Evening at ECP

July 2013

As I am typing, the kids are having their afternoon nap. Today is my second day without a maid. Still feeling good because it is just an awesome feeling not to have a stranger in your house. However, I am also tired from all the caring of kids alone and the many household chores- like laundry, cleaning of floor and washing of dishes. So, after weighing the pros and cons, having a helper is still a preferable option. Instead of spending time on endless household chores, I would so rather be reading to the kids, talking to Baby Gillian or maybe do some coloring with Ryan.


Last Monday, we went to pick E up from work at 6pm before scooting off to Polliwogs. Polliwogs closes at 7pm and late afternoon on weekdays are perfect for us. There is usually a smaller crowd- which equates to bigger area for Ryan to run around without bumping into another kid and it also means that the place will be less warm and stuffy.

After spending about 3-4 months at home with the kids because of my maternity leave, I learnt that it is important to exhaust the kids out in the morning and the late afternoons so that they will have their afternoon naps and have no difficulty to sleep at night. Their sleep time is my Me-time. So, everyday, I am very task-oriented towards making sure that Ryan and Gillian gets their fun and sleep. Heehee.


Here’s a picture of 4 of us. It was a beautiful evening. E carried Baby Gillian while I played sand with Ryan. It is moments like this that makes everything(the sleepless night, the endless self-doubting…) all so worthwhile.

(Daddy’s girl. How can anyone get angry with Baby Gillian? Her eyes are so mesmerizing)



Polliwogs at East Coast

December 2012







Woke up in the morning and decided to head straight to Polliwogs as it would not be as crowded as in the afternoon. Baby Ryan had a fun time at the ball pit, amused himself by collecting the balls around the gym and putting them in the lockers. That day, I think he made a huge improvement- he could balance on the balancing beam. Heehee. Being a parent is just gratifying in these small ways, when your child is able to do something more than what he was able to do, you feel so happy for him and yourself.

That day, E came down to Polliwogs to join us during his lunch break with good news as well. So, the day was made more awesome because of all these happenings.


Polliwogs at Robertson Quay

December 2012

Before we had our play date with Baby Aden, we had some playtime for Baby Ryan at Robertson Quay in the morning. And yes, Ryan enjoyed himself greatly! Which child wouldn’t right?

Now that I am really quite pregnant, I am really thankful that E always helps out with playing with Baby Ryan at the playground. It is really crazy to be climbing up and down all of these obstacles when one is pregnant even though I have witnessed several sporty mummies being able to do so with a smile. Hmmm… So, thank you Lao Gong!

After 2 hours of serious play, we headed off to Baby Zachery’s Man Yue lunch at Chua Chu Kang(super far!!!). Did not take any pictures though because both babies were asleep.



Baby Ryan has a tendency of throwing himself on the pool of balls lately.








Santouka and Polliwogs(Robertson Quay)

September 2012

One of my backdated posts because there are just too many happenings and I am just too busy. Bah.


E recommended me his new ramen place- Santouka at Clarke Quay and we are addicted.
In fact, we returned to have ramen at Santouka at Cuppage Terrace in less than a week.

The pork cheeks are so amazingly fatty and salty!
Everything about the ramen from the soup base to the noodles to the pork cheeks is so mind-blowingly awesome!
Even Baby Ryan is a fan.

Cannot wait for E to bring us back to Santouka again!


Baby Ryan is a member of Polliwogs and we always went to the one at East Coast. That afternoon, just because we were in town, we decided to try out the Polliwogs at Robertson Quay and wow, it was awesome! The stuff they have Robertson Quay is much different than the one at East Coast. Not sure if it is just the novelty thing but I just feel that the stuff at Robertson Quay was just more age appropriate for Baby Ryan.

That afternoon, both of my boys had great fun together. Heehee.


Just looking at Baby Ryan and the smile of his face just makes everything all so worth while… 🙂


playdate with baby aden!

September 2012

Met up with gorgeous Mummy Evie and her Baby Aden for a late afternoon playdate.

I love playdates during the weekdays!


1. I get to hang out with Ryan, sort of like perform my motherly duties, sort of discipline Ryan if he  misbehaves(e.g. snatching other babies’ toys)

2. I get some ladies time- I need to talk to mothers with babies around Ryan’s age. It is very de-stressing because I get to whine about being a working mother and how tired I am after work, and share about how I wish I have more time with Ryan and the mothers understand all my frustration entirely. Not that E doesn’t but you know, it is different.

3.  I observe other babies and Ryan. Listening to them utter monosyllabic words is so cute.

4. I get to pick E up from work and we go for a nice family dinner in the evening.


playdate at polliwogs

September 2012

Lately, I have been trying to plan playdates for Baby Ryan. The thing is that we have decided that we will only send Ryan to school when he turns 30 months. So, in the meantime, E and I are constantly thinking of activities to keep Ryan occupied and interested- we try to bring him out to parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, library as often as we can.


Baby Ryan is pretty much well-cared for by adults, especially in the evenings when everyone returns home from school or work, all our attention will be on him. However, he seldom get the opportunity to hang out with babies of his age(other than my mother’s neighbor whom he occasionally sees in the park or around the estate). Because he is always in the company of adults who adores him, he gets his way or what he wants pretty often. Hmm…

So, after reading quite a bit and discussing with fellow Mummies, I decided that I should try to make time to let Ryan have a playdate at least once a week so that he have the chance to meet babies his age, maybe learn to share and possibly play together. During the playdates, it is quite therapeutic for me as well as I get to connect with fellow Mummies going through the same things as me- like weaning babies off breastfeeding, updating on the babies’ learning progrwss and also pick up a recipe that is nutritious for Baby Ryan….

Just last evening, I met up with Salena, Eunice and Jannah along with their beautiful babies at Polliwogs. It was a good session with the ladies and I am sure all the babies did enjoy themselves as well!


Polliwogs at East Coast

July 2012

Brought Baby Ryan to Polliwogs for the second time. After visiting a number of play gyms/indoor playgrounds, we thought Polliwogs was the most suitable for Ryan, given how active he is.


As usual, the ball pit is one of Ryan’s favourite place.

Ryan definitely enjoyed climbing up and down the place.
Both E and I were exhausted after the play session with him.

Training the lil’ one to walk slowly and carefully…
Actually, this gym feels like Ninja Warrior(Kids Version)- so it is quite good for Ryan’s cross motor skills.


Because we bought the play package, E and I could have unlimited servings of coffee and tea when we were there. Here’s Ryan enjoying his afternoon snack of wedges and pizza!


Back to play again!