzas! In the case of Ryan, he only took cheese and ham and refused those yummy olives. Boohoo!






This is the snack provided for the kids
. The adults shared a number of different types pizzas though. When it was time for the birthday cake cutting, we were stuffed with so much dough!


I love Gillian’s smile on this picture! It captures her playful side very well.








Thanks to Yolanda and TL for inviting us to this amazing party! We can see that you took care to ensure that both the young and old were well fed and entertained throughout the morning! Hope your beautiful and intelligent Charlotte enjoyed her 5th!



After a sumptuous lunch at Pizza Express, we still went to try the famous Hampstead crepes that everyone told me to try. Between me and the children, we shared a ham and cheese crepe as well as a chocolate and banana one. I thought they were okay only. Nice but I will not be travelling one hour(from my place to the stall) just to get the crepes. However, many of my friends love it so do drop by and check it out if you are in Hampstead area during the weekend. Apparently, they operate only on Saturdays and Sundays.

Initially, we wanted to head for a funfair at Hamstead Heath but the weather took for the worse. In the end, we went home. Still, it was a lovely Sunday spent with our Singaporean friends in London.





Ahoy! National Maritime Museum

April- June 2015

I am not sure if I mentioned this before but the children’s galleries on the ground floor of National Maritime Museum has finished its renovations in April. Both of the kids enjoy exploring that space for kids and there are a number of corners for them to play-act and interactive!

When we first visited the gallery in April, it was relatively empty as no one knew it was opened yet. The last time we visited in June, the gallery was much more crowded. So if you are planning a trip to visit with your little bubs, the most ideal timing would be weekday mornings during term times. The best thing is that entry is free! So, there are very few reasons to not visiting the National Maritime Museum since we live so close to it.








Here’s Ryan stoking the boiler of the steamship!





There is also a small fish shop at the corner for the children to pretend to be shoppers and shop keepers. They get to select the seafood that they want and weigh time. Great for imagination!

20150424_123949 20150424_123938



So here are my kids trying to pretend to be Octonauts!






After the indoor play, we usually head off to the grounds of the Royal Naval College to let the kids run even more! They love to chase after those pigeons, feeding them bread crumbs. The running about is endless, I tell you. All these activities in the afternoon after Ryan’s nursery and Gillian’s playgroup usually means E and I would get some proper telly time after dinner! Heehee!






(Richmond Park)(New Malden)

April 2015

April came too soon and it was time for Mummy and Kimberly to return to Singapore. The trip to Heathrow was horrid, as usual, because of the morning work traffic. Thankfully, we managed to get to the airport on time. Parting is always hard, especially when my Mummy has always been a strong emotional support for me. Despite me being the younger adult, I need her much more than she needs me.   😦

I ended up crying buckets of tears after they entered the departure gates. E and my children had to comfort me for ages. It was hard to know that I would be without my parents in London for the birth of my third child. I supposed God heard my prayers and my parents will be visiting us again in August September! Yay! In fact, my mom would be able to stay with us for at least 3 months, so she will be able to be around when Baby M pops! That is really awesome news for me and the children! They simply love her cooking!



Kingston Gate Playground at Richmond Park

E decided that we should all head to Richmond Park for some fresh air to cheer me and the children up. Ryan and Gillian were so excited to see the deer grazing around freely.


Ryan and Gillian enjoyed playing with the timber structures in the playground. The two of them love exploring new playgrounds and play areas. When I do recall my childhood, my best memories are usually found at the playgrounds as well. For me, it would be Pasir Ris Big Playground(the one with the red spider web) as well as the two playgrounds at the back of my Ah Ma’s shop. Man… those were the days were so carefree and imaginative. As an adult now, I am obviously less enthusiastic about these playgrounds. The reasons why I do visit them so frequently is because I know these are the place where I see the kids’ wide smiles while they are on a simple swing or when they are going down a slide.








Making marks on the ground.





After the play, we went to Sula at New Malden for our lunch. Everything was really tasty! The children liked the fresh sashimi in particular. They gobbled the sashimi up within minutes! To be honest, Sula is the only Korean restaurant we have been to in New Malden but it has given us no reason to look for something else. It is as authentic as authentic gets.











After lunch, we just dropped into some random hair salon for my haircut. I suppose that is what you call a breakup haircut for me. Usually, after the parting of a relationship(romantic or not), I always have to visit a hair salon for a drastic haircut. I suppose it is a way for my subconscious self to relieve some form of stress. Thankfully, the Korean hairstylist did a pretty good job because over time, I did gradually liked my new bob! In fact, I am thinking of going to that particular hair salon for a trim when we visit New Malden again.



Here’s a picture of my new hairstyle! The shortest that I have spotted since maybe 20? E also thought it was a good change. Hmm.. he rarely complains anything about my appearance actually. In that aspect, I cannot complain much about him. Everyday, he tells me that I am beautiful. (Which of course, I know cannot be true in reality but it is nice to have someone who’s a fan. Heehee)



Right now, I am counting down to the day when my parents arrives in September! Yay!


IOD Big Weekend

August 2015

Some of you have noticed that I am trying to be more consistent in my blogging. One of the main reasons for that happening would be that I have so many backdated posts and sometimes when I do get the time to sit down to blog, I have already forgotten what I wanted to write about it. It must be the Mumnesia that I am experiencing.

In some way, blogging is quite therapeutic to me. I am one of those kids/teenagers who used to keep a diary in the past. It is a way for me to consolidate my thoughts and perhaps reflect on the happenings and situations. The last time when I read my teenage diaries, I was really shocked(appalled should be a better word) at how ridiculous my thoughts and feelings were at those moments. I possibly scanned through and it did not take me too long to decide that the belong to the bin and should never see light ever. It was one of the best decisions that I have made. Heehee.

I had a couple of blogs before trulyinlove. My first blog was deleted because I ended my first romantic relationship. I am someone who don’t believe in keeping memorabilia of anything of the past, so it did not take me too long to press the delete button. There was dreamdancewrite, a blog I started when I met E and it was eventually closed before I think I forgot the password. There was also truelymadlydeeply, a blog which shares mainly on our wedding preparation and renovation progress for our first house. I did not continue blogging there because the free space was maxed out and I wanted a new address that does not spell truly with an ‘e’.  And so, trulyinlove has been relatively faithful in keeping my online journals(documenting the small little stuff about married life, parenthood, pregnancies and so on) and in fact, E has bought me more space to store photos. According to him, he enjoys reading how I write about the small details of our lives. Sometimes, when things aren’t going the way we want, it is nice to look back and give thanks for what we have. So, there is little reason for me to not blog for my biggest fan, Mister E.


The Isle of Dogs Big Weekend took place on the third Saturday of July and thankfully, weather was nice and sunny. It is an community outreach project by 6 of the churches on the island. There were plenty of activities to do- bouncy castle, giant inflatable slide, face-painting, games for the kids. Everyone were well fed by the free burgers and hot dogs. The event had a good turn out and it looks like everyone was having good fun!

Ryan enjoyed going on the huge slide. I did not think that he dared to do that but I suppose I got to admit that my Baby Ryan is no longer a baby. He is much more adventurous than what he used to be. On the other hand, Gillian was not so keen the bouncy castle. Unlike before, she is more cautious in her play and more risk-averse.


Here’s Ryan, trying to encourage Gillian to relax abit more on the bouncy castle.



The Dad Dad with his little ones on scooters!


Gillian looked very much like Totto-chan in her outfit that day. Heehee. So so so adorable.



Me,with the kiddos. I totally look like a pink walrus in this picture. I really have been snacking too much this pregnancy. 😦


The cheeky ones getting their sculpted balloons!




It was a beautiful afternoon and we left when it got slightly scorching. E took the kids to pool while I caught up with some deserved ‘me-time‘, surfing the net and replying emails.


Royal Victoria Beach

August 2014

It was one of the days during the summer holidays. We headed off to the Royal Victoria Beach for a playdate! Instead of taking the DLR, we decided to go on a cable car experience to our destination.



DSC05046Daddy and Baby Gillian! I love her blue dress from Gap. Unfortunately, it has gotten a bit too tight. (-_-)”’

DSC05055Me and my cheeky Ryan.


We had lunch at The Crystal before heading for some fun in the sand! It was a lovely afternoon where the children enjoyed making sandcastles while basking under the sun.











The little ones enjoying their ice cream cones while chilling out on the deckchairs!

Leigh, myself and Catherine.

Royal Victoria Beach is a great place for the toddlers. I would love to bring the kids there again. Unfortunately, the weather has turned much colder now that autumn is here… Next year then!


Our first doggies’ birthday!

July 2014

There will be a first in life all the time. For us, we attended our first ever doggies’ birthday in London! There was a steamboat dinner at Fiona’s and she even baked a beautiful cake for her lovely Quinton and Reagan. Ems also brought along her goldie, Brea for the party. The goldies absolutely loved the cake!

I must admit that I have very little understanding of these beautiful creatures. The only dogs that I knew throughout my life were my Ah Ma’s dogs. They were Lucky and Tony; they were really adorable. That were my very brief encounters with Man’s best friend. Despite that, I have to say my friends’ goldies are so gorgeous and it is very interesting to see how the children behave with their new friends.



The goldies in a party mood! Very well disciplined. They did listen to instruction of taking photos before gobbling up their cake!


IMG-20140812-WA0002 (1)


Oh, by the way, Ryan has been taking quite a number of photos these days. He is starting to take over my place as the family photographer. He is not great at it yet but he does manage to take some good pictures still.



Baking Session!

August 2014

We went for a family activity and it was a baking session. The children got an opportunity to bake cookies. So, it meant making the dough, rolling the dough, cutting with cookie cutters and designing their cookies with icing. So much fun for them. So much cleaning up for the adults.





Some play time before the baking session started. In fact, the session started off with a story telling of Mr Gumpy’s Outing by the facilitator.


Baking time!




Here’s Ryan and his ex-classmate, Christian. They have been spending quite some time together during the summer.



Kids love anything like play dough. When I get the children to bake cookies at home, it is never this messy. It would be something from the box and all they needed to do was to add some water, melted butter and mix everything in the bowl. The children got to the real thing during this session- the kneading of dough, the rolling of dough. Very exciting for them. Trust me.





Follow up activity at home:


This is what we baked last week on our quiet day at home. It was mainly from the box that I bought from Poundland. Slightly too sweet for me. But I suppose it is not too bad when you share it with your neighbours. Heehee.