February 2017


(Someone is feeling the love from Kiddylicious!)

Baby Megan is 16 months now and we are still weaning her. Unlike the older two, she is taking to solids very slowly and cautiously. Despite her quirks, one of her favourite snacks is still the wafers from Kiddylicious. Kiddylicious wafers are made with rice flour(with 50% less sugar than reduced sugar rusks, gluten and dairy-free) and have subtle hints of real fruit and vegetables. I like how they are perfect the the little hands and mouths, easy to dissolve in the mouth and are literally mess-free!

I mean what more can we, parents want from a snack? In Megan’s case, Kiddylicious wafers are perfect for her as she has many dietary constraints.


Kiddylicious wafers come in three yummy flavours. As of now, I don’t think that she has a preferred flavour. These wafers are like a stable in my kitchen cupboards for now. Useful to pack along when we head out or just as a snack in the afternoon. Gillian, my older daughter, is also a fan of these wafers. There are two in a pack- one for Megan and one for Gillian.

If you have a little one starting on her weaning journey, you may want to grab a pack of 10 from any of the major supermarkets. First finger food such as Kiddylicious wafers is essential for:

  • little ones to learn hand to mouth skills to feed themselves using their pincer grip
  • jaw muscle development to aid speech
  • taste-bud development

Kiddylicious is running a social media activity to share your little ones’ #wafermoment. What is your #wafermoment? Is it your chance to relax, feel proud of your little one, put on the washing, check your phone, have a hot drink or even have a wee! Share your photo, video clip or even a real life quote of your #wafermoment on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter and be in the chance to win a giveaway from Kiddylicious! Do check out the website for details and terms and conditions.

Here’s Megan’s #wafermoment





Num Noms

September 2016

Hello guys! I am back to blogging again. For the past two weeks or so in London, I have been busy getting the kids back into the routine- school, learning, and heading to the park to enjoy the last bits of sunshine before the cold comes. On top of that, I have been dedicating parts of my relaxation time to writing and research for my writing. Like for real! I am hoping that I will keep up with the momentum.


When Ryan went off to school, I had some time with Gillian and Megan for a week or so before our eldest went off to her 3 hour nursery as well. I was quite happy that a package from Num Noms came for Gillian came in handy to entertain her.



What are Num Noms?
Basically, they are cute, scented, collectible characters. The Nums are squishy toppers that sit on top of a Nom, which are either motorized, a lip balm pot, a mini-stampers (called Stamp-Its), or erasers. There are now 5000+ mix and match combos that you can make! These adorable characters definitely appealed more to Gillian than Ryan.


What we have received?
We received the Diner Series 2 deluxe package, which consisted of 6 Nums, 2 motorised Noms and fast food tray and an adorable spatula. We got Hammy Burger, Lemony Cola, PBNJ, Haley Hotdog, Frenchie Fries and Strawberry Cream.



How can you play with it? How did Gillian play with it?
You can stack the characters on top of each other, play-pretend with it or just stop one of your Nums on the Noms and watch it run around.


What part of the Num Nom experience did Gillian like the most?
Gillian, bring only 3.5 year old, needed more assistance when we were unboxing the package. I took time to explain to her the item, to get her to smell the scent and guess what it was. Also, I facilitate the pretend-play scenario before she continued on her own.

I think she really liked the lip balm that she got in the blind bag. In fact, it is now placed in her favourite box.

Will I recommend Num Noms to someone?
Yes, especially if they are getting it for a child/someone who loves collectibles. There is a list that you can print from the Num Nom website to check off the characters that you have in your collection. I would imagine that will be very useful for the collector.

Where can Num Noms can be purchased?
Num Noms can be purchased from most to retailers like Smyths, Argos, Toy R Us or Amazon.


Disclaimer: We were given the Num Noms Diner Series 2. Opinions are of my own and I have given honest feedback and review of our experience with the product.



September 2016

Kiddylicious sent us a box of tasty snacks for Megan in May 2016. The team behind Kiddylicious are a group of professional specialists, many of whom are parents. They share similar concerns with us, on the importance of  introducing healthy tasty food to the young one Kiddylicious is one of the leading baby and toddler snack providers in the UK. It is also a firm favourite with parents and little ones in the UK and is now available in many countries around the world, including Singapore.

We only got about doing this blog post in September as we were busy trying out all these delicious baby food that are suitable for Megan at various milestones. Here are our throwback pictures of when we first received these yums! A special little one looks real chuffed!



Kiddylicious Wafers

Fast forward 4 months, here we have 10 months old Megan. One of our snacks from Kiddylicious would be the rice Wafers. It is of a good size for her tiny hands and is a must have in our diaper bag when we head out. As Baby Megan is still teething, having these nibbles help to comfort her sore gums. As tested by myself, I found that the wafer dissolves easily when combined with saliva.

There are three flavours available- carrot, banana and blueberry. Baby Megan do not have a preference for any. She seem to like all!




Kiddylicous Fruity Puffs

Once Baby Megan turned 7 months, she tried fruity puffs and she took to it quickly. Unlike the wafer which was easier to hold, the fruity puffs were smaller in size and would need a ‘pincer grip’.

Megan’s favourite is the blueberry puffs. Her elder sister, Gillian also is a fan of these puffs. A packet like this will only last one session as Gillian gobbles the rest of the puffs real quickly! Just like the rest of Kiddylicious products, the fruity puffs are gluten-free, they have no added sugar and contains no artificial additives. Absolutely safe for our young ones.

(The blue bag you see in the picture is where I usually put one packet of snack for Megan along with a few of her toys. That is our ‘busy bag ‘ to occupy for Megan when we head out.)


Gillian loves the fruity puffs too! Kiddylicious products are suitable for young children and adults as well!




Once yur baby turn 1 year, there will be a whole lot more of products that your baby can try. So far, as Megan is only 10 months, we have only tried two of the Kiddylicious products that are suitable for 12 months and above.

One of the products that I would like to highlight would be the fruit crisps. They are fruits(apples, bananas and pineapples) which are sliced into bite-sized pieces and then made into these melt-in-your-mouth snacks. Since Megan is still abit too young for this snack, I will just make the pieces smaller before feeding her some. So far, we have only tried the banana crips and they taste just fabulous. In fact, I am thinking of putting some of these in Ryan’s school lunchbox.


We have also tried the smoothie melts. Just like the fruit crisps, I will make it into smaller pieces before feeding Baby Megan. I think this will not be necessary when she turns 1 in October. The smoothie melts is a hit with Megan, she keeps asking for more. Usually, I will put a few small pieces in her baby bowl to let her self-feed. The bowl is always empty real quickly!



In fact, there are a few more snacks that I have received in the parcel but have not gone about trying it as they are suitable for babies who are 12 months and above! I will definitely be doing a second post on these Kiddylicious delights in a few months time!

In the meantime, do consider to check out these baby snacks for your little ones.

For those residing in Singapore, you can purchase these Kiddylicious products from Posh Baby. Here’s the link to their Facebook page so you can check out for more updates or upcoming deals.

For UK readers, you can find Kiddylicious products in most major supermarkets- Waitrose, Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Ocado and Sainsbury. You can also shop at their online store!



Weaning with Beaba Babycook

May 2016


Weaning is one of the more interesting phases of babyhood. The baby starts trying out new taste and textures. The expression when they have their first solid is always so adorable. Curious. Surprised. Probably wanting a second mouthful to affirm their likes/dislikes.

Being a mother of three young children, I definitely got my hands full everyday. I choose to make decisions based on least effort and most gain. To minimize the amount of food preparation for Baby Megan’s puree, I choose to make a small portion that will last 3 days instead of preparing the puree everyday. Puree preparation is straightforward with Beaba Babycook.


  1. Chop up a the needed amount of vegetable/fruit.
  2. Place it in the cooking basket and pour appropriate amount of water into the steam compartment. (In my case, I used water level 3 to steam the carrots and potatoes.)
  3. Steaming will take approximately 15-20 minutes and when it is done, the orange light on the machine will turn off.


  4. After which, you can pour the steamed vegetable/fruit into the blending bowl and cooking water. The steaming basket might be hot so there is a handle that Beaba have provided with the machine.


  5. Turn the switch to blend and puree to the consistency that is suitable for your baby. Remember to put on the lid before starting to blend the steamed food.


  6. Voila! Megan’s lunch’s ready!


I started introducing to her solids a few weeks ago but she only took to it in her 26th week.  So far, I have tried butternut squash puree with her and she absolutely loved it. Today, we tried  potato and carrot puree and she finished everything as well. Currently, Megan only have one solid meal a day, in the afternoon. I do think that I will increase to twice a day in probably a few weeks time.




So far, I am loving my Beaba Babycook experience. Simple and fuss-free. As of now, I am intending to try out food items like sweet potato, broccoli, spinach, banana and whatnots.  I will definitely be updating my blog again in a few more months on more adventurous recipes with my Beaba Babycook! If you are in need of some recipes for your little one, do check out this Beaba recipe page!


Disclaimer: Beaba Babycook was given to me by Beaba Uk for review purposes.


Have you heard of Kaloo?

April 2016

When Kaloo Doudou was sent to me for a blog review, I was initially quite doubtful about the product. I mean, ‘Hmm… another soft toy?

What’s so special about this Kaloo Doudou?’


Kaloo Doudou


Kaloo Doudou flew all the way from My Miracle Baby,Singapore to London with the help of our friend. When Kaloo Doudou(Doudou means baby comforter in French) finally reached our hands, I must say, I was and still am very impressed with the make of this toy. The material used for Kaloo Doudou is so fantastic, very soft-to-touch and of great quality. Because of this impression it made on me, I went to research about Kaloo Doudou and found out more about the brand. The very first Kaloo toy was made in 1998 by a father for his little boy… it has been 18 years since and Kaloo has found its way to the hearts of many children in 40 different countries.


Kaloo Doudou is from France and just like many french products that are catered for babies or children, they are usually stylish and yet high in standards in quality and safety. I think we should really be very concerned about the make and origin of toys that we give newborns and babies. One cannot be too careful with such matters. For all my 3 children, they are afflicted with eczema. Baby Megan’s condition appears to be the worst among the three of them and she has to see a specialist for her skin condition. It is unfortunate that when Baby Megan is in contact with synthetic fabric, her skin will break out into those red, angry rash. With Kaloo Doudou, I feel confident allowing her to play and bite on it. The material used is of top quality and it complies with EU and American safety standards.

Baby Megan is at her teething and drooling stage now. Having a Kaloo Doudou is really comforting to her. I hand wash her Kaloo Doudou once a week to preserve the colour and quality of the product. In fact, Baby Megan loves her Kaloo Doudou so much that it is an essential when we head out even. Her Kaloo Doudou’s latest trip was to Amsterdam with all of us. Heehee.


Kaloo Plume Medium




This is the Kaloo that My Miracle Baby sent to Gillian. She is so lucky! I wish they have like a extra large version for this Kaloo. For me! Soft. Beautiful. Oh-so huggable! Gillian loves her Kaloo so much that she names it Gigi-Cat. Gillian definitely sleeps very well at night with her Gigi-Cat, her constant companion at night.


Kaloo Set Scented Water


Kaloo Set Scented Water is both Gillian and my favourite! Both of us love to smell good but like what I mentioned before, the children are plagued with eczema. They can’t just use any random perfume as it may irritate their skin. As their main caregiver, I also have to be careful with scents as well. The scented water is clinically tested alcohol-free scented water. So far, so good whenever I use on the little ones. In fact, Gillian, being the older girl, loves looking pretty a(she has a huge collection of nail polish for little girls!) and smelling good. You know…girls. She insist that I spray the Kaloo lilirose scented water before she heads for nursery. She wants to ‘smell like an angel’. Hmm… She is only 3 but she behaves like 13. No kidding. On my part, I am just happy that there is no skin-breakouts. United in an utterly charming box, the scented water and its Fluffy companion are the perfect gift to welcome babies into a world of love and tenderness.


Kaloo toys are very popular newborn gifts in France for very good reasons. So, if you are intending to get something special for a little one, do consider getting one of Kaloo products. These high quality French products are accessible at My Miracle Baby who has a great collection of awesome products as well. Just go and check them out now!


Disclaimer: The Kaloo products were given to me by My Miracle Baby for review purposes.


So Pure Sophie la girafe Multi-textured Teether

March 2016


In a few more days time, Baby Megan will be 5 months. Omg….where did the days and the months ago? Just a while ago, she was this little, wrinkly newborn that I carried home from UCLH and bam! She is this gorgeous looking baby, so inquisitive and smiley. She is a joy to be with every morning…but…
At this point of her baby-hood, she is also going through her teething period which makes her cranky at times.


Thankfully, she received her So Pure Sophie la girafe Multi-textured Teether from 1 Two Kids to tide her through this stage. This teething toy is a colorful teething ring with numerous textures! The Multi-textured Teether is not just for Baby Megan to teeth on but also for her hands to explore the various types of textures. Just like all teething toys from Sophie, the Multi-textured Teether is made of  100% natural rubber, pulled from the Hevea tree latex, and food-grade paints. With numerous soft parts to chew and with various textures (Sophie’s spots, ridges, ears and horns), it offers different massages and relieves  Baby Megan’s sore gums efficiently. When Ryan and Gillian(my two older children) were teething as babies, their favourite teething toys were also from Sophie la girafe. I suppose there is something special about the material that Sophie is made from.


I like how the Multi-textured Teether is light and ergonomic. This teething toy  is easily manipulated by Baby Megan’s small hands as seen in the picture above.


As it is the latest addition to the range of teething toys that Sophie la girafe has, it also features  4 geometrical and colorful shapes which catch the attention of babies while they are playing around the main ring. As a mother of two older childen, I do have other teething toys but the Multi-textured Teether is Baby Megan’s favourite. She plays with it everyday, especially when her gums are feeling not that comfortable.

If you have a teething baby and need something to sooth them, So Pure Sophie la girafe Multi-textured Teether might be the answer for you and your baby!


Disclaimer: So Pure Sophie la girafe Multi-textured Teether is given to me by 1 Two Kids for review purposes.


Milestone Cards

February 2015


Baby Megan has been gifted with Milestone cards from 1 Two Kids and this box was cards are one of the sweetest presents that she has received thus far. Milestone cards are a collection of 30 photo cards that we can use to capture special moments of our babies’ first year in weeks, months and memorable moments such as when they first slept through the night(hurrah!) or when they first said,’Mama’…


The idea of Milestone cards is to fill in the date on the Milestone card, take a photo of your precious little one, along with the cheery-looking card. With that, that special moment or day is encapsulated in the photo. Even if the cards do get lost in the future and memory fails us, we have photos to remember those extraordinary space in time.

It was unfortunate that we did not have these milestone cards earlier. If not, we would be able to have photos of her with those beautifully illustrated photo cards at those little milestones of her life. Looking forward, I hope to use the rest of the cards soon. The one that I am most looking forward to would be the day when she calls me, ‘Mama’. That moment would be just oozing will so much sweetness and joy.

So if you have a friend who is expecting a baby and you are unsure on what do get, Milestone Cards would be a lovely and meaningful present for her. I will definitely be updating more of Baby Megan’s milestones with these cards. So if you have instagram, do check them by using the #babymegansmilestone or  #babymeganyap



 Disclaimer: Milestone Cards were given to me by 1 Two Kids for review purposes.